Kayla, Thursday


9:00-10:00 Take care of Sedamsville questions and client referral
10:00-11:00 Do a budget with a client
11:00-12:00 Do a budget with another client
12:00-1:30 Lunch with Emily and Kurt
2:00-4:00 AAC Board Meeting
4:00-5:00 Do a budget with a third client
5:00-7:00 Run/ shower
7:00-? See Donnie's parents, grab some food


Kayla, Tuesday

1. Housing Team Meeting
2. Meet with client
3. Work on Data
4. Ask for letters of recommendation from H.A. and Bill
5. Price Hill Money Matters Meeting at 1:30
6. Follow up on Land Reutilization Program
7. Client call backs
8. Leave at 3:30 to prep for meeting
9. AAC and River West meeting at Bill's office at 4:00
10. Dinner w/ Bill and Brian
11. Home/ finish my NKU essay


Kayla, Monday

1. Check 100 emails
2. Meet with 2 clients: 10:00-12:00
3. All Staff meeting from 12:30-2:00
4. Finish May data
5. Home/run a few
6. Angel Hair pasta and portabello mushrooms for dinner
7. The Bachelorette! (I bought some Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches)


Kayla, Friday

ugh... why am i working more hours??

1. Prep for meeting
2. Meet with LPH Community Council President and Price Hill Will to talk about Neighborhood Business District Improvement program
3. While I'm there I need to ask Jack if he can deliver a little speech at the ribbon cutting
4. Send out LPH Housing Committee Agenda
5. Send out Ribbon Cutting info to CDC Association
6. Put petition and posters in my car
(can I do all this before noon????)
7. Eat a bite
8. Home to run
9. Clean or work on my Adopt A Class to-do list
10. Despite my better judgment and my coach's advice I think I'm in the mood for a little wine tasting. Who else is going?? What time?


Kayla, Thursday

1. Barge terminal email list
2. Send out TUT info to caseworkers
3. Get with Tony about LPH Housing Committee Agenda
4. Return calls
5. Meet with client
6. Enter May's data
7. Leave at 4:00
8. Home/ run a few/ grab a bite/ clean
9. Back to Sedamsville at 7:00
10. Work on my NKU application


Kayla, Tuesday

1. Housing Team Meeting at 9:30
2. Follow up on my insurance question
3. Check request for client
4. Call 2 clients back
5. Schedule Friday meeting about Business District Improvement Project
6. Read the POLs
7. Budget with 2 clients
8. Go to the bank
9. Home/ Run/ Dinner
10. Check my AAC mail
11. Read Outliers


Kayla, Monday

1. Catch up w/Jess
2. Prep for Community Council
3. Client updates/data
4. Schedule a 20 minute meeting with myself
5. Call clients back
6. Haile Grant changes
7. Meet with client at 11:00
8. Take back library books
9. Leftover Napa Noodles for lunch
10. Community Council from 7:00-9:30ish (I'll miss Bachelorette--so sad!!)


Kayla, Thursday

1. Housing Team meeting at 9:30
2. Meet with Diana about Business District project at 10:30
3. Meet with client at 11:30
4. Emails
5. Read draft of grant application online
6. See if we're able to have barge petitions at the Home and Garden Fair/ Pacer
7. 3-Way w/ Allies
8. Home/ Run--what's on my docket coach?/ People Food for dinner
9. Adopt A Class stuff


Kayla, Friday

1. Ran 3 miles
2. Need to work with Jake
3. Need to call some people back
4. Need to organize my papers
5. Need to drop off rent at post office
6. Pick up some magazines for the ride tomorrow
7. I would like to go to the wine tasting but I have to race tomorrow.


Wine = Fast Running



Kayla, Thursday

1. Finish Housing Committee Follow-up
2. Return phone calls
3. Reds Game during lunch 11:15-2:15
4. Back to work, change out of my Reds T-shirt
5. Greater Cincinnati Foundation Grant Reception from 3:00-5:00
6. Back to LPH for a Barge Terminal Meeting until 7:00
7. Home/ Lasagna for dinner

Donnie, Thursday

1. Quick hours 8-:45
2. Allies 9:30-??
3. Home for thesis completion exercise
4. dinner


Kayla, Wednesday

1. Teach class at shelter
2. Latino meeting--get numbers
3. Site meeting--bring potluck sign up
4. Make sure Jake gets a data sheet
5. Send Housing Committee follow-up to Diana
6. Meet with 2 clients
7. Home/ speed workout/ make a quiche
8. Adopt A Class stuff


Kayla, Tuesday

1. Client follow-ups
2. Housing Team Meeting at 9:30
3. Meet with Jess
4. Prep for LPH Housing Committee
5. Do some TUT follow-up
6. Run to the bank
7. Housing Committee from 6:00-7:30
8. Home for Sweet Potato and Leek Casserole

Sweet Potato and Leek Casserole

2 medium sweet potatoes
3 leeks (white and light green parts)
5 garlic cloves
Rosemary (I used the kind in my spice rack)
Brown Rice
Sharp Cheddar (grated)
Spinach (couple handfuls)

1. Cook brown rice in steamer
2. Saute leeks and garlic in oil until soft. Add a tablespoon of rosemary at the end.
3. Microwave sweet potatoes for about 4 minutes until just soft enough to work with. Peel and cube.
4. When rice is done, combine rice, leek/garlic mixture, sweet potatoes, spinach, and about half of the cheddar cheese.
5. Pour into buttered casserole. Top w/remaining cheese. Bake for about 30 minutes on 425 until sweet potatoes are cooked. (you might want to stir halfway through or cover with foil)

Donnie, Tuesday

1. Write 9:10-11:10
2. Get ready for day 1 of work! 11:30-12:00
3. Enter grades 12:00-12:15
4. Orientation 1:00-???
5. Home for hill workout= 4 miles @ 5:30 and 10 X 40 second hills
6. Put in the casserole
7. Take the pencils out of my laundry basket
8. Write response


Donnie, Monday

1. Class + hours
2. Home for writing/editing
3. Reading: Kiss of The Spider Woman
4. Run
5. Drummers meeting
6. Dinner
7. Chit Chat

Does the Bachelor start tonight? Or do I have one more week?


Kayla, Friday

1. Call Backs
2. Library
3. Meet with Bill
4. Home/ maybe do a tape?
5. Celebrate!


Kayla, Thursday

1. Finished PA applications--waiting for Barb to revise
2. Need to make charts for Monday's class at Interfaith
3. Client call-backs
4. Tracy's Baby Shower
5. Oyler Fest
6. Home/ waiting on my run instructions from my coach
7. People Food for dinner (sorry)

Donnie, Thursday

1. Keep on trucking! I am not leaving bed until noon! Write...Write...Write
2. Upon leaving bed, I shall drive to Newport and get the book that I need. (1:00pm)
3. Lesson plan for tomorrow/grade entry
4. Run
5. Back to more editing! I love that I have a deadline--it's really stressing me out.
6. Maybe I will hear from _F_ today?
7. Din din with Kaykay mmmmmm....
8. More editing


Donnie, Wednesday

1. Office hours went until noon!
2. more office hours at 3
3. Writing in between
4. class until 7
5. quick run after class?
6. more writing...

Kayla, Wednesday

1. Meet with Jake about RFP and logic model
2. Meet with Jess to finalize timeline for service project
3. Mail Landlord letters
4. Latino Housing Meeting
5. I forgot my lunch
6. Site meeting at 1:00
7. The latest book by Jen Lancaster (author of BRIGHT LIGHTS BIG ASS) is out and ready for me to pick up at the library
8. Home/ Run a slow (I won't say easy, Jennie) 5 miles
9. Shower, veggie lasagna for dinner, make pasta salad for Tracy's babyshower


Donnie, Tuesday

1. Interview
2. finish response
3. write
4. earth drummers
5. blah

Kayla, Tuesday

1. Housing Team Meeting at 9:30
2. Work with the new guy some more
3. Make Tenant Ed booklets
4. Update 2009-2010 Public Ally Partner Organization Application
5. Webinar on "Underbanked Consumers" at 3:00 Central Time, which means it's at... what time??
6. Home/ no RUNNING!!! woohoo a day off--thanks coach!
7. Maybe do a workout video
8. People Food or FFYS (Fend For Yourself!)
9. Force myself to work on some Adopt A Class projects


Kayla, Monday

1. Get the Mount St. Joe student trained and oriented
2. Send TUT mailing
3. Send LPH Housing Committee info to members
4. Run the Pacer Route after work
5. Potato and Carrot tacos for dinner

Potato and Carrot Tacos

2 potatoes
5 carrots
White Beans like pinto
Hot sauce
Taco fixings: shredded lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream--whatever you want

1. Make rice in steamer
2. Cube and boil potatoes and carrots
3. When rice is done, mix in veggies, beans, and hot sauce
4. Serve in warm taco shells with fixings


Kayla, Friday

1. Ran 5
2. Walked Zo
3. Finished AAC newsletter draft
4. Need to return calls
5. Send out LPH Agenda
6. TUT mailing
7. Put Tenant Ed stuff in car
8. Return library books
9. Fax something for Chelsea
10. Wine?


Kayla, Thursday

No list today, just a recipe.

Standard Diner Mac and Cheese (The Sort-of Healthy Version)

Two boxes low-fat Velveeta Mac and Cheese
Can of diced jalepenos
Bag of frozen peas
Bag of frozen brocoli
Two cans boneless/skinless salmon
Bread crumbs

1. Make mac and cheese by following the instructions on the box
2. Defrost veggies (hot water and strainer method)
3. When mac and cheese is done, mix in veggies, jalepenos, and salmon
4. Pour into large casserole or baking dish
5. Sprinkle with bread crumbs
6. FREEZE for later, or bake for 30 minutes on 350.


Donnie, Thursday

Okay, so I realize I have been absent for a little while now, but I'm back for good this time...every day for the next month.

1. Ran
2. Wrote 1,000 with another 1,000 coming later
3. Laundary--12:30-2:00
4. Read Watchmen
5. Run with Reis
6. Clean this house!
7. Write 1,000
8. Call S to schedule meeting with C.--I feel like I've made it now that I have to use initials.
9. Work with my consultant


Kayla, Wednesday

1. Agenda for LPH Housing Committee
2. Prep for financial ed task force--read agenda, gather info
3. Latino meeting
4. City Council Meeting
5. Financial Education Task Force
6. Home, should I:

1. Do the speed workout as planned?
2. Run an easy 4?
3. Do a workout vide and then run 2--fast or slow depending on how I feel?

My co-bloggers input is required!!

7. Quiche for dinner

Green onion and spinach quiche recipe

store-bought pie crust
8 eggs
Black pepper
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
1 bunch green onions, chopped
Couple handfuls of spinach

1. Lay out the pie crust in a round baking dish
2. Scramble the eggs, add pepper to taste
3. Chop the onions, add onions and spinach to eggs
4. Stir in the cheese
5. Dump the whole egg, veggie, cheese mixture into the pie crust
6. Bake on 375-400 for about 30 minutes, until eggs are set
7. Serve with salad

SOOOOOO easy for a weeknight. Takes about 10 minutes to prepare (not including baking time).


Kayla, Tuesday

1. Had housing team meeting
2. Need to follow up from last night
3. Get back with 2 clients
4. Prep for Tenant Ed
5. Take client to look at apartment at 2:00
6. Register for River Run and Price Hill Pacer

http://www.santamaria-cincy.org/run.html (for info--and to see my picture)

https://secure.getmeregistered.com/get_information.php?event_id=2472 (to register)

7. Pay bills online
8. Run an easy 3
9. Home, indian for dinner, write press release for AAC


Kayla, Monday

1. Follow up on missed calls and emails from Friday
2. Finish April Data
3. Check in with client looking for housing
4. Finish up advance check/ Helping Hands info to turn in
5. Prep for Community Council
6. Home to run at 4:00
7. Back to LPH for Community Council at 7:00
8. Home again around 9:00ish
9. People Food casserole in pita bread with salad for dinner

The beauty of People Food is that it can be adapted in countless ways. Mix leftovers with some cheese and freeze for a casserole that can be reheated! Yum?


Kayla, Thursday

1. Resent Housing Platform
2. Print out Helping Hands info/ sign in sheet
3. Follow up with clients
4. Shop for Helping Hands picnic/drop off supplies at Bakers'
5. Run with Kurt?
6. AAC at 4:00
7. Home, more AAC
8. Walk Zo (#2)
9. Shrimp Casserole for Dinner

Shrimp Casserole Recipe
*I got this from Kelly's Korner Blog http://www.kellyskornerblog.com/ but adapted it by adding more rice and veggies and cutting the shrimp in half.

You need:
2 Green peppers
2 Onions
3-6 Garlic Cloves
1 package fresh mushrooms (I like Baby Bellas)
1 box wild rice mix (with the seasoning packet)
2 cups regular cooked brown rice (cooked in steamer)
1/3 pound frozen cooked shrimp
1 can condensed cream of mushroom soup
1 block of sharp cheddar cheese (grated)

1. Cook package rice according to box at the same time, cook brown rice in steamer. You've got two different kinds of rice going. Theoretically, you could use 3 packages of wild rice or 3 cups of plain brown rice--but I like the combination. Any rice will do.
2. Chop peppers and onion and stir fry in butter until soft, add garlic and fresh mushrooms at the end of cooking
3. Defrost shrimp by running hot water over it
4. When rice is finished, stir together both kinds of rice, peppers, onions, mushrooms, garlic, and shrimp. Add the can of cream of mushroom soup. Stir well.
5. Stir in half of the grated cheddar cheese.
6. Butter a large casserole dish. Pour in rice, veggie, shrimp mixture. Sprinkle the remaining cheddar on top.
7. Bake for about 30 minutes on 325-350.
8. I like to make this ahead of time and freeze for later in the week. When I do that, I only bake for 10 minutes, just to set. The rest of the baking can be done on the day you eat it.


Donnie, Wednesday

1. Class
2. Hours with actual people
3. Home
4. I will write.
5. I will send students practice problems.
6. My fingers will be crossed.
7. Back to UC for meeting with R. and then class.
8. Avoid the swine-f
9. Home
10. Run
11. I take it we are having people food?

Kayla, Wednesday

1. Try to stay busy
2. Couple follow-ups
3. Run (1 mile warm up, fast/slow, fast/slow, fast/slow, cool down)
4. Adopt A Class
5. People Food for dinner (sorry Donnie!)

People Food Recipe (In case you're curious):

Garlic (about 5 cloves)
2 onions (white or yellow)
Bag of Frozen Veggies
3 cups brown rice cooked in steamer
5 eggs
Thai Seasoning
Soy Sauce

1. Chop garlic and onions. Fry in olive oil until soft.
2. Scramble eggs (salt and pepper if desired). Pour over onion and garlic. Cook thoroughly.
3. Boil frozen veggies for a couple minutes until defrosted. Drain water. Add cooked rice. Stir together veggies, rice, and soy sauce.
4. Add egg and onion mixture to the rice and veggies.
5. Season with Thai Seasoning, or your own favorite spices (I like cumin).
6. Choke down the people food while watching Jeopardy. It's tasty, but we have it so often it's lost its appeal.
7. Freeze leftovers (there will be quite a bit leftover) for future lunches.


Kayla, Tuesday

1. Clean up inbox
2. Housing Team meeting at 9:30
3. Take pictures of buildings at 11:30
4. Follow up with potential homebuyers
5. Try to finish up Helping Hands project list--call homeowners
6. Rue De Main with Maggie


Kayla, Monday

I think I need to change the title of this blog to "One Do-List"
1. Touch base with Nick about Helping Hands
2. Work on RFP: reword Total Community Response and Best Practice research
3. Study up for Homelessness Coalition meeting
4. Meeting from 2:00-4:00
5. Probably come home right after
6. Run 5miles
7. Quiche for dinner

Donnie, Monday

1. Class 9-10
2. The Hours 10-11
3. Home for lunch 11:15-11:45
4. Reflection Paper 11:45-12:15
5. Get ready to rock- 12:15-1:00
6. roll-1:00
7. Present 1:30-?
8. I am going to need a shower after that...
9. Spot until 7pm
10. When was I making that quiche?
11. Run a few...


Kayla, Friday

Ran my 3 miles, walked Zo

Santa Maria To Do:
Read the Homelessness Prevention Binder?
Tour Homes at Hillside w/potential buyer

Adopt A Class To Do:
Update Adopters
Print Agenda and Event Schedule
Meet with Bill

Home To Do:
Walk Zo again
Pizza for dinner


Kayla, Thursday

Ummm... I have nothing to do.


Kayla, Wednesday

-Take care of all my email to-dos
-Follow up on Housing Forum (thank yous are in order!)

-Latino organizing meeting
-Site meeting
-Client updates

-Volunteer Dinner
-Home late
-More Northern Lights


Kayla, Tuesday

1. My inbox is a MESS!
2. Housing Team Meeting at 9:30
3. Lunch with Barb at 11:30
4. Confirm agenda w/Sedamsville
5. Copy check request
6. Make UW RFP changes
7. WIN Housing Forum at 6:30
8. Home late
9. Scrounge some dinner
10. Northern Lights


Kayla, Monday

1. Went to Green Acres for AAC meeting--it was awesome!!!!!
2. Revise Housing Platform of Needs for tomorrow's meeting--other prep
3. Schedule Eye Appointment and pay car bill
4. Client call back, updates
5. All Staff meeting from 12:30-2:00
6. Frost my cake
7. Meet with client
8. Home/ work out/ salad for dinner/ AAC stuff
9. Read Northern Lights--LOVE IT!

Donnie, Monday ( I wish it was a fun day)

1. Class
2. Hours
3. Straight to the Spot (ah!)
4. 7:00 pm done with work go for run
5. 8:00 pm eat dinner--don't wait for me
6. 8:30-10:30 writing time


Kayla, Friday

1. Ran 3
2. Jogged Zo 2
3. Took care of my AAC email
4. Went to the bank
5. Now at work
6. Work for an hour or so
7. Go to Adopt A Class
8. Drews on the River if Emily can go


Kayla, Thursday

1. Client at 10:00
2. Latino Housing meeting at 11:00
3. Lunch at Taco Casa with Joyce at 12:30
4. Interview MSJ student worker at 3:00
5. Client at 4:00
6. Between appointments: follow ups, work with DAAP intern on her research, clean out inbox, prep for TUT meeting.
7. Home/ work out/ pasta and red peppers for dinner
8. AAC work
9. Finish the last three pages of the Poisonwood Bible


Donnie Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

1. Usually I wake up and drink coffee/listen to NPR
2. If it is M or W, then I go to class
2a. If it is T/Th I read online newspapers and get ready to write
3. Lunch
3a.Today I will practice driving to the place of my interview tomorrow.
4. Today I will visit Maggie and purchase a gray tie.
4a. Usually, I would be at home getting ready to run.
5. Go to class
5a. If it was Tuesday, I wouldn't have class
6. Come home and run with Reis
6a. Yesterday, I ran by myself, twice.
7. Practice interviewing with a tough cookie.
7a. We practiced last night.
7b. She was still tough
7c. Then we watched the Reds game.


Kayla, Tuesday

1. Team Meeting 9:30
2. Financial Education Meeting at UW at 11:00
3. Lunch quickly
4. Price Hill Money Matters Meeting at 1:30
5. Reschedule 5:00 appointment
6. LPH Housing Committee Planning at 6:00


Kayla, Monday

1. Follow up from Tenant Ed
2. Meet with client, schedule 2 clients
3. Can get my "weekly" stuff done today: surveys and photos
4. Interview Mount St. Joe student for summer job, call another one to schedule interview
5. Prep for my 4 meetings tomorrow
6. Fill in the blanks on grant application
7. See if "Outliers" found its way to the Price Hill Library
8. Home/ work out/ dinner
9. Adopt A Class work


Donnie, Friday

1. Class
2. Las horas
3. Read Marble Faun to page 100
4. Write
5. Run with Kayla 3-5 miles and then 3-5 on my own
6. Awakenings? Continue Slumberland


Kayla, Thursday

1. Get ready for Job Fair
2. Call new client
3. Work on grant
4. Prep for tenant ed
5. Get info for financial ed meeting tomorrow
6. Client follow-up put in indicator measures
7. Ew still feel sick-ish


Kayla, Wednesday

1. Prep for presentation tomorrow
2. Latino Organizing meeting at 12:30
3. Site meeting at 1:00
4. Conference call at 2:00
5. Client follow-up
6. Home for a run
7. Back to Sedamsville for Civic Meeting
8. Home late

Donnie, Wednesday

1. Class! 9-9:50
2. Grade quizzes 10-11
3. Write somewhere--Baba Budans? 11:15-1:15
4. Read somewhere--Library? 2:00-3:30
5. Class! 4:00-6:45
6. (the) Home
7. Relax for a few minutes
8. Finish cover letter! 9:00
9. Sleep


Kayla, Tuesday

1. Had housing team meeting
2. Started training new intern
3. Started returning calls from yesterday
4. Need to secure location for LPH Housing Committee next week
5. Data
6. Plan for Affordable Housing training at Job Fair on Thursday
7. Home/ work out/ quiche for dinner
8. Ask Maggie about my chair legs and if she wants to sell scones at a one-day Price Hill Farmers market on May 30th ????? and if she can get Barb two packs of frozen ones.


Kayla, Monday

1. Send RFP draft to the big bosses!
2. Play hookie to go to Opening Day (actually I'm too big of a nerd to play hookie--I submitted a request for 4 vacation hours)
3. Back to work for a couple--probably give Jim my Community Council report and call it a day
4. Either go home or go to Community Council
5. Indian and veggies for dinner

Donnie, Monday

1. Read some Dorian Gray (It's actually getting better)
2. Attend class
3. Office 10-11
4. Home/Post Office/lunch-11-12:15
5. Run/workout 12:45-2:00
6. More Dorian 2:00-2:50
7. Work 3-7
8. Drummers meeting 7-8
9. Prepare Indian and hear about the game
10. Slumberland


Kayla, Friday

1. No Volunteers!
2. Client
3. SSI checks--help folks take care of rent payments
4. Print out Helping Hands project list, sign in sheet, get water
5. Put tools and t-shirts in car
6. FINISH RFP!?!?!?!?!
7. Happy Hour at Drews on the River


Donnie, Thursday

1. Staff meeting 8:30-10:00
2. Went to the laundry--10:20-12:20
3. Miscellaneous job searching 12:20-1:00
4. Either go and buy Dorian Gray (if my checks came) or work on the novel 1:00-3:00
5. Go for a run 3:15-4:15
6. Work on my TFA cover letter 5:00ish
7. TBD
8. Prepare dinner
9. Have a nice chit chat

Kayla, Thursday

1. Work on RFP most of the day
2. Data if I get the chance
3. Prep for Sedamsville Building Committee
4. Label Helping Hands t-shirts
5. Meet with AMOS organizer
6. Bank
7. Home at 4:00/ work out/ back to work
8. Sedamsville Building Committee
9. Home late for rotini and bell pepper casserole
10. Read some Poisonwood


Donnie, Wednesday

1. Watched class
2. Sit in my office for an hour
3. Drive home and run
4. Get gas
5. Drive to class (rhyme unintentional)
6. Sit in class
7. Drive home.
8. I need a new book to read...suggestions?

Kayla, Wednesday

1. Client
2. Client
3. Latino Housing Meeting
4. Site Meeting
5. Email follow ups
6. Work on RFP
7. Finish paperwork for car refinance
8. Leave at 4:00 to go to AAC to send out email updates, event schedules
9. Home/ work out/ omellettes and hashbrowns for dinner
10. Work on RFP at home


Kayla, Tuesday

1. Catch up on emails from Fri-Mon
2. Housing Team meeting at 9:30
3. Work on RFP for UW from 10:30-12:00
4. Coffee with Mary Anne to dicuss HAC
5. Start working on Helping Hands
6. Write letter for homebuyer
7. Meet with client
8. Home/ work out/ make People Food
9. Get in another hour of AAC work
10. Read "The Poisonwood Bible"


Kayla, Thursday

1. The email never stops! I can't keep up
2. Practice for presentation tonight
3. Pick up insurance card from Tina
4. Remember to put Public Nuisance Hearing letters in my binder
5. Play catch up with the things on my to-do list that I didn't get to this week
6. Dr. at 2:15
7. Back to work, board meeting at 6:00
8. Home for dinner by 8:30
9. Probably fall right asleep!

Donnie's Reaction To The List


Donnie, Thursday

1. Clean up all the dog poop in the yard and bag the yard waste
2. Sweep the floors, including using the extension hose to get the edges of the carpet
3. Finish the taxes
4. Walk the dog
5. Do the dishes
6. Make a few meals for the freezer
7. Sharpen the knives
8. Clean inside the microwave
9. Apply for some jobs on the "The Ladders"
10. Watch "Little Miss Perfect" and rub my wife's feet all night

Kayla, Wednesday

1. Phone calls, emails, faxes for about 30 minutes
2. Take application down to housing office
3. Write the script for our PowerPoint, add two slides
4. Pick up projector and laptop
5. Latino Organizing Meeting
6. Site Meeting
7. Figure out what we're going to do with the Homelessness Prevention proposal...
8. Home/work out for real this time/ shower
9. Spinach Casserole for dinner
10. AAC stuff


Kayla and her new boyfriend Vito

Kayla, Tuesday

1. Peter Block meeting from 8:00-9:30 (and eat breakfast)
2. Housing Team meeting from 9:30-10:30
3. Catch up with Barb from 10:30-11:00
4. Return phone calls/ clean out inbox from 11:00-12:00
5. Work on PowerPoint Presentation data from 12:00-1:15 (and eat my lunch)
6. Homelessness Prevention Funding meeting at the United Way from 1:30-3:00
7. Back to work, finish up the day from 3:15-5:00
8. Home/work out/shower from 5:00-7:00
9. Reheat Veggie Lasagne for dinner from 7:00-7:30
10. Watch Jeapordy from 7:30-8:00
11. Finish up taxes from 8:00-9:00
12. Toddlers and Tiaras until midnight!!!


Kayla, Monday

1. Sort Price Hill Surveys by address
2. Follow up on People Working Cooperatively applications
3. Outline Housing Program Power Point for Thursday's Board meeting, get data, work on slides (I reserved most of the day for this)
4. Home/ work out/ Indian and veggies for dinner
5. Edit Drug Free projects and Press Release for AAC--send to Bill
6. Season Finale of Jon and Kate. Rumor has it they hate each other and are getting divorced!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Donnie, Monday

1. 8:45-9:00- Enter Final Grades
2. 9:00-12:00- Write Final Paper
3. 12:00-1:00- Run
4. 1:15-2:00- Edit
5. 2:30-3:00- Drive to Glendale
6. 3:00-7:00- WOrk
7. 7:00-7:20- Drive home
8. 7:30-8:00-Dinner
9. 8:00-9:00- Apply for some jobs
10. 10:00-11:30- Read some Serena (Good recommendation Maggie)


Donnie, Friday

1. Watch basketball

This says it all....


Kayla, Thursday


Unfortunately they were all out of "Fighting Violets" shirts the day I happened to have some cash on hand. This will have to do!

Donnie, Thursday

1. Grade papers (ALL OF THEM!)
2. More Hemingway reading and then writing
3. Paper writing?
4. Clean up around the house
5. Watching the games
6. Greet and judge Kayla as she walks through the door.
7. Party: watch Michigan thrash Clemson!!!
8. More reading and probably some convincing Kayla to watch the games.

Kayla, Thursday

1. Housing Committee minutes (1 hour)
2. Lead letter (30 minutes)
3. Public Nuisance Hearing Letter (30 minutes)
4. Rent Assistance Criteria (30 minutes)
5. Make Tenant Calls for Saturday's meeting (20 minutes)
6. Copy Birth Certificate to finish client's housing application (5 minutes)
7. Email CAGIS to explain our process (5 minutes)
8. Data/ client follow up (1 hour)
9. Check Ally PISDs (10 minutes)
10. Pick up my car from getting an oil change
11. Home/ pilates/ FFYS dinner
12. No more Toddlers and Tiaras or Little Miss Perfect. Enough already!!


Donnie, Wednesday

1. Grade 5 papers--no matter what
2. Read a random story to break up the day
3. Outline ROPES paper and begin writing: very scary.
4. Grade 5 more papers--no matter what
5. Write 2 letters of recommendation
6. Read another story?
7. Find a doctor who will tell me what's wrong with my Achilles.
8. Cook dinner
9. Recommend a book for Kayla to read next since she loved my last pick so much.
10. Jousting!

Kayla, Wednesday

1. Start typing minutes from Housing Committee
2. Print agendas and sign in sheet for Resident Meeting--order Panera
3. Drive out to Western Hills to pick up coffee and danish
4. Residents Meeting--get application while I'm there
5. Site meeting at 1:00
6. GIS work at 2:30
7. Finish up minutes and follow up
8. Home, maybe work out if my leg doesn't hurt?
9. Donnie's making dinner!!
10. I'd like to finish "The Edible Woman" today. What's next on my reading list?


Kayla, Tuesday

1. Housing Team meeting at 9:30
2. Take back library books, mail rent check
3. Prep for LPH Housing Committee: make sure room will be open, reminder calls, write up arguments FOR supportive housing, Public Nuisance Hearing list, agenda, minutes, problem property list.
4. Clean up my office
5. Housing Committee meeting at 6:00
6. Home/ angel hair pasta and red peppers for dinner/ walk Zo?
7. Toddlers and Tiaras (I'm ashamed!!)


Donnie, Monday

1. Finish my paper
2. Grade five papers
3. Get back to revision of my story
4. Revise some more
5. Try out a jog
6. Revise late into the night and hope for the best.
7. Sleep some time tomorrow.

Kayla, Monday

1. Phone conference about IDA money
2. Call client about non-LPH residents using the funds?
3. Find out about Resident Association emeting
4. Send out LPH Housing Committee reminder
5. Follow up on Resident Association small grant
6. Meet with client about subsidized housing application
7. Go to bank, get rent check
8. Home/ walk dog/ yoga (because I feel like I could be getting a stress fracture)
9. Shrimp casserole for dinner


Donnie, Thursday

1. Finish Edwin Mullhouse
2. Finish Critiques
3. learn grammar
4. workshop
5. drinks?
6. home

Kayla, Thursday

1. Teach tenant ed at the shelter
2. Get letter from Civic for public nuisance hearing tomorrow, prepare my response
3. Talk to P about CPOP
4. Talk to J about viaduct reconstruction
5. Talk to S about application for apartment and Section 8 RTA
6. Tally up t-shirt totals for Helping Hands
7. Meet with the Ohio State Extension curriculum people
8. Follow up on emails, phone calls
9. Depending on when I get done at the Extension maybe come back to work and do follow-up calls
10. Home/ Work out/ People Food for dinner
11. Work on AAC or read The Edible Woman


Kayla, Wednesday

1. Clean out inbox
2. Meet with AMOS community organizer
3. Help Sharon fix the "group send" on her Outlook
4. Send out LPH Housing Committee Agenda
5. Type up notes from yesterday's trip to Indy
6. Client follow-up
7. Site meeting at 1:00
8. Take client to look at apartments
9. Check out angelfoodministries.com
10. Follow up on Tax Prep surveys--calls, etc.
11. Sedamsville Civic Association and Building Committee (all in one! to save me a trip!) tonight at 7:00 until about 9:00
12. Home to a reheated rotini casserole, read a little bit of "The Edible Woman"

Maggie, I finished The Reef. After about 200 pages or so I got into it--not bad.

Donnie, Wednesday

1. Teach and listen to presentations
2. Read an article before class
3. Attend class and discuss that article
4. Go to the library to exchange books
5. Read in the library for a while
6. critiques
7. more reading: Edwin Mullhouse
8. Writing if time
9. prepare casserole


Donnie, Monday

1. Go to Awakenings to develop my Updike paper
2. Head home to read some Witches of Eastwick
3. Finish critiques
4. Apply for jobs and work on my CV
5. Work on Performance Enhancing revision.
6. Dinner
7. More writing

My apologies for taking your keys...

Kayla, Monday

1. Recover from the awful feeling of being late because my keys were missing!!!!!
2. Bind tenant books
3. Print info for Indy trip tomorrow
4. Agenda for LPH Housing Committee
5. Get stamps, mail letters to landlords and LPH homeowners
6. Meet with financial edu. group
7. 6 Month follow ups, put in data
8. Partners meeting at 4:00
9. Home/ work out/ indian for dinner
10. Adopt A Class project template




Donnie, Friday

1. Procrastinated too long.
2. Outline Updike Paper
3. Research Updike Paper
4. Start Writing Updike Paper (4 pages today, ME#1:or else! ME#2: Or else what? ME#1:Or else you're grounded.ME#1: You never ground me; I'm always allowed to procrastinate.ME#1: This is very true and unfortunate; I have been a very ineffective half of the larger psyche that I populate.)
5. Get caught up on critiques and CR.
6. See Kay Kay's new do!
7. See if ME #2 wins and get out of the house.
8. I will go to bed earlyish.


Kayla, Friday

This is a new one for me... I'm going to make my to-do-list the day BEFORE. No one has ever accused me of being a procrastinator, that's for sure!! (Really this is an excuse to take a break from editing press releases--ugh--for a minute...)

1. Run in the A.M.
2. Work at 10:00
3. Update data, client follow-up
4. Take back my library books and get donuts and juice for Helping Hands
5. Print out Helping Hands project lists, surveys, etc.
6. Bind my Tenant Books that I made today (three cheers for our new copier at work which allows me to copy all 30 books, double sided and collated, without having to do ANYTHING but stick the pages in the slot and punch in the number 30--woohoo!!)
7. Go to my other office (cubicle) to do a bit of AAC work--follow up on press releases, adopter updates, etc.
8. Leave at 2:30 to get my hair cut at Aveda
9. The night will be young and my hair will be short!

Donnie, Thursday

1. Final edit for story--why am I so bad at titles?
2. Type of critiques for stories
3. Grade student papers
4. Begin Withches of Eastwick
5. Off to school for printing/workshop
6. Stop home quick before party
7. Hopefully home really early--I'm on a really bad sleep schedule.

Kayla, Thursday

1. Send out Helping Hands project list
2. Get Sedamsville volunteer registered with the vol. program
3. Follow up with PATH program worker
4. Follow up with AMOS community organizer
5. Follow up with Homeownership Center
6. Finish Affordable Housing 1-Pager (currently a 3-pager)
7. Make appointment for client to see apartment
8. Meet with woman from Peter Block's office
9. Sedamsville housing committee meeting canceled!!!!!
10. Home, work out, leftover soup and crackers for dinner
11. Do some Adopt A Class work: tally Reds ticket request, finish press releases, input new adopter information into database.


Kayla, Wednesday

Sorry for the lack of posts--I've been too busy to even make a list. Things to do have just been flying at me like bullets, no time to write them down. :-)

1. Call County Auditor to try to work out a tax bill for a resident
2. Start pulling together Helping Hands projects
3. Make reminder calls about meeting tonight
4. Follow up on burst pipes
5. Print Hilltop letters to Council
6. Supposed to have CAGIS time if Kurt's not still sick
7. Transition Meeting Preparation Meeting at 10:30
8. Site meeting at 1:00
9. Home at 4:00 to work out
10. Back to Sedamsville for the transition meeting with residents and neighbors
11. Home about 8:30 to a reheated spinach casserole, a clean cat box, my sweet doggy and kitty, and my sweet-o.


Donnie, Monday

1. Teach the (children) ladies and gentlemen.
2. More Blind Assassin.
3. Library research.
4. Job applying.
5. David Maine reading.
6. Home sweet.
7. Bake the enchiladas
8. nap?
9. Writing.
10.Greet Kayla after what she predicts to be a long meeting.
11. Improve on last night's five hours of sleep.


Kay Kay's Big Race


post-race (with my prize)


Kayla, Weekend

1. Do a shootload of stuff for Adopt A Class
2. Laundry
3. Workout
4. Do the March budget
5. Make these meals: quiche, enchiladas, spinach casserole for next week
6. Run the Molly Malone race on Sunday
7. Clean
8. Finish taxes w/Donnie (okay, watch him do them while I learn)
9. Finish the second half of "W."
10. Clean out the top half of my closet
11. Drop off clothes at Goodwill


Donnie, Wednesday

1. Taught
2. Jameson of the Frederick variety.
3. ROPES discussion
4. Finish abstract!
5. (Re)write desert story
6. Begin Blind Assassin
7. Find something else to do

Kayla, Wednesday

1. Cagis training
2. Two things I was supposed to do yesterday: get housing appointments for clients and housing committee follow up
3. Talk to K @ PHW about CATS
4. Site meeting at 1:00
5. Meet with the woman who started the failed co-op in LPH
6. Home at 5:00 for once
7. Work out for the first time in 3 days
8. Indian from a box for dinner
9. Catch up on some AAC stuff


Kayla, Tuesday

1. Follow up emails from last night's meeting
2. Cancel Brickstone Hearing
3. Get my jury duty paperwork signed and turned in
4. Make some housing appointments for client
5. Housing Committee follow up
6. Team Meeting at 9:30
7. Set up housing mediation at 10:30
8. Two Public Ally 3-ways this afternoon
9. Make calls for nominating committee of Community Council
10. Working In Neighborhoods Housing Forum
11. Home late

Donnie, Tuesday

1. Write--Even if its just for a few minutes.
2. Collect my things: Forgetting L's Wife, 2 articles,Blind Assassin, 3 stories,Rabbit is Rich, notebook.
3. Off to UC to discuss my essay- 10:30
4. 11:00-12:30- Read 2 articles
5. 1:00-3:45- Lead discussion on Rabbit is Rich
6. 4:00-5:30- Home/Dog/Walk/Rock/Roll
7. 6:00- Dinner with M.Harries
8. 8:00- ROPES lecture
9. 10:00- Put class together for tomorrow.
11. Finish my story while I sleep.


Donnie, Monday

1. Taught
2. Read Updike essays
3. Need to finish my abstract, which means I need to start my readings; which means, I need to overcome this wave of exhaustion that has swept over me in the last hour.
4. After the abstract I should work on my story.
5. I am going to run around 5pm.
6. Go and see Lauren Groff read at 7pm.
7. More writing/reading--tomorrow is an even busier day!

Kayla, Monday

1. Take client to housing appointment
2. Teach budgeting at shelter
3. Return a bunch of phone calls I missed Friday afternoon
4. Check to make sure United Way updates cleared
5. Meet to talk about organizing project
6. Restorative Justice roundtable
7. Get our book signed by Lauren Groff at Joseph Beth
8. Home for dinner



Donnie, Thursday

1. Critiques
2. Rabbit is RICH
3. Writing Time
3.5- Thursday Clean
4. Grade some student papers
5. Go to workshop and get critiqued--hopefully not scorched.
6. Drinks with the workshop?

Kayla, Wakin up early again

1. Adopt A Class breakfast
2. Work at 9:30ish
3. Call tenants about Saturday's TUT offensive meeting
4. Follow up on some client calls
5. Work on data
6. Prep for tenant ed at Interfaith
7. Home to work out--finally! and reheat a rotini/brocoli casserole
8. Read the Samaritan's Dilemma in the bathtub (sorry Maggie, The Reef has been temporarily shelved)


Donnie, Wednesday

1. Student Conferences
2. Respond to Lot's Wife
3. Attend class
4. Continue Dangerous Husband
5. Critique student's paper
6. Critique Christian's story
7. Work on my own story
8. Head home and maybe jog Zola for a couple
9. Get back to grading papers.
10. Great Kayla after her town hall meeting.

Kayla, Wednesday

1. Find some coffee ASAP as I had to be at my AAC job at the ungodly hour of 7:30
2. Now that I'm at real work I need to:
-Type housing committee minutes
-Contact housing provider for client
-Make flyer for "best budgeters" class, email to financial stability group
-Update 211 profile for housing program
-Write a half-pager for the LPH newsletter about help for homeowners
3. Site meeting at 1:00
4. Town Hall-style meeting at Elder tonight to meet new elected representatives


Donnie, Tuesday

1. Finish another chapter on spectatorship as it relates to Lot's Wife and film
2. Email professor about paper idea
3. Attend class to discuss Atwood
4. Meet with professor?
5. Read Dangerous Husband--I'm amazed at how similar my reaction to this book is on my second reading--I still don't like it.
6. Grade student essays
7. Work on story revision for Blue Mesa Review contest
8. one critique
9. Tonight will be a late night

Kayla, Tuesday

1. Send out reminder for housing committee tonight
2. Prep for housing committee
3. Housing Team meeting at 9:30
(get rent check from bank)
5. Financial Stability meeting at Price Hill Will at 2:00
(take books back to library)
6. Client follow-up
(see if I have jury duty tomorrow)
7. LPH Housing Committee at 6:00
8. Home for egg casserole on corn tortillas


Donnie, Monday

1. Conferences with students
2. Lunch with Kay, Don, and Jan
3. Back to work (Response to the Handmaid's Tale, Research, Grading)
4. Short jog #2
5. The Dangerous Husband by Shapiro
6. Critiques.
7. Take some time to work on my writing.


Donnie, Friday

1. Finish the Handmaid's Tale--Atwood's best so far--I still have the Blind Assassin.
2. Read Song of Songs
3. Draft Song of Songs outline
4. I'm going to work on a story--Atwood gave me a great line: A movie about the past is not the same as the past.
5. I need to grade some papers
6. I will have a collection of Atwood's short stories waiting when I get home and I will read two of them.
7. Head to Whole Foods for the wine tasting*
8. More grading*

*I'm so proud of Kayla for setting ambitious goals on her to-do list

*I will continue grading only if I only drink what the Whole Foods staff pours

Kayla, Friday

1. Cancel Wednesday's resident association meeting
2. Schedule Sedamsville meeting with residents and staff
3. Reply to email about development in Sedamsville
4. Call client about housing hearing
5. Call client wanting housing information
6. Put Tenant Ed stuff in car
7. Check my AAC email--see if there's any reason to go in
8. Anybody tasting wine?? My goal is to only drink what the Whole Foods staff pour for me. Nothing else!!


Kayla, Wednesday

1. Update client database for long term outcomes
2. Review Strategic Plan to move forward
3. All-staff lunch
4. Make some calls
5. Home around 4:00 to work out
6. Back to Sedamsville for the Civic meeting
7. Home around 8:30 for Spinach Casserole



Donnie, Tuesday

1. Finished The Coup--Updike's best work, in my humble opinion--I need to read The Centaur.
2. Finished Foucault article on Governmentality--eh
3. Tuesday Clean
4. Read another dense article
5. Finish critiques
6. Read a few CR submissions
7. Busy day--Class--workshop--lecture--home*

*sorry for the solo dinner :(

Kayla, Tuesday

1. Get directions to Wyoming, Ohio
2. Housing Team Meeting at 9:30
3. Leave for Lebanon at 10:30
4. Lunch at the Golden Lamb with the resorative justice group and the permanent supportive housing developer
5. Get out LPH Housing Committee agenda
6. Return phone calls from yesterday
7. Check to see if I have to report for jury duty tomorrow
8. Admire my beautiful new shoessssssss!!!!!
9. Solo dinner


Donnie, Monday

What the record will state.
On this day, February 9th, 2009 Donald Leroy Warner III...

1. Taught
2. Wrote critiques
3. walked to the coffee shop to finish the Coup
4. came home to type a response.
5. read two articles
6. began research
7. attempted to run on a swollen Achilles
8. attended an Earth Drummer's meeting
9. Ate Indian food.
10. Wrote 1,000 words of creative fiction about a group of people who can't leave their home because of some strange phenomenon occurring outside.

Kayla, Monday

1. Fulfill my civic duty as a Hamilton County Juror...
2. ... or sit around and wait all day
3. Home/ work out/ Indian and zuchs for dinner


Donnie, Thursday

Cut Up

Kayla, Thursday

1. Quick Team Meeting
2. Clean out inbox
3. Return voicemails
4. Prepare for Sedamsville Building Committee
5. Make Agenda for LPH Housing Committee meeting
6. Home early to work out/ back to Sedamsville
7. Meeting until 8:00
8. Home to have leftover bean soup


Donnie, Wednesday

1. Taught a lackluster class
2. Reading until noon
3. Class until 3
4. Workout
5. Head home
6. Read 3 stories and comment
7. Last touches on "Performance Enhancing"

Kayla, Wednesday

another snow day...WHAT?

I went to the permit office and they were working. I guess everything else on my schedule can be crossed off... This is frustrating.


Donnie, Tuesday

Title: No Time to Waste
Author: Donald Leroy Warner III

1. He begins his day by reading "Bluebeards's Egg" by Margaret Atwood.
2. The stack of student papers frightens him so he grades three at a time, hoping this quota is manageable.
3. Flicks of snow in the window beckon him to join their momentary existence, outside; he runs.
4. Alas, the stack remains--three more papers.
5. The book he pries open declares the Gulf War never happened. His head hurts.
6. Sniffed by the dog, he realizes that the shower awaits him!
7. He ponders what class will hold for him.
8. If the snow cometh he will run from home.
9. His is a story inside of a story and that story (the one on the inside) needs to be finished by Thursday; tonight he will work until the end is clear.


Donnie, Monday

1. Sorry for my lack of posts the last few days--my computer froze.
2. Surfacing Response
3. Seven Hills Letter
4. Reading-- How Hysterical! by Runions
5. Writing my story
6. Preparing Seven Hills application @ home
7. Running
8. Writing some more and preparing a brick oven pizza
9. Writing some more

Kayla, Monday

1. Call Homeownership Center again
2. Update address with license bureau
3. Start prepping for Helping Hands
4. Meet with client
5. Prepare for Community Council meeting
6. Restorative Justice meeting
7. Community Council until late!
8. Jon and Kate and Pizza!


Kayla, Friday

My 4th official day off! HA!

1. Add to our United Way outcome reporting "comments on results"
2. Attend the Public Allies "Presentations of Learning" at a church in Mt. Auburn
3. Start on next week's to-do list
4. AAC meetings at 2:00, 2:45, and 3:30
5. Home/ work out/ dinner


Kayla, Thursday

Back to work... sort of
1. Emails, brief catch up on the things I was supposed to do the last couple of days
2. Take M to section 8 appointment
3. 3-way with ally and her program manager
4 Find out if CMHA board meeting is canceled for tonight
5. Copy the recipes I want to make from the Rachel Ray magazine
6. Maybe work on cleaning out the basement
7. Get out a Paint the Town application
8. Either go to the Board Meeting with tenants or go hoem to work out
9. Spinach Casserole for dinner


Kayla, Snow Day!

1. Took Zola on her annual snow walk
2. Make some yummy corn chowder
3. Cleaned
4. Took back my late library books and paid my first ever fine (20 cents)
5. Cleaning out my inbox
6. Going to help Kurt put his cubicle together
7. Home/ work out/ solo dinner

(I had this picture taken yesterday... look for it in the upcoming place matters newsletter...haha)


Donnie, Monday

1. Teach
2. Write 90 minutes
3. Updike work
4. Home
5. ROPES reading
6. Run #2
7. Paris is Burning
8. Dinner
9. Read David
10. Nighty night


Donnie, Friday

1. Taught.
2. Run, Rabbit
3. Response
4. Get lunch
5. Krogering
6. Drive to Bloomington
8. Get home late.

Kayla, Friday

1. Bank, Library
2. Wrap up weekly stuff, return calls and voicemails
3. Go to work at AAC about 12:30 until 4:00ish
4. Home/ work out
5. Is anybody wine tasting??


Kayla, Thursday

1. Finish Housing Committee minutes
2. Make new data collection sheet for monthly reporting
3. Call guy at Model
4. Doctor
5. Work on compiling homeowner list
6. Work out
7. Meeting at WIN at 6:30


Kayla, Wednesday

1. Start typing up minutes from last night's housing committee meeting
2. Call WIN about Thursday's planning meeting
3. Call the Homeownership Center
4. Get Panera for Resident Association meeting
5. Attend Resident Association meeting
6. Site meeting at 1:00
7. Finish typing Housing Committee minutes
8. Home/ work out/ rice and tofu for dinner


Donnie, Tuesday

1. Finish writing response to The Edible Woman
2. Read Hillary's story
3. Read some more of the most expensive book I have ever owned.
4. Provide feedback on my class's blogs
5. Listen to inauguration
6. Attend class
7. Draft letter of intent for fellowship
8. Read some more of that expensive book
9. Earth Drummers Practice
10. I would love to have a few minutes to write (creatively) this evening.

Kayla, Tuesday

1. Housing Team meeting at 9:30
2. Talk about United Way Reporting and new data collection with B
3. Prep for LPH Housing Committee
4. Get rent check
5. Budget with client
6. Eat my peanut butter sandwich and listen to the inaguaration
7. Housing Committee until 7:30
8. Home for pizza


Kayla, MLK Day

Working at AAC on my day off!

1. Finished all the AAC updates... the system is a MESS
2. Need to make Adopter, Principal, School Coordinator, Team Leader spreadsheets for Celebration breakfast
3. Save the Date email
4. Survey Monkey
5. Adopter Assessment
6. February Update
7. Back to Santa Maria to get out flyers for Wednesday meeting (I have no time to do it tomorrow and Wednesday will be too late)
8. Home to have my bean soup which took all freakin day to make yesterday. Maybe stop and get some bread and salad to go with it.
9. 5:00 meeting canceled!


Kayla, Sunday

1. Read on the heat vent for a couple hours
2. Make two bean dishes--bean soup and fancy beans and rice for later this week
3. Laundry
4. Work out
5. Obsessively check the blog of a woman I never met who's baby is in critical condition! www.kellyskornerblog.com
6. Making rice noodles with green onion and broccoli for dinner


People Say I Look Like


Kayla, Friday

2. Landlord sent somebody over, fixed within 2 hours.
3. Cleaned
4. Went to the library and got "Multiple Bl8ssings"
5. Worked for a couple hours
6. Have an AAC meeting at 3:00
7. Home/ work out/ finish cleaning
8. Auntie Leesa and others coming over to celebrate Mark's b-day


Donnie, Thursday

1. Type critique
2. FInish CR reading
3. Edible Woman--just started Part II and it is dragging a bit
4. Work on some writing
5. Get workshopped
6. Get home before I turn to ice.
7. Eat, salad.

Kayla, Thursday

1. Divy (sp?) up the client calls
2. Ally surveys
3. Call Tenant Advocacy clients again, print directions to meeting
4. Call developer
5. Make certificate for House of the month
6. Attend "Communicating Your Program's Value" session at the United Way
7. Home at 4:00, work out, make a big salad for dinner
8. Read "The Year of Living Biblically"


D. Leroy, Wednesday

People say I look like...

1. Taught
2. Read some Edible Woman
3. Bite 2 eat
4. Asistir class
5. Listen to poetry reading
6. Hit the mill
7. Smash
8. Crash

Kayla, Wednesday


Donnie!, Tuesday

1. The exclamation mark was not an accident.
2. Shake off my morning meeting jitters and get to work.
2. Edit Updike response.
3. Provide Peter with a few words about working with the Cincinnati Review.
4. Off to UC for class--participate profusely.
5. I really need to blow off some steam on the mill tonight.
6. Quick stop at home to greet my sweet.
7. Back to UC for Scott Cairns's lecture.
8. Hopefully get home and have enough time to begin my statement of purpose for teaching job.

Kayla, Tuesday

1. Clean out email inbox
2. Housing Team meeting with People Working Cooperatively
3. Make Resident Association Flyer
4. Call Tenant Advocacy clients
5. Send out LPH Housing Committee Agenda
6. Library/Bank
7. Look up Sedamsville Developer
8. Client follow up
9. Home/ WORK OUT/ indian or something for dinner
10. I FINALLY finished the 3 Fates, so I have nothing to read.


Kayla, Monday

1. Call homeownership center to find out about IDA
2. Make Resident Association Flyer
3. Confirm LPH Housing Committee meeting for next week
4. Call landlord about client lease
5. Work on United Way reporting
6. Financial Stability meeting at Price Hill Will
7. Meet with client about Homes at Hillside Place
8. Home/ work out/ reheat dinner
9. Jon and Kate


Kayla, Friday

1. Went to meeting with Historic Preservation lady at PHW
2. Caught up on emails
3. Had an early lunch
4. Need to make Tenant Ed charts and reminder calls
5. Meet with Brian at 2:00 to learn AAC database
6. Work out
7. Wine with Emily and Kurt if Kurt doesn't ditch us again!


Donnie, Thursday

1. Write response to John Updike's The Poorhouse Fair
2. Transcribe ROPES notes
3. Read Recovered Body by Scott Cairns
4. Read lecture notes
5. Grading
6. Dust off the old resume
7. Hit the, hopefully not icy, roads.
8. workshop
9. maybe drinks and dinner?
10. maybe home and work


Kayla, Wednesday

1. Having an extra hour in the morning makes a huge difference. So far I have: jogged Zola 2 miles, vacuumed the whole apartment, washed dishes, cleaned the cat box.
2. Meeting at the United Way at 10:00 to learn data input method for United Way Reporting
3. Follow up about Sedamsville buildings
4. Start making list of Section 8 Tenants
5. Client follow up
6. Work on LPH homeowner list
7. 1:00 Site Meeting
8. 2:00-3:00 United Way Reporting
9. Home/ work out
10. Heat up the spinach rice casserole I made on Sunday
11. Start first draft of Adopt A Class newsletter

Donnie, Wednesday

1. Teach those kids
2. Read some
3. Attend class
4. Read some--more.
5. Run 10-12 because I skipped my morning run
6. Enjoy a deliciously thawed spinach casserole.


Kayla, Tuesday

1. Housing Team meeting at 9:30
2. Contact Health Department about building with no water
3. Call potential homeowners
4. Make a new "ongoing projects" list
5. Call loan officer about client mortgage
6. Meet with Kurt
7. Take client to look at apartment
8. Home/ work out/ dinner

Donnie, Tuesday

1. Skipped my morning run and read The Edible Woman
2. Caught up on the news.
3. Breakfast bagel
4. Write for a couple
5. Prepare lesson for tomorrow
6. Request letters of recommendation for 7hills
7. Leave for class
8. Return from class
9. Take care of odds and ends
10. Earth drummers
11. Dinner!


Kayla, Monday

1. Clean up around here
2. Count numbers for outcomes
3. Print out Rental Rehab application for tonight
4. Prepare for LPH Community Council
5. Post office/ library
6. CPOP at 6:00
7. Community Council at 7:00
8. Home in time for Jon and Kate and quiche

Donnie, Monday

1. Find out where my class is meeting.
2. Teach.
3. Library-read The Edible Woman/Write
4. Lunch- I may or may not leave the library for this
5. Head home
6. Running Spot mailing lists
7. Run #2 (Take Zola for a couple)
8. Earth Drummers meeting
9. Enjoy Kayla's delicious quiche.
10. Watch whatever Kayla wants to watch because I didn't do any chose this morning :(


Curtis, Saturday

Kay, Saturday and Sunday

1. Had Helping Hands
2. Need to clean up after Curtis
3. Workout twice
4. Laundry
5. Do the January budget and allocated spending plan with Donnie (a few days late)
6. Attend the Running Spot dinner
7. Call for articles for Adopt A Class newsletter and teacher assessment
8. Make a couple dinners--probably a quiche for Monday and a casserole for Sunday
9. No more Christmas crafting wooo hooo!!!!
10. Try to finish The Baby Thief


Donnie and Special Guest--Curtis, Friday

1. Woke up and criticized literature.
2. Helped Zola with her reading homework.
3. Figure out something to do.
4. Donnie work.
5. Adam wine taste?
6. Watch Milk

Kayla, Friday

1. Took client to get rent check
2. Taking client to apply for mortgage
3. Use Donnie's Wendy's gift card for lunch since I didn't have time to pack. Thanks Donnie!!! Thanks Maggie!!!
4. Meet up with Kurt and Emily?
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