Kayla and Emer, Waiting for Donnie to be done with work

Kayla, Leap Day

1. emails
2. update master information sheets
3. reserve a chainsaw from the tool rental
4. print up, send out project lists for tomorrow
5. take supplies to Sedamsville center
6. go home early/ pick up some TP, burners, and a new thermos/ walk Zo/ work out
7. read some more of the giant book that Donnie recommended--I like it!
8. pick him up at 7:00
9. grab some (cheap) dinner

McDonald's Plug: I tried their McSkillet Burrito (minus sausage) since it was free with a medium coffee. One of the best things I've ever eaten. True.


Kayla, Thursday

1. read the article on my msn homepage "great jobs for introverts"
2. work on the data that i should have done yesterday
3. force myself to pay attention despite the noise from new windows being installed in my office and the demolition of the building across the street
4. pick up trash with oyler group
5. ask the building department for updates on north state properties
6. finish preparing for Helping Hands project on Saturday
7. go home/work out/walk dog
8. read, maybe watch the episode of the office that i missed when it was on the first time

Donnie, Thursday

1. Finish Critiques(Hurry UP!!!!!!!!!!)
1.5- Wonder how Kayla is doing.
2. 12 mile run
3. Finish the Giant's House: A Romance
4. Attend Workshop
5. Watch Elizabeth McCracken read
6. Drinks
7. Jump on the back of a pushcart and ride home into the night.


Donnie, Wednesday!

1. Conferences with students until 11ish
2. Crispy Chicken X 2
3. Finish that book about a giant.
4. Attend class
5. 6-8 miles on the mill
6. Ride the bus home.
7. Dinner--pork roast w/ asparagus?
8. Finishing touches on Chapter 2 and then off to Kinkos
9. Ask Kayla, "What would you do if a tired, tired man came into your office?"

Kayla, Wednesday

1. get some coffee on the way to work since I left my 7 year old thermos mug in kentucky (sad! that mug has been with me for nearly a quarter of my life)
2. emails
3. make calls about Helping Hands project, look at project on Delhi, type up project list
4. february data, make sure i'm on track for the year so far
5. start pulling together articles for the resident newsletter
6. play a little spider solitaire and drink some diet coke
7. stop kidding myself--i'm not going to walk the dog in this snow, she can pee in the yard
8. do a workout dvd
9. make some dinner w/donnie, thai noodles and egg?
10. read by the spaceheater


Kayla, Tuesday

1. Emails
2. Housing Team meeting at 9:30
3. AHA meeting at 12:00
4. Revise LPH Housing Committee notes, send out
5. Start preparing for Helping Hands projects on Saturday
6. Incorporate building department figures into North State Project
7. Go home, walk Zola, work out
8. Pick Donnie up at 7:00
9. Make dinner, read Smart Code
10. Is that debate tonight? I hope it doesn't interfere with the Biggest Loser.

Donnie, Tuesday

1. Finish up odds and ends
2. take bus to UC to do a workout on the treadmill
3. take bus to SPOT for work
4. get a ride home from Kay
5. work on writing


Emer, Monday

there's a kitty on my butt!

Zola and Emer, Monday Night

Donnie, Monday (The Top of My List)

1. I don't like THE MAN

Kayla, Monday

1. Email
2. Debrief on tenant education project
3. Follow up on Housing Committee from last week (a little late, but i've been busy!)
4. Register for Chicago conference
5. B-day lunch for me at mexican restaurant in delhi
6. Deposit checks at the bank
7. Call to find out why our gas and electricity bill was OVER FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS!!! grrrrrrrrrr
8. Go home, work out, walk Zola if the tundra has melted a little bit
9. Make pasta with red pepper and zuchs
10. Pick Donnie up at 7:00
11. Get dropped off so that he can go to his meeting in Glendale
12. Watch Jon and Kate

typical monday !

Donnie, Monday

1. Teach
2. Go to the library
3. Run on the mill 5 miles
4. bus to spot
5. Kay pick me up, drive to Glendale
6. Work on novel
7. Sleep


Zola, Sunday

Kayla, Sunday

1. Send Aya the link to this blog (hi ! good talking to you today!)
2. Pick up the paper towels that Zola got out of the trash can and spread throughout the house
3. Biggest Loser DVD/ clean the house/ shower (boring)
4. Fill out United Way forms for Adopt A Class
5. Spend exactly $100 at the grocery store
6. Have a frozen pizza for dinner
7. Read the Smart Code book and have some wino


Kayla, 25

Snow days are the time to play with photo booth!

Kayla, 25

Kayla, B-day

1. get pretty for my drivers license photo
2. renew my drivers license
3. work out at UC
4. shopping spree!
5. b-day dinner

Kay Kay's B-DAY


Kayla, Thursday

Get ready for tenant ed classes:
1. Review tenant education schedule, make changes on master copy
2. Make tenant ed. packets, add local resource guide, and inspection checklists
3. Make participant certificates
4. Get realia --classifieds, spending trackers
5. Make charts on paper and track down some dry erase markers and erasers
6. Make sign in sheet
7. Make reminder calls

Other work:
8. Oyler project and incentive lunch

9. Go home, work out
10. Read more of Cincinnati Magazine's dining guide
11. Make a little dinner


Kayla, Wednesday

1. 7:30-9:30 Breakfast for AAC in Covington
2. 9:30-10:45 Prep for Resident Association Meeting
3. 11:00-12:00 Resident Association Meeting
4. 12:00-1:00 Emails, organize desk
5. 1:00-2:00 Site Meeting
6. 2:00-5:00 Work on Tenant Education Curriculum: finish making worksheets, make certificates for participants, start laying out binder
7. 5:45-? Back across the bridge for YPKC Housing Committee Meeting and hear about the meeting with the Mayor and City officials (excited to try some good Mexican food!)
8. Later See Donnie and hang out before bed


Donnie, Tuesday

Kayla, Tuesday

1. Check emails, organize papers from the neighborhood summitt
2. Housing team meeting with the group, talk about tenant education classes
3. Meeting with client about obtaining affordable housing
4. Prepare for Lower Price Hill Housing Committee: print agendas and minutes, type up zoning information, finish North State project.
5. Print copies of motion for tomorrow's YPKC meeting
6. Call to check on status of section 8 inspection
7. Grab a baked potato
8. LPH Housing Committee at 6:30 at the school
9. Come home and watch the end of the biggest loser w/Donnie


Monday, Donnie

1. Write at least on critique before work
2. Head to the Spot for an extended shift (1-7)
3. Kay will pick me up! (THANK YOU)
4. Eat dinner and catch up on the ever increasing workload
5. Do something nice or memorable.
6. Go to bed.

Kayla, Monday

1. woohoo another day off. how does anything get done?

2. by people who work anyway!

3. send out motion in council about neighborhood initiative to YPKC housing committee
4. be at the Adopt A Class office by 10:30
5. prepare for Annual Breakfast Celebration on Wednesday
6. go home and work out
7. maybe do some laundry if the upstairs people are finished
8. make some pasta and watch jon and kate
9. read the best book: House Lust, by Daniel McGinn which is about america's obsession with our houses and HGTV.


Donnie, Friday

1. Scramble

2. Get picked up from work.

3. Relax

Kayla, Friday

Real Job:
1. Follow up on yesterday's development on Grand Ave
2. Send out Lower Price Hill Housing Committee Agenda
3. Call P. about tomorrow's neighborhood summitt
4. Put North State pictures into a document with building department reports
5. Call people about tenant education project
6. Help J. deliver resident association newsletters

Second job:
7. Update Adopt A Class celebration list, send out

At Home:
8. Exercise
9. Walk Zola Budd
10. Pick up Donnie at 7:00
11. Ramundos for dinner, talk to him about advertising opportunities
12. Read, maybe watch Trading Spaces if I feel like it


Donnie, V-Day

1. Finish up these critiques
2. Final line edit on James before submissions
3. Midterm reflection
4. Workout
5. Wendy's
6. Workshop
7. Dinner with my love :)
8. Coffee?
9. Lipstick Jungle

Kayla, V-Day

1. Copy tenant education flyers
2. Order copies of tenant/landlord law brochures
3. Pay my phone bill
4. Order my license plate tags
5. Meet with client about obtaining housing
6. Cancel trash pickup--all the litter is frozen under a solid sheet of ice
7. Work on tenant education schedule
8. Go with B. to get supplies for tenant education classes

9. Fit in a brief workout
10. Pick Donnie up in the roundabout at 7:00
11. Andy's Mediteranean(sp?)Grille for a nice V-day dinner (those NPR ads really paid off!)


Donnie, Wednesday

1. Taught my class
2. Working, as we speak, on chapter 2.
3. Wendy's whilst grading
4. Listen to a lady talk about writing
5. Hit the MILL! 10 miles
6. Do a smattering of stability exercises
7. Bus ride home.
8. Tuna + Chocolate SOY MILK= Delicious protein filled dinner
10. Ask Kayla if she has made my V-Day card yet.
11. Agree that neither of us should make one

Kayla, Wednesday

1. emails
2. data for Jan/Feb.
3. make housing committee agenda for next week
4. call client's landlord to check on inspection
5. call different client to make sure repairs are complete
6. take pictures of new development for resident newsletter
7. site meeting
8. meet with client about obtaining housing
9. work on tenant education schedule

10. exercise
11. do dog's paws freeze if they walk on ice for a few miles? because I don't know if i can walk zola or not
12. find something for dinner. NOT tuna casserole made with chocolate milk.
13. read The Edifice Complex


Donnie, Tuesday

Going on a run in the freezing rain.

Kayla and Emer (pissed), Tuesday

Kayla and Zola Budd, Tuesday

Kayla, Tuesday

1. Snow days are one perk of working at a nonprofit.
2. Today I'll finish WICKED.
3. I'll do a workout tape.
4. I'll go do some Adopt A Class work for a bit.
5. Not much else on the agenda ;-)


Monday Night

Donnie, Monday

1. I need to wind down because I have had too much coffee.
2. Next, I will write for at least 2 hours in the library, where I currently am seated.
3. After I write, I am headed to the gym for an 8 mile treadmill run.
4. Wendy's!
5. Read and critique a story
6. Attend workshop on publishing until 5ish
7. Thank Kayla for posting our picture on this blog!
8. Watch JK+8 and also hope that the little people are starting up soon

Kayla, Monday

1. Call client about repairs to be done
2. Turn in rent assistance request for client
3. Try to get signatures on Grand Ave. (brrrr!!!)
4. Look up apartments for clients
5. 2 appointments with people wanting housing
6. Partners meeting about foreclosure prevention

7. Finish up AAC stuff for about an hour
8. Exercise
9. Make my soup bowl
10. Jon and Kate !


Kayla, Friday

1. Finish my egg McMuffin minus canadian bacon

(today I'm not at my real job, just my mad money job)
2. Update Olyer list / Print out all Adopt a Class RSVPs
3. Make an excel sheet to keep track of who has RSVPed
4. Send out reminders to school coordinators for adopters who have not RSVPed
5. Write/ send out questionaire to adopters/companies
6. Take list of adopters, reconcile with master information sheets, add extra names for companies with more than one adopter contact.

7. Make sure R. received grant application
8. Find someone where to go for Maggie's b-day. Bangkok Bistro? Universal Grille? Quarter Bistro? look up some other options...

9. Go home, exercise, walk dog
10. Pick Donnie up at 7:00
11. Get a bite to eat


Donnie, Thursday

1. Stop working on these songs!
2. Write three critiques
3. more blackboard posting
4. write an email to my students
5. make lunch
6. go to class
7. run home (12 miles)
8. see Kayla :)

Kayla, Thursday

1. Get someone at the building department to look at a collapsing wall
2. Get someone at the building department to look at a collapsing ceiling
3. Talk to someone about payoff balance for their rent
4. Fill out volunteer forms, but in record book
5. Pick up litter with some ninth graders
6. Have someone at district 3 sign off for our grant
7. Drop off grant application
8. Go home for a few minutes, maybe exercise
9. Sedamsville building committee -- so late!


Donnie, From Now On

1. It's OK to put writing before not writing.

2. You know how to teach, they just need to listen

3. Running is a part of your day.

4. It's true that they don't pay you enough.

5. Love

Kayla, Wednesday

1. Emails
2. Meet with B.
3. Sit at the front desk for P.
4. Site meeting
5. Do one chapter of the tenant education curriculum
6. Go look at a leaky ceiling, help client resolve.
7. Go look at some windows, help client resolve.
8. Take folder to S.
9 Go home and enjoy a rare evening with my sweet when neither of us has to work, maybe cook some dinner and have some wine?


Donnie, Tuesday

1. Finish all things having to do with teaching college writing.
(miss you)
2. write 2 critiques
(miss you)
3. zola run
(miss you)
4. work on my own writing
(miss you)
5. go to the spot
(miss you)
6. go do my workout
(miss you)
7. watch biggest loser couples

Kayla, Tuesday

1. Answer emails
2. Housing team meeting with Legal Aid
3. Organize the papers on my desk
4. Get J. to sign reimbursement for tool rental
5. Release form for client
6. Rent Smart planning meeting/ order editor's file
7. Edit final draft of KCB Grant, send for approval
8. Do my new Biggest Loser cardio video
9. Watch the Biggest Loser Couples (notice a theme here?)


Kayla, Monday

1. Rejoin the world
2. Proof KCB grant, send to partners for comments
3. Compile North State problem properties, send out
4. CPOP meeting at 5:30
5. Lower Price Hill Community Council at 7:00
6. Make it home in time for our Jon and Kate date!
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