Kayla, Weekend

1. Do a shootload of stuff for Adopt A Class
2. Laundry
3. Workout
4. Do the March budget
5. Make these meals: quiche, enchiladas, spinach casserole for next week
6. Run the Molly Malone race on Sunday
7. Clean
8. Finish taxes w/Donnie (okay, watch him do them while I learn)
9. Finish the second half of "W."
10. Clean out the top half of my closet
11. Drop off clothes at Goodwill


Donnie, Wednesday

1. Taught
2. Jameson of the Frederick variety.
3. ROPES discussion
4. Finish abstract!
5. (Re)write desert story
6. Begin Blind Assassin
7. Find something else to do

Kayla, Wednesday

1. Cagis training
2. Two things I was supposed to do yesterday: get housing appointments for clients and housing committee follow up
3. Talk to K @ PHW about CATS
4. Site meeting at 1:00
5. Meet with the woman who started the failed co-op in LPH
6. Home at 5:00 for once
7. Work out for the first time in 3 days
8. Indian from a box for dinner
9. Catch up on some AAC stuff


Kayla, Tuesday

1. Follow up emails from last night's meeting
2. Cancel Brickstone Hearing
3. Get my jury duty paperwork signed and turned in
4. Make some housing appointments for client
5. Housing Committee follow up
6. Team Meeting at 9:30
7. Set up housing mediation at 10:30
8. Two Public Ally 3-ways this afternoon
9. Make calls for nominating committee of Community Council
10. Working In Neighborhoods Housing Forum
11. Home late

Donnie, Tuesday

1. Write--Even if its just for a few minutes.
2. Collect my things: Forgetting L's Wife, 2 articles,Blind Assassin, 3 stories,Rabbit is Rich, notebook.
3. Off to UC to discuss my essay- 10:30
4. 11:00-12:30- Read 2 articles
5. 1:00-3:45- Lead discussion on Rabbit is Rich
6. 4:00-5:30- Home/Dog/Walk/Rock/Roll
7. 6:00- Dinner with M.Harries
8. 8:00- ROPES lecture
9. 10:00- Put class together for tomorrow.
11. Finish my story while I sleep.


Donnie, Monday

1. Taught
2. Read Updike essays
3. Need to finish my abstract, which means I need to start my readings; which means, I need to overcome this wave of exhaustion that has swept over me in the last hour.
4. After the abstract I should work on my story.
5. I am going to run around 5pm.
6. Go and see Lauren Groff read at 7pm.
7. More writing/reading--tomorrow is an even busier day!

Kayla, Monday

1. Take client to housing appointment
2. Teach budgeting at shelter
3. Return a bunch of phone calls I missed Friday afternoon
4. Check to make sure United Way updates cleared
5. Meet to talk about organizing project
6. Restorative Justice roundtable
7. Get our book signed by Lauren Groff at Joseph Beth
8. Home for dinner



Donnie, Thursday

1. Critiques
2. Rabbit is RICH
3. Writing Time
3.5- Thursday Clean
4. Grade some student papers
5. Go to workshop and get critiqued--hopefully not scorched.
6. Drinks with the workshop?

Kayla, Wakin up early again

1. Adopt A Class breakfast
2. Work at 9:30ish
3. Call tenants about Saturday's TUT offensive meeting
4. Follow up on some client calls
5. Work on data
6. Prep for tenant ed at Interfaith
7. Home to work out--finally! and reheat a rotini/brocoli casserole
8. Read the Samaritan's Dilemma in the bathtub (sorry Maggie, The Reef has been temporarily shelved)


Donnie, Wednesday

1. Student Conferences
2. Respond to Lot's Wife
3. Attend class
4. Continue Dangerous Husband
5. Critique student's paper
6. Critique Christian's story
7. Work on my own story
8. Head home and maybe jog Zola for a couple
9. Get back to grading papers.
10. Great Kayla after her town hall meeting.

Kayla, Wednesday

1. Find some coffee ASAP as I had to be at my AAC job at the ungodly hour of 7:30
2. Now that I'm at real work I need to:
-Type housing committee minutes
-Contact housing provider for client
-Make flyer for "best budgeters" class, email to financial stability group
-Update 211 profile for housing program
-Write a half-pager for the LPH newsletter about help for homeowners
3. Site meeting at 1:00
4. Town Hall-style meeting at Elder tonight to meet new elected representatives


Donnie, Tuesday

1. Finish another chapter on spectatorship as it relates to Lot's Wife and film
2. Email professor about paper idea
3. Attend class to discuss Atwood
4. Meet with professor?
5. Read Dangerous Husband--I'm amazed at how similar my reaction to this book is on my second reading--I still don't like it.
6. Grade student essays
7. Work on story revision for Blue Mesa Review contest
8. one critique
9. Tonight will be a late night

Kayla, Tuesday

1. Send out reminder for housing committee tonight
2. Prep for housing committee
3. Housing Team meeting at 9:30
(get rent check from bank)
5. Financial Stability meeting at Price Hill Will at 2:00
(take books back to library)
6. Client follow-up
(see if I have jury duty tomorrow)
7. LPH Housing Committee at 6:00
8. Home for egg casserole on corn tortillas


Donnie, Monday

1. Conferences with students
2. Lunch with Kay, Don, and Jan
3. Back to work (Response to the Handmaid's Tale, Research, Grading)
4. Short jog #2
5. The Dangerous Husband by Shapiro
6. Critiques.
7. Take some time to work on my writing.


Donnie, Friday

1. Finish the Handmaid's Tale--Atwood's best so far--I still have the Blind Assassin.
2. Read Song of Songs
3. Draft Song of Songs outline
4. I'm going to work on a story--Atwood gave me a great line: A movie about the past is not the same as the past.
5. I need to grade some papers
6. I will have a collection of Atwood's short stories waiting when I get home and I will read two of them.
7. Head to Whole Foods for the wine tasting*
8. More grading*

*I'm so proud of Kayla for setting ambitious goals on her to-do list

*I will continue grading only if I only drink what the Whole Foods staff pours

Kayla, Friday

1. Cancel Wednesday's resident association meeting
2. Schedule Sedamsville meeting with residents and staff
3. Reply to email about development in Sedamsville
4. Call client about housing hearing
5. Call client wanting housing information
6. Put Tenant Ed stuff in car
7. Check my AAC email--see if there's any reason to go in
8. Anybody tasting wine?? My goal is to only drink what the Whole Foods staff pour for me. Nothing else!!


Kayla, Wednesday

1. Update client database for long term outcomes
2. Review Strategic Plan to move forward
3. All-staff lunch
4. Make some calls
5. Home around 4:00 to work out
6. Back to Sedamsville for the Civic meeting
7. Home around 8:30 for Spinach Casserole



Donnie, Tuesday

1. Finished The Coup--Updike's best work, in my humble opinion--I need to read The Centaur.
2. Finished Foucault article on Governmentality--eh
3. Tuesday Clean
4. Read another dense article
5. Finish critiques
6. Read a few CR submissions
7. Busy day--Class--workshop--lecture--home*

*sorry for the solo dinner :(

Kayla, Tuesday

1. Get directions to Wyoming, Ohio
2. Housing Team Meeting at 9:30
3. Leave for Lebanon at 10:30
4. Lunch at the Golden Lamb with the resorative justice group and the permanent supportive housing developer
5. Get out LPH Housing Committee agenda
6. Return phone calls from yesterday
7. Check to see if I have to report for jury duty tomorrow
8. Admire my beautiful new shoessssssss!!!!!
9. Solo dinner


Donnie, Monday

What the record will state.
On this day, February 9th, 2009 Donald Leroy Warner III...

1. Taught
2. Wrote critiques
3. walked to the coffee shop to finish the Coup
4. came home to type a response.
5. read two articles
6. began research
7. attempted to run on a swollen Achilles
8. attended an Earth Drummer's meeting
9. Ate Indian food.
10. Wrote 1,000 words of creative fiction about a group of people who can't leave their home because of some strange phenomenon occurring outside.

Kayla, Monday

1. Fulfill my civic duty as a Hamilton County Juror...
2. ... or sit around and wait all day
3. Home/ work out/ Indian and zuchs for dinner


Donnie, Thursday

Cut Up

Kayla, Thursday

1. Quick Team Meeting
2. Clean out inbox
3. Return voicemails
4. Prepare for Sedamsville Building Committee
5. Make Agenda for LPH Housing Committee meeting
6. Home early to work out/ back to Sedamsville
7. Meeting until 8:00
8. Home to have leftover bean soup


Donnie, Wednesday

1. Taught a lackluster class
2. Reading until noon
3. Class until 3
4. Workout
5. Head home
6. Read 3 stories and comment
7. Last touches on "Performance Enhancing"

Kayla, Wednesday

another snow day...WHAT?

I went to the permit office and they were working. I guess everything else on my schedule can be crossed off... This is frustrating.


Donnie, Tuesday

Title: No Time to Waste
Author: Donald Leroy Warner III

1. He begins his day by reading "Bluebeards's Egg" by Margaret Atwood.
2. The stack of student papers frightens him so he grades three at a time, hoping this quota is manageable.
3. Flicks of snow in the window beckon him to join their momentary existence, outside; he runs.
4. Alas, the stack remains--three more papers.
5. The book he pries open declares the Gulf War never happened. His head hurts.
6. Sniffed by the dog, he realizes that the shower awaits him!
7. He ponders what class will hold for him.
8. If the snow cometh he will run from home.
9. His is a story inside of a story and that story (the one on the inside) needs to be finished by Thursday; tonight he will work until the end is clear.


Donnie, Monday

1. Sorry for my lack of posts the last few days--my computer froze.
2. Surfacing Response
3. Seven Hills Letter
4. Reading-- How Hysterical! by Runions
5. Writing my story
6. Preparing Seven Hills application @ home
7. Running
8. Writing some more and preparing a brick oven pizza
9. Writing some more

Kayla, Monday

1. Call Homeownership Center again
2. Update address with license bureau
3. Start prepping for Helping Hands
4. Meet with client
5. Prepare for Community Council meeting
6. Restorative Justice meeting
7. Community Council until late!
8. Jon and Kate and Pizza!
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