Donnie, Thursday

1. Clean up all the dog poop in the yard and bag the yard waste
2. Sweep the floors, including using the extension hose to get the edges of the carpet
3. Finish the taxes
4. Walk the dog
5. Do the dishes
6. Make a few meals for the freezer
7. Sharpen the knives
8. Clean inside the microwave
9. Apply for some jobs on the "The Ladders"
10. Watch "Little Miss Perfect" and rub my wife's feet all night


Maggie said...

How did you tick her off?

Donnie said...

It was Zola's fault--she puked on the floor.

Kay said...

Just to set the record straight... I posted this list. I didn't think I would actually come home and there would be yard waste bags at the curb and the vacuum out! Woo hoo! Go Donnie!!

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