Kayla, Wed-Thurs.

1. aching
2. dozing
3. coughing
4. reading
5. sleeping
6. coughing
7. sneezing
8. sleeping


Donnie, Tuesday

1. Get some stuff done for Teaching College Writing
2. Grade a couple papers
3. Get packing
4. stop feeling stressed
5. do my workout
6. relax!
7. a little more work
8. greet Kay and help her rest

Kayla, Tuesday

1. Housing team meeting
2. Follow up with clients
3. Prepare for tomorrow's building walk
4. Fill out 401k papers
5. Work on Safe and Clean Grant
6. Drink plenty of fluids
7. Bed rest


Donnie, Monday

1. Complete blog post (argh!) not this blog post

2. Transcribe a story I have already written

3. I need a nap

4. Go to work

5. Go to Earth Drummers meeting

6. Come home and crash.

7. Watch those adorable kids.

8. Enjoy Kay Kay's company and hope her fever has gone down

Kayla, Monday

1. Paperwork
2. Eviction counseling
3. Budget counseling
4. Lunch
5. Grant writing
6. Send out reminders for Wednesday's building walk
7. Appetizers and drinks for Em's belated b-day
8. Cook some dinner and wait for Donnie to get home
9. j+k+8!

Throughout: monitor my lingering fever


Kayla, Friday

1. Plan for early next week
2. Start putting together Helping Hands list/ calling homeowners
3. Start taking some notes for the KCB Grant
4. Eat some veggie patties
5. Take two referrals
6. Leave early(!)
7. Try to replicate the best haircut ever at Aveda
8. Workout for the first time in awhile
9. Shower, get dressed
10. Pick Donnie up from work, grab some dinner

Donnie, Friday

1. Attend practicum.
2. Hit the mill and then get some lunch
3. Hope that I am "defogged" after jogging, because my head really hurts.
4. Head to work at the spot.
5. Hope that Kay found my cell?
6. Get picked up and maybe get some soup?
7. Sleep.


Kayla, Thursday

1. Service contracts with Community Service kiddos
2. Pizza party at Oyler
3. Meeting with Building Department to implement a standard operating procedure for tenant complaints
4. Paperwork, tenant follow-up
5. Go home, let the dog out
6. Donnie's reading at UC! Yay, that's exciting!

Donnie, Thursday

1. Finish crits
2. Take Zola out...CRY BABY!
3. Shower
4. Dress
5. Pack running gear
6. Take bus to UC
7. Head for the rec center
8. Hit the mill- 8 miles
9. Hit Wendy's- 2 Crispy Chicks
10. Workshop, hand in--discuss stories
11. Call Wait for Kay to call and meet her in the roundabout
12. Go to the reading
13. read, "A Letter From James" with confidence
14. Catch up with my love! Its been too long.


Kayla, Wednesday (already!)

1. Check emails, respond
2. Work on minutes from last night's Lower Price Hill Housing Committee, follow up.
3. Lunch for K.'s b-day. Julia's, the Mexican place in Delhi, or some Middle Eastern buffet downtown--make up your mind already!!!!
4. Site meeting over enchiladas or whatever you eat at a middle eastern buffet--olives?
5. Fashion some sort of chart for my Oyler Service Learning group. I thought a point system would be too complicated, but it's becoming very necessary. I leave thinking who the heck was R. and did he pick up any trash today?
6. Keep Cincinnati Beautiful grant application meeting with CPOP and the community school.
7. Agenda 360 at Price Hill Chili. How you do you spell chili in Cincinnati? Chilli? Chili? Chilly? I don't think it's the same as in New Mexico.


Donnie, Tuesday

1. Blog post to comp blog.

2. I might warmup with a short story but nothing too pious sounding.

3. Write

4. Eat Lunch/Gradebook

5. Working on critiques

6. Practice reading "A Letter From James"

7. Working on critiques

8. Reading

9. Household chores

10. Earth Drummers Practice

11. Chill out with Kay Kay

Kayla, Monday

1. 9:00 Meet with our Director
2. 10:00 Housing Team Meeting
3. 11:00 Put together list of properties for H., call Council about landlord citations for criminal activity of tenants, call client's landlord about stopping eviction, drop off bus tokens for client going to appointment, prepare for Housing Committee meeting.
4. 12:30 Oyler Service Learning planning meeting.
5. 2:30 Meet with N. to discuss grant opportunties.
6. 6:00 Lower Price Hill Housing Committee
7. 6:45 Price Hill Will community meeting
8. 8:00 Stuff envelopes for Adopt a Class


Kayla, MLK Day

1. Reformat Master Information Sheets for Adopt A Class, send to Portland.
2. Develop v-cards for all adopters by school.
3. Email a save the date to adopters, principals, team leaders about the Annual Breakfast.
4. Work on Adopt A Class email update for February.
5. Play a couple rounds of spider solitaire.
6. Ignore phone calls. I'm in the office, but I'm not, it's a holiday!
7. Wendys for lunch, or else some frozen veggie patties.
8. Meet with B. at 3:00.
9. Biggest Loser sculpt session.
10. If it's not FREEZING I might take Zo for a brief jog.
11. Work on dinner
12. Monday night is Jon and Kate!

MLK Day, Donnie

1. Work on chapter 1
2. go for an 8 mile run, somewhere
3. Type one critique
4. Go to work at the spot
5. Take the bus home
6. Have a hot dinner and hot cook waiting for me
7. Watch a show about multiple births
8. Stay up a little late to work on new ideas for "A Letter From James"


Kayla, Saturday

1. Stay pissed at Zola for eating the gold ring on my necklace.
2. Hope that someone from Susan Fleming Jewelry returns my email about replacement parts.
3. Clean: counters, floors, make beds, general tidying.
4. Exercise: Jog, weights. Zola can stay home and think about her behavior.
5. Shower
6. Read
7. Beat Mags in Monopoly!


Kayla, Friday

1. Learn how to drive one of those big white vans that holds many passengers or in this case 2 filing cabinets.
3. Work on data for 2007.
4. Send out agenda for housing committee meeting next Tuesday.
5. Take client to look at apartment.
6. Meet other client to talk about avoiding eviction.
7. Take a picture of the skyline from the incline.
8. Go home, walk dog, exercise.
9. Pick D up at work, get some takeout, maybe a movie?

Donnie, Friday-Sunday

1. Make my weekend better than my Friday morning


Thursday, Message

Donnie, Thursday

1. There are days when only one item needs to be accomplished: I hope that by the end of tonight, you can go to bed feeling better about your days, realizing all that you do and the positive impact that it has. Maybe its just a well prepared dinner that you need, and I would be happy to prepare one; or maybe you need someone to rinse the knives off and put them in the dishwasher, I can do that--despite a shotty track record. Whatever it takes.





Kayla, Thursday

1. Work up the courage to put on work clothes and drive in that direction
2. Look for a career counselor
3. Meet with B. about LPH housing committee
4. Debrief from yesterday's unbelievably horrible "dialogue"
5. Oyler group in the snow/rain ugh
6. Work on data from last year
7. ew do i have to leave the house today?

yesterday was not a good day.


Kayla, Wednesday

1. 11:00: Resident Association had a great turnout! Raffles and food are apparently the way to get people out of their apartments.
2. 1:00: Site meeting. Bring up having a place for the ladies to play Canasta during the day.
3. 3:15: Try to get the projector and Power Point to work.
4. 4:00: Meeting with building department about problem properties. Hopefully Kurt is there to present--my diplomacy skills are still a work in progress.
5. 5:00: Done by then? Go home and exercise, make dinner.
6. 8:00: Read, hang out with my love.

Donnie, Wednesday

Things I have yet to do today...

1. Finish Mavala

2. Finish teaching book

3. Write a little bit

4. Tell my sweet about an interesting connection between teaching and renting.

5. Attend teaching class.

6. Run on the mill.

7. Take the bus home.

8. Find something good to eat.


Tuesday, Donnie

1. First, I made a to do list, using paper and pen.

2. The list that I made--somewhat optomistic--began to grate on my mind like it was cheese.

3. I started writing a new story, that has an unfortunately complicated structure, and has nothing to do with my novel, and will probably not even turn out that good.

4. I have read my section of Mavala Shikongo for today.

5. I really, need to write a critique to Peter and Søren.

6. I realy need to work on my novel.

7. I really wish you were here, so I could give you a compliment, or (you could give me) a hug.

Kayla, Wednesday Afternoon

1. Economic Development Committee
2. Meet with client to work out deposit payment plan
3. YPKC Housing Committee
4. Tube


Kayla, Monday Afternoon

1. Things I have done so far: attempted to post at 9:30, was blocked; deleted hundreds of old emails; team meeting; sat at the front desk; tenant follow-up; lunch while checking new emails, responding; waited for grant writer, she never showed up; paid my phone bill; repeatedly ran my tongue over my chipped tooth; looked up how to spell tongue--it's not tounge.
2. Things I have left to do: client meeting at 3:45; partners meeting when that is finished--i'll be late; exercise/ walk dog; make dinner, pasta?; watch the cuties on tube; 4 compliments to go; stop tongue-ing my tooth.

Donnie, Monday

1. Class
2. Reading/Meeting
3. Running at rec center (6 miles)
4. catch 1:15 bus home
5. catch 2:45 bus to O'bryonville
6. work until 7
7. catch 7:05 bus home
8. probably J&K+8
9. 2 hours of writing before bed
10. 4 more (genuine) compliments for Kay Kay


Kay, Fri.

1. Read Housing Committee proposal
2. Figure out delivery of resident association newsletters
3. Work on Power Point for meeting with building department next week
4. Wish Em good bye and good luck :-(
5. Come home early (hopefully!)
6. Run
7. Find something veg. at Nada
8. WICKED with my sweet


Don Don, Thursday

1. Today I have already spent the morning writing, more specifically, creating options for Chapter 1 and how it will open.

1.5. I love Kay Kay

2. Next, I will go and run towards Mariemont for a total distance of 10-12 miles.

3. When I return, there will be situps, and leg-lifts, and squats.

4. Fourthly, lunch will be prepared, a small feast for a tiny man.

5. When the blood is well circulated, I will return to that first chapter, and draft three options for the middle segment.

6. I will board the bus heading towards the University-- never fast enough-- possibly listen to music, more possibly spy on conversations.

7. Seated in workshop I will receive stories to read, lessons to learn, and a syllabus.

8. I might purchase food and alcohol. I might take the bus home, at 7:44.

9. Ninth, I should probably plan a bit for class tomorrow.


Kay, Wed.

1. Post office
2. Kinkos
3. Home Depot
4. Check out project on W. 8th
5. Site meeting
6. Jog Dog
7. Do a boot camp exercise
8. Read The Old Neighborhood by that notso attractive man
9. Make some dinner--Thai?
10. Gather grad school info


Don, Tues

1. Read Composition Theory
2. Write Novel
3. Plan Class
4. Do Laundry
5. Make Lunch
6. Go To Work
7. Earth Drummer Practice
8. Multi-Task (Biggest Loser and Tree Of Smoke)

Kayla, Tuesday

1. Do some research on impaction ordinances and fair share laws
2. Find out about the grant informational session that might be tonight?
3. Print letter, send out letter to Sedamsville homeowners with info about volunteer groups
4. Housing Team Meeting
5. Legal Aid strategizing meeting
6. Help P. move
7. Straighten out my student loans
8. Information session on safe and clean grant if i wrote the date down correctly, (see #2)
9. Put on my potato sack
10. Feel guilty about watching Biggest Loser Couples


Donnie, Monday(s)

1. Teach Comp

2. Office hours (reading for class)

3. Take the bus home

4. Write Fiction

5. Go Running

6. Tuna Caserole (self prepared)

7. Greet my love, I missed her

8. Watch something about little people, or multiple births

Kayla, Monday Afternoon

1. Work on agenda for LPH housing committee meeting
2. Update building complaints sheet
3. Update master list of tenant complaints
4. Write letter to homeowners about Sedamsville Helping Hands
5. Copy Invest in Neighborhoods form for civic
6. Copy email from Building Department to read at Council
7. Lower Price Hill Community Problem Oriented Policing meeting
8. Lower Price Hill Community Council
9. Jon and Kate plus 8!!


Donnie, Friday

1. Everything on Kay Kay's chore list

2. Chapter 1 writing

3. Winter Quarter Planning

4. Blog reading

5. Erie Avenue ice jogging

6. Shoe Fitting

7. Indian Food Eating? Monopoly Dominating?

Kayla, Friday

1. Type up projects for Helping Hands tomorrow, track down supplies or buy some new ones
2. Work on resident association newsletter
3. Petition Grand Ave.
4. Make D a replacement house key
5. Help take down the office Christmas Tree
6. Take Zo on a jog, lift some weights
7. Takeout indian and maybe some monopoly?


Kayla, Thursday

1. Research Coachella Valley Housing Coalition and the National Low Income Housing Coalition
2. Work on resident association newsletter
3. Call Kinkos about mailing list for housing brochure
4. Petition Grand Ave.
5. Find some (indoor!) home improvement projects for Saturday's group
6. Go to the bank, maybe stop home and let Zo out
7. Take client to sign lease at apartment
8. Sedamsville Building Committee
9. Catch the end of "Sextuplets Turn 12" on TLC
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