Kayla and Donnie, Sunday Evening

Kayla, Sunday

1. Went to Farmer's market
2. Went to Biggs
3. House is already clean...
4. Nothing to do!!


Kayla, Saturday

1. bank, finances--I love spreadsheets!!
2. laundry
3. grab a few essentials
4. CLEAN for my guests
5. Show Leesa, Andrea, and Mark around the little apartment (should take 20 seconds, tops)
6. Dinner out


Kayla, Friday

1. Check emails/voicemail from being away for 2 days
2. Follow up w/ building inspector
3. Follow up w/ financial lit
4. Look at the paper B. put on my desk
5. Call clients
6. Train the ally
7. Leave a bit early to work out
8. Come back at 7:00 for the Safety Walk
9. Another Curb??


Kayla, Thursday

(I don't normally dress like this!)

1. Get gas
2. Drive to Columbus
3. Vacant Building Conference all day
4. Drive home
5. Work out / dinner/ more episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm

P.S. For all the Jon and Kate fans out there, proof that the Goslin family has finally MADE it--a paparazzi-type shot of them was featured in US Weekly.


Kayla, Tuesday evening 7:45-8:00

Kayla, Tuesday

1. Met with 5/3 about volunteer project
2. Housing Team meeting in 2 minutes
3. Affordable Housing Advocates meeting at noon
4. Meet with health inspectors at client's apartment
5. Call to start discussing financial lit w/childhood program staff
6. Discuss leverage letter for tenant ed program
7. home/work out/dinner
8. Read The Monsters of Templeton

Donnie, Tuesday

1. Over 1,000 for the day!
2. Work :(
3. A workout, with or without the Drummers--as Kayla so astutely pointed out.
4. I am so ready for the school year.


Kayla, Monday

1. Go up the hill to fax since ours is broken--take library books back while i'm there.
2. Update problem property list, prep for Housing Committee, resend agenda
3. Call the woman at Bethany House about Tenant Ed
4. Research OCC grant
5. Call T about problem property
6. Call client about health department
7. Call two people about rent
8. Housing Committee until about 7:30
9. Home for pizza


Donnie, Thursday

1. Halloween Revision
2. Work on the New Balance Floor
3. Work on the Running Spot Floor
4. Hopefully open my email to a School Board Fellows acceptance letter.
5. Homerun
6. Spear some fish for dinner.
7. Watch my cousin run the 400 meters.


Kayla, Wednesday morning

Be Ware
Sells food stamps

This was all over the neighborhood when I got to work this morning. Someone was mad!

*click to enlarge!!!

Donnie, Wednesday

1. Work
2. Dinner
3. Find some ice because I have track fever!

Kayla, Wednesday

1. Fax information to Brickstone
2. Print agendas and sign in sheet
3. Follow up on Housing Committee agenda and Friday meeting
4. Meet painting contractor at 9:30
5. Get food for resident association
6. Resident association from 11-12
7. Library, Bank, make lunch
8. Site meeting at 1:00
9. Meet with P to talk about CPOP projects at 2:45
10. Add foreclosure data to grant application
11. Home/ work out/ walk zo
12. Pasta? Rice and Squash?
13. I'm starting to zone out on the Olympics, sorry.


Donnie, Tuesday

1. Finished some revision of Halloween story
2. Working
3. Working out
4. Working it all out


Donnie, Monday

1. Struggling to write a single sentence--Doh!
2. I will face the inevitable--work.
3. Hopefully work will be slow so that I can enjoy more of, "What I talk about When I talk about running" which is fantastic!
4. Run after work because before work didn't work.
5. Olympics

Kayla, Monday

1. Print, deliver resident association newsletter
2. Send out agenda for Housing Committee meeting
3. Remind B about Housing CAT
4. Call painter
5. Training all afternoon with the allies
6. Home/ work out/ walk Zo
7. Dinner?
8. Olympics? Jon and Kate?


Kayla and Donnie, Sunday

1. Run
2. Grocery
3. See if Super Cuts is open
4. Clean up
5. Maggie and Jennie's Apartment-Warming Party


Kayla, every day from now on


This is the funniest freakin thing I have seen in forever.

Donnie, Friday

1. Work
2. Eat and Olympics

Kayla, Friday

1. Shopping for E's going away present
2. Check emails and voicemails
3. Cabana on the River


Donnie, Wednesday

1. I am writing, hoping that this is all headed in the right direction, or, at least in some direction.
2. Read a little of "The Tennis Handsome"
3. Work
4. Mmmmm.... Tofu and stir fry: I will try not to leave the pan burning when I leave the room.
5. The Olympics: I'm ready for some track enough of the guppies.

Kayla, Thursday

1. I'm baby sitting a 3-month old until 10:00. Not in my job description but not a problem! She started to get fussy so I gave her a roll of masking tape.
2. Follow up w ith landlords
3. Pick up e's envelope, take to Sedamsville
4. Talk to P about landlord project
5. Return phone calls
6. Library
7. Home/work out/ stir fry with tofu for dinner
8. Read "The Drunkard's Walk"


Kayla, Wednesday

1. Find an appropriate outfit
2. Emails/ voicemail
3. Take E's going away present envelope to PAC
4. Foreclosure flyers
5. Meeting with ally
6. Site meeting
7. Meeting to talk about mural content and style
8. Meeting with client about budget, rent payment plan
9. Civic Meeting in Sedamsville
10. Meet Donnie to eat some pizza


Pacer, Saturday

Donnie blows the competition out of the water!

Kayla finishes the Price Hill Pacer--Donnie was nice enough to join me at the chute!

Donnie, Tuesday

1. Slept way too late! 9 a.m--I still don't feel like I have gotten back into any kind of rhythm after traveling this weekend.

2. Jogged 4 miles

3. Read outside for a couple.

4. Wrote 1,500--Getting Closer!

5. Worked on revision of "Halloween"

6. Write up application for School Board Fellowship

7. Workout at Ault Park 1K loop X 10

8. Patty Dinner

9. Roundtable discussion with Charlie Rose and Kayla

Kayla, Tuesday

1. 8:00 meeting at the United Way
2. Foreclosure flyer-ing
3. Sign ally contract
4. Follow up with 4-5 landlords and tenants
5. Make sure a going away card gets in the collection plate for E
6. Visit market-rate tenants to talk about homebuyer training
7. Home/ Work out/ Walk Zo
8. Dinner: salmon patties and mac and cheese? pasta with red peppers? stir fry?

*For the first time in MONTHS i did not watch jon and kate on a monday. I was too tired to listen to screaming children.


Donnie, Monday

1. Rush to work
2. Home for a quick lunch, and also I will let Zola out.
3. Cross my fingers that the last half of the day isn't a disaster.
4. Eat those tacos.
5. Recount the wedding; feel really lucky to have my sweet.

Kayla, Monday

1. Green space walking tour
2. Follow up with clients from Tenant Ed
3. Figure out a going away present for E
4. Reconcile advance checks
5. Partners meeting at 4:00
6. Home/ work out/ walk Zo
7. Veggie tacos for dinner
8. Hear all about the wedding!


Kayla, Sunday

1. Laundry
2. Grocery
3. Cleaning
4. Exercise
5. Cooking
6. Read


Kayla, Saturday


Done List:
1. Ran the Pacer. I must comment. At 24:30 I was 25th out of 52. Which means about half of the participants did better than me and half did worse. I was the fourth woman finisher. But my mile average was under eight minutes so even if everybody had beat me I would still feel good about it. Donnie was first out of everybody. yay!

2. Taught Tenant Education class. We had more people than ever before--15. It may have been too many. I'm exhausted and do not miss teaching first grade.
3. Cleaned up after my students.

To Do List:
1. zone out
2. Maybe Maggie will invite me over to see her new apartment sometime in the future?


Kayla, Friday

1. E's last day at work :-(
2. Take all my Tenant Ed stuff to Price Hill Will
3. Make a few more reminder calls (people that I had talked to Wednesday that it would have been weird to call and remind on Thursday)
4. Leftover lunch at PAC
5. Enter Housing Goals and data analysis (I know, I was going to do it yesterday)
6. Take a couple books back to the library, pick up my holds
7. Reds game with co-workers


Kayla, Thursday

1. Work on Housing Goals data
2. Talk to client about apartments
3. Make reminder calls for class
4. Put together booklets, notebooks, charts
5. United Way Kickoff meeting
6. Meet with client
7. Home to work out
8. Back to Sedamsville for Housing Committee meeting
9. Home again for a lovely dinner

Donnie, Thursday

1. Q: So what happened to yesterday?

2. Writing! Hopefully at least 1 grand
3. Read some more of "The Baby Tree"
4. Work
5. Cook the dinner
6. Jeopardy! Solo with a calculator--hopefully I can beat the Canadian.
7. Dinner with Kayla


Kayla, Wednesday

1. Bind Tenant Ed books
2. Work on data
3. Edit website
4. Meet with two clients
5. Work out
6. Dinner and Jeopardy
7. Read


Donnie, Tuesday

1. It is way too hot and humid!
2. Run
3. Cool off

Kayla, Tuesday

1. Housing Team meeting
2. Meet with two clients
3. Put together packets for tonight's Housing Forum
4. Apartment list for client
5. Letter to absentee owner
6. Email bad landlord's name and number to O.V.
7. Look up 648 Neave
8. Follow up on 654 Neave
9. Follow up with real estate agent
10. Pick up van--pay J for Red's tickets
11. Hopefully drive a van full of people to the Housing Forum


Kayla, Monday

1. Edit AAC newsletter, send for first draft changes
2. Follow up on Resident Association newsletter
3. Prep for Community Council
4. Start making copies for Tenant Education booklet
5. Help T pay his rent and electricity bill
6. Talk to client's landlord
7. Pay Sharon back for the chip dip
8. Lunch with Kurt
9. Take back books to library
10. Get materials together for CPOP meeting
11. CPOP and Community Council until about 8:30
12. Home just in time for Jon and Kate


Kayla, Saturday

1. Laundry (we made it two weeks!)
2. Finish draft of AAC newsletter
3. Planning meeting for LPH day
4. Grocery


Kayla, Friday

1. Make myself presentable
2. Present myself at work
3. Meet with client
4. P's going away party (I'm supposed to present some chips...)
5. Work on Tenant Ed book
6. Send individual building lists out to all housing committee members
7. Bank
8. Home/ work out tape/ take Zola out
9. Buy one get one at Jersey Mike's woohoo!
10. Take our subs to the park and enjoy the view?
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