Kayla, Friday

This is a new one for me... I'm going to make my to-do-list the day BEFORE. No one has ever accused me of being a procrastinator, that's for sure!! (Really this is an excuse to take a break from editing press releases--ugh--for a minute...)

1. Run in the A.M.
2. Work at 10:00
3. Update data, client follow-up
4. Take back my library books and get donuts and juice for Helping Hands
5. Print out Helping Hands project lists, surveys, etc.
6. Bind my Tenant Books that I made today (three cheers for our new copier at work which allows me to copy all 30 books, double sided and collated, without having to do ANYTHING but stick the pages in the slot and punch in the number 30--woohoo!!)
7. Go to my other office (cubicle) to do a bit of AAC work--follow up on press releases, adopter updates, etc.
8. Leave at 2:30 to get my hair cut at Aveda
9. The night will be young and my hair will be short!


Kayla and Donnie said...

I am worried about #9; specifically, the second half,and to a lesser extent the first,which, combined seem to suggest the possibility you may partake in the excessive consumption of fermented grape drinks of the red and white variety while having a short and stylish hairdo. This is troubling because I don't know how many more photo shoots our computer can sustain.

Maggie said...

haha, I thought #9 sounded promising for our weekly entertainment!!

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