Kayla, Wednesday

1. Having an extra hour in the morning makes a huge difference. So far I have: jogged Zola 2 miles, vacuumed the whole apartment, washed dishes, cleaned the cat box.
2. Meeting at the United Way at 10:00 to learn data input method for United Way Reporting
3. Follow up about Sedamsville buildings
4. Start making list of Section 8 Tenants
5. Client follow up
6. Work on LPH homeowner list
7. 1:00 Site Meeting
8. 2:00-3:00 United Way Reporting
9. Home/ work out
10. Heat up the spinach rice casserole I made on Sunday
11. Start first draft of Adopt A Class newsletter

1 comment:

Donnie said...

Wow! You are BUSY.

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