Kayla, The Rest of Sunday

1. 7:30-1:00: Finished 3 modules out of 4 on the foreclosure counselor class
2. 1:00-2:30: work out tape, jog
3: 2:30-3:00: shower, sandwich
4. 3:00-4:00: finish module 4
5. 4:00-5:00: grocery shopping
6. 5:00-6:30: put away groceries, make salmon patties and mac and cheese
7. 6:30-7:00: vacuum the house, clean up dinner dishes
8. 7:00-8:30: do allocated spending plan for October
9. 8:30-9:00: read the Dudley Street book
10.9:00-9:30: read Cicinnati Magazine (love the new format!) and fall asleep

whoo hoo! i have so much fun on the weekend!!!


Kayla, Saturday

Let's see how closely I can keep this schedule on a Saturday:

10:00-10:15: go to coffee shop, get a new bag of beans, make some coffee
10:15-11:15: write tax-credit policy memo
11:15-12:30: workout
12:30-1:15: eat a sandwich, shower
1:15-3:00: laundry
3:00-3:30: go to target, get zo's pills
3:30-4:00: put laundry away
4:00-5:00: read/edit Donnie's story
5:00-6:30: start the online foreclosure counselor class
6:30-8:30: dinner out somewhere? where?

That leaves Sunday for grocery, work out, and finishing the foreclosure class. not bad.


Kayla, Friday

1. Ran 4 miles
2. Got to work late
3. Emails/voicemails took forever today
4. I need to finish the minutes for Housing Committee
5. I need to start on Monday's to-do list or else I'll never get it done
6. This weekend I need to take the 4-hour foreclosure counselor class and write a policy memo for the first-time homebuyer tax credit
7. I need to get Zola some Glucosamine, do the laundry, and clean the house.
8. I have to meet up with dad tonight

Donnie, Friday

1. Tech for America
2. Write Crits for S and B
3. Read Sista Carrie
4. Attend Reading at Taft House
5. Head home to meet Kayla and Scott
6. O'bryons
7. More Sister

and I leave you with this....

No, I've worked all my life. In fact, I usually had two jobs all my life until I had kids. I was not a part of, I guess, that culture. The way that I have understood the world is through education, through books, through mediums that have provided me a lot of perspective on the world.

-Sarah Palin sounding pretty good.


Donnie, Thursday

1. Working out this scene very slowly
2. Riding to UC
3. Reading a few manus
4. Meeting with adviser-man about what class I should take
5. Reading some more.
6. Riding home
7. Workout: 2wu-5@AT-2cd
8. Whatever Kayla wants to do.

Kayla, Thursday

1. Visit tenant on Ridgeview to look at conditions
2. Lunch with Kurt
3. Make some more Helping Hands calls, get that project list organized
4. Interview new organizer candidate
5. 3-way with ally and her program manager (that's what they call it!)
6. Home/work out/ meet up with dad?


Kayla, Wednesday

1. Had hearing w/ client at Section 8 this morning--success!
2. Returned lots of phone calls
3. Took client to look at apartment--a dump!
4. Site meeting at 1:00
5. Do some drive bys for For Rent signs
6. Tell the guy from Covington i've decided against the position
7. Submit story for newsletter
8. Home/ workout / dinner


Kayla, Tuesday

1. Team meeting
2. Write story about storm cleanup for newsletter
3. Housing Committee follow-up
4. AHA annual meeting
5. Next Steps meeting at WIN until 8:30ish
6. Home for pizza


Kayla, Monday

Internet but no phones!! At least I was able to ease back into actually working.

1. Updated database
2. Wrote position description for bilingual organizer
3. Updated Problem Property spreadsheet and prepped for Housing Committee
4. Filled B in on all the happenings of the past two weeks
5. Checked in with C, planned schedule for this week
6. Sorted through lots of email
7. Spoke with Interfaith about in-house tenant ed

1. Research Neighborworks scholarship so that I can (MAYBE) go to a conference in D.C. in December!
2. Print agendas for Housing Committee
3. Attend Housing Committee
4. Home/ make dinner
5. Maybe a little Jon and Kate??


Kayla, Saturday

1. Read
2. Work out
3. Go to health fair and set up display
4. Come home and collect Donnie
5. Attend Andrea's apartment-warming party
6. Drive home from Beavercreek

Dinner, Friday


Donnie, Freeday

1. work
2. lunch
3. run
4. an evening with a lovely lady

Kayla, Friday

1. Done: worked out, walked dog, laundry, got eye drops for the scratch on my cornea
2. To Do: go to work for a bit, attend final mural meeting, go to happy hour, make dinner, vacuum


Dinner, Thursday

Donnie, Thursday

1. Didn't get much done this morning.
2. Work
3. 30 minute run
4. Dinner time
5. Bear V. Shark
6. Rachel Maddow night 2?

Kayla, Thursday

Will the server be back up??? I'm sort of getting accustomed to the silence.
1. Meeting at 11:40 with the Oyler volunteer project coordinator
2. Get stuff together for health fair on Saturday
3. Maybe make some phone calls and send out emails??
4. Do some more "drive-bys" for available apartments
5. Work on policy proposal memo
6. Home/ work out/ walk zo
7. Dinner

Wednesday, Dinner

Donnie, Wednesday

1. First, thanks to Kayla for letting me post on HER blog!
2. I have to go to UC to explain what its like to be a teacher.
3. Back home for a bit to brush up the syllabi and course schedule.
4. Work at the Spot.
5. Call Kay to pickup my check.
6. Jiggity Joggity- 4 miles
7. Dinner
8. Bear V. Shark

Kayla, Wednesday

1. Still no phones and internet at work... i called and it just rang and hung up
2. I think i'll go in and see what else i can organize
3. Starting to feel panicky--a week of work down the tubes.


Kayla, Tuesday

We've had power since Sunday night but apparently everyone (ahem, my co-workers) else is still in the dark. Here are things we could do at work without phones and computer if anyone else shows up:

1. Housing Team meeting at 9:30
2. ORGANIZE the office/ clean
3. Meet with the 401k guy
4. Mural meeting
5. And then I'm off to a YPKC housing committee meeting for one drink
6. Home for dinner


Donnie, Viernes

1. Ahora, estoy trabajando a "El Punto"
2. Voy a llamar Obryons para llevar un bocadillo.
3. Voy a regresar nuestro casa y entonces correr seis.
4. Kayla y yo, vamos a enojar una cena maginficente en algo restaurante, tal vez Baba?
5. Finalmente, voy a empezar un nuevo libor, el titulo esta "Bear Vs. Shark."

Kayla, Friday

1. Get all ready for Tenant Ed: charts, reminder calls
2. HEAP for woman on Hatmaker
3. Call CMHA about change of address on section 8 voucher application
4. Add Neave Street landlord to LL list--get his crime stats
5. Call to arrange a meeting with the volunteer coordinator at Oyler
6. Meet with client
7. Interview bilingual organizer
8. If I have time I'll do my data
9. Maybe organize my mess of an office
10. Home/ work out/ dinner if i'm not too exhausted


Kayla, Thursday

1. Paint porch and fence and landscape with 5/3 volunteers ALL DAY

Donnie, Jueves

1. Escribe algunas palabras en mi libro.
2. Escribe una carta a mi socio sobre "The School Board Fellows."
3. Lee las paginas finales de "The Black Brook."
4. Corre doce.
5. Va a "el punto" para trabjar.
6. Regresa despues mi trabajo y descubre la cena maginficente, preparado por Kayla.
7. Discutir los problemas de la trabaja con Kayla.
8. dormir


Kayla, Wednesday

1. Talk to homeowners in Sedamsville
2. Get paint and supplies
3. Get calculators
4. Talk to B about bilingual organizer position
5. Get van key
6. Meet with client
7. Meet with landlord and ask him to evict his drug dealing tenants
8. Sedamsville Civic Association until 8:00
9. Another 12 hour day. whoopee!


Tuesday, Dinner

Rice with zucchini, squash, and green onion.

Kayla, Tuesday

1. Prep for Community Care week--find out how many volunteers we have, make a supply list, talk about the van, talk to homeowners.
2. Call N, T, M, A.
3. Lunch at the United Way building with the housing people there
4. Two clients
5. Get building orders for LL meeting tomorrow
6. Home/ workout/ Dinner

Donnie, Tuesday

1. Working on writing
2. Writing on work?
3. HOME! An Afternoon! Time!
4. Run again so that I can score 880 points in my next race.
5. Read the brook book


Donnie, Monday

1. I sent this article to my family.
2. Go to work
3. Come home and reheat the Aunt Chiladas on 400 degrees
4. V.I.P conference call
5. Unlock the door for Kay Kay

Kayla, Monday

A Day of Meetings...
1. Meet with ally give her some calls to take
2. Try to get neighbors to Mural meeting
3. Meet with Family Shelter Partnership group to present Tenant Education
4. Mural Meeting to choose the design and meet the artist
5. Partners Meeting
6. CPOP Meeting
7. Community Council
8. Somewhere in between these meetings I need to: Find out if B got in touch with S, prep for Community Council, call Abby back
9. Come home and interrupt Donnie's phone conference!


Kayla, Friday

1. Go downstairs and do some faxing
2. Revise the program brochure
3. Edit Tenant Ed booklet
4. Return phone calls
5. Start making copies of tenant ed, get binder machine
6. Go through the stack of stuff on my desk
7. Talk to people about Mural Meeting on Monday
8. Call House of the month guy and find out about helping hands
9. Sip one drink at happy hour, lots of chips
10. Drive home no problemo
11. Stir fry for dinner?
12. Read Templton, maybe finish the Defensive Space article


Donnie's turn to cook

ha ha

I'd rather be...

instead of heading back to work...

Donnie, Thursday

1. Editing (myself) feels good.
2. Working (for the man) feels like a waste of time.
3. Lunch
4. Let Zola out
5. After work run
6. Cook a pizza!
7. Skip McCain's speech, read a book about a "Black Brook."

Kayla, Thursday

1. Voicemail/email, get excel sheet ready for building committee
2. See what I can do about getting C a username and password
3. Talk about the Worst. Training. Ever.
4. Pick up the agency van
5. Take our United Way representative on a tour of the houses we painted
6. YPKC meeting, i think, at 5:45
7. Sedamsville Building Committee meeting at 7:30
8. Come home to the dinner Donnie is cooking
9. Read Templeton


Dinner, Wednesday

farm-fresh potatoes fried with jalapeƱos, onion, and chives (and ketchup) with spinach scrambled eggs.

Donnie, Wednesday

1. Failed writing attempt--I hope I can salvage something after work today.
3. Get served.
4. Dinner
5. Sarah Palin...Tall
6. Writing that I didn't do this morning

Kayla, Wednesday

1. I have to go to Pfeffier Road
2. Training all day for new supervisors
3. Apply my new skills to managing my dude at home
4. See what who the heck is Palin has to say


Tuesday, Dinner

pasta again...

Donnie, Tuesday

1. Trying to get psyched for writing!
2. Writing.
2.5. T-Boone Pickens on Diane Rehm today.
3. A few errands--the bank, the grocery store, the gas station
4. Work
5. Workout at the track.
6. Home

Kayla, Tuesday

1. Get ready for work
2. Housing team meeting at 9:30
3. Meet with client at 11:00
4. Finish the stack of projects/paperwork on my desk--I don't remember what they are, but they're waiting on me!
5. Get a map for the place I'm supposed to go tomorrow
6. Train the ally some more
7. Home/ walk Zo/ Dinner (post my dinner on here)
8. Read: The Monsters of Templeton
9. Check Zola's facebook a few times


Kayla, Sunday I mean Monday

Here's what I do when I have a day off:
1. Make a facebook page for my dog
2. Listen to the same news stories all day
3. Paint my toes
4. Read decorating books
5. Beat Donnie in a fault-point game of tennis
6. Run on the trail
7. Think I have appendicitis
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