Kayla, Thursday

1. Resent Housing Platform
2. Print out Helping Hands info/ sign in sheet
3. Follow up with clients
4. Shop for Helping Hands picnic/drop off supplies at Bakers'
5. Run with Kurt?
6. AAC at 4:00
7. Home, more AAC
8. Walk Zo (#2)
9. Shrimp Casserole for Dinner

Shrimp Casserole Recipe
*I got this from Kelly's Korner Blog http://www.kellyskornerblog.com/ but adapted it by adding more rice and veggies and cutting the shrimp in half.

You need:
2 Green peppers
2 Onions
3-6 Garlic Cloves
1 package fresh mushrooms (I like Baby Bellas)
1 box wild rice mix (with the seasoning packet)
2 cups regular cooked brown rice (cooked in steamer)
1/3 pound frozen cooked shrimp
1 can condensed cream of mushroom soup
1 block of sharp cheddar cheese (grated)

1. Cook package rice according to box at the same time, cook brown rice in steamer. You've got two different kinds of rice going. Theoretically, you could use 3 packages of wild rice or 3 cups of plain brown rice--but I like the combination. Any rice will do.
2. Chop peppers and onion and stir fry in butter until soft, add garlic and fresh mushrooms at the end of cooking
3. Defrost shrimp by running hot water over it
4. When rice is finished, stir together both kinds of rice, peppers, onions, mushrooms, garlic, and shrimp. Add the can of cream of mushroom soup. Stir well.
5. Stir in half of the grated cheddar cheese.
6. Butter a large casserole dish. Pour in rice, veggie, shrimp mixture. Sprinkle the remaining cheddar on top.
7. Bake for about 30 minutes on 325-350.
8. I like to make this ahead of time and freeze for later in the week. When I do that, I only bake for 10 minutes, just to set. The rest of the baking can be done on the day you eat it.


Donnie, Wednesday

1. Class
2. Hours with actual people
3. Home
4. I will write.
5. I will send students practice problems.
6. My fingers will be crossed.
7. Back to UC for meeting with R. and then class.
8. Avoid the swine-f
9. Home
10. Run
11. I take it we are having people food?

Kayla, Wednesday

1. Try to stay busy
2. Couple follow-ups
3. Run (1 mile warm up, fast/slow, fast/slow, fast/slow, cool down)
4. Adopt A Class
5. People Food for dinner (sorry Donnie!)

People Food Recipe (In case you're curious):

Garlic (about 5 cloves)
2 onions (white or yellow)
Bag of Frozen Veggies
3 cups brown rice cooked in steamer
5 eggs
Thai Seasoning
Soy Sauce

1. Chop garlic and onions. Fry in olive oil until soft.
2. Scramble eggs (salt and pepper if desired). Pour over onion and garlic. Cook thoroughly.
3. Boil frozen veggies for a couple minutes until defrosted. Drain water. Add cooked rice. Stir together veggies, rice, and soy sauce.
4. Add egg and onion mixture to the rice and veggies.
5. Season with Thai Seasoning, or your own favorite spices (I like cumin).
6. Choke down the people food while watching Jeopardy. It's tasty, but we have it so often it's lost its appeal.
7. Freeze leftovers (there will be quite a bit leftover) for future lunches.


Kayla, Tuesday

1. Clean up inbox
2. Housing Team meeting at 9:30
3. Take pictures of buildings at 11:30
4. Follow up with potential homebuyers
5. Try to finish up Helping Hands project list--call homeowners
6. Rue De Main with Maggie


Kayla, Monday

I think I need to change the title of this blog to "One Do-List"
1. Touch base with Nick about Helping Hands
2. Work on RFP: reword Total Community Response and Best Practice research
3. Study up for Homelessness Coalition meeting
4. Meeting from 2:00-4:00
5. Probably come home right after
6. Run 5miles
7. Quiche for dinner

Donnie, Monday

1. Class 9-10
2. The Hours 10-11
3. Home for lunch 11:15-11:45
4. Reflection Paper 11:45-12:15
5. Get ready to rock- 12:15-1:00
6. roll-1:00
7. Present 1:30-?
8. I am going to need a shower after that...
9. Spot until 7pm
10. When was I making that quiche?
11. Run a few...


Kayla, Friday

Ran my 3 miles, walked Zo

Santa Maria To Do:
Read the Homelessness Prevention Binder?
Tour Homes at Hillside w/potential buyer

Adopt A Class To Do:
Update Adopters
Print Agenda and Event Schedule
Meet with Bill

Home To Do:
Walk Zo again
Pizza for dinner


Kayla, Thursday

Ummm... I have nothing to do.


Kayla, Wednesday

-Take care of all my email to-dos
-Follow up on Housing Forum (thank yous are in order!)

-Latino organizing meeting
-Site meeting
-Client updates

-Volunteer Dinner
-Home late
-More Northern Lights


Kayla, Tuesday

1. My inbox is a MESS!
2. Housing Team Meeting at 9:30
3. Lunch with Barb at 11:30
4. Confirm agenda w/Sedamsville
5. Copy check request
6. Make UW RFP changes
7. WIN Housing Forum at 6:30
8. Home late
9. Scrounge some dinner
10. Northern Lights


Kayla, Monday

1. Went to Green Acres for AAC meeting--it was awesome!!!!!
2. Revise Housing Platform of Needs for tomorrow's meeting--other prep
3. Schedule Eye Appointment and pay car bill
4. Client call back, updates
5. All Staff meeting from 12:30-2:00
6. Frost my cake
7. Meet with client
8. Home/ work out/ salad for dinner/ AAC stuff
9. Read Northern Lights--LOVE IT!

Donnie, Monday ( I wish it was a fun day)

1. Class
2. Hours
3. Straight to the Spot (ah!)
4. 7:00 pm done with work go for run
5. 8:00 pm eat dinner--don't wait for me
6. 8:30-10:30 writing time


Kayla, Friday

1. Ran 3
2. Jogged Zo 2
3. Took care of my AAC email
4. Went to the bank
5. Now at work
6. Work for an hour or so
7. Go to Adopt A Class
8. Drews on the River if Emily can go


Kayla, Thursday

1. Client at 10:00
2. Latino Housing meeting at 11:00
3. Lunch at Taco Casa with Joyce at 12:30
4. Interview MSJ student worker at 3:00
5. Client at 4:00
6. Between appointments: follow ups, work with DAAP intern on her research, clean out inbox, prep for TUT meeting.
7. Home/ work out/ pasta and red peppers for dinner
8. AAC work
9. Finish the last three pages of the Poisonwood Bible


Donnie Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

1. Usually I wake up and drink coffee/listen to NPR
2. If it is M or W, then I go to class
2a. If it is T/Th I read online newspapers and get ready to write
3. Lunch
3a.Today I will practice driving to the place of my interview tomorrow.
4. Today I will visit Maggie and purchase a gray tie.
4a. Usually, I would be at home getting ready to run.
5. Go to class
5a. If it was Tuesday, I wouldn't have class
6. Come home and run with Reis
6a. Yesterday, I ran by myself, twice.
7. Practice interviewing with a tough cookie.
7a. We practiced last night.
7b. She was still tough
7c. Then we watched the Reds game.


Kayla, Tuesday

1. Team Meeting 9:30
2. Financial Education Meeting at UW at 11:00
3. Lunch quickly
4. Price Hill Money Matters Meeting at 1:30
5. Reschedule 5:00 appointment
6. LPH Housing Committee Planning at 6:00


Kayla, Monday

1. Follow up from Tenant Ed
2. Meet with client, schedule 2 clients
3. Can get my "weekly" stuff done today: surveys and photos
4. Interview Mount St. Joe student for summer job, call another one to schedule interview
5. Prep for my 4 meetings tomorrow
6. Fill in the blanks on grant application
7. See if "Outliers" found its way to the Price Hill Library
8. Home/ work out/ dinner
9. Adopt A Class work


Donnie, Friday

1. Class
2. Las horas
3. Read Marble Faun to page 100
4. Write
5. Run with Kayla 3-5 miles and then 3-5 on my own
6. Awakenings? Continue Slumberland


Kayla, Thursday

1. Get ready for Job Fair
2. Call new client
3. Work on grant
4. Prep for tenant ed
5. Get info for financial ed meeting tomorrow
6. Client follow-up put in indicator measures
7. Ew still feel sick-ish


Kayla, Wednesday

1. Prep for presentation tomorrow
2. Latino Organizing meeting at 12:30
3. Site meeting at 1:00
4. Conference call at 2:00
5. Client follow-up
6. Home for a run
7. Back to Sedamsville for Civic Meeting
8. Home late

Donnie, Wednesday

1. Class! 9-9:50
2. Grade quizzes 10-11
3. Write somewhere--Baba Budans? 11:15-1:15
4. Read somewhere--Library? 2:00-3:30
5. Class! 4:00-6:45
6. (the) Home
7. Relax for a few minutes
8. Finish cover letter! 9:00
9. Sleep


Kayla, Tuesday

1. Had housing team meeting
2. Started training new intern
3. Started returning calls from yesterday
4. Need to secure location for LPH Housing Committee next week
5. Data
6. Plan for Affordable Housing training at Job Fair on Thursday
7. Home/ work out/ quiche for dinner
8. Ask Maggie about my chair legs and if she wants to sell scones at a one-day Price Hill Farmers market on May 30th ????? and if she can get Barb two packs of frozen ones.


Kayla, Monday

1. Send RFP draft to the big bosses!
2. Play hookie to go to Opening Day (actually I'm too big of a nerd to play hookie--I submitted a request for 4 vacation hours)
3. Back to work for a couple--probably give Jim my Community Council report and call it a day
4. Either go home or go to Community Council
5. Indian and veggies for dinner

Donnie, Monday

1. Read some Dorian Gray (It's actually getting better)
2. Attend class
3. Office 10-11
4. Home/Post Office/lunch-11-12:15
5. Run/workout 12:45-2:00
6. More Dorian 2:00-2:50
7. Work 3-7
8. Drummers meeting 7-8
9. Prepare Indian and hear about the game
10. Slumberland


Kayla, Friday

1. No Volunteers!
2. Client
3. SSI checks--help folks take care of rent payments
4. Print out Helping Hands project list, sign in sheet, get water
5. Put tools and t-shirts in car
6. FINISH RFP!?!?!?!?!
7. Happy Hour at Drews on the River


Donnie, Thursday

1. Staff meeting 8:30-10:00
2. Went to the laundry--10:20-12:20
3. Miscellaneous job searching 12:20-1:00
4. Either go and buy Dorian Gray (if my checks came) or work on the novel 1:00-3:00
5. Go for a run 3:15-4:15
6. Work on my TFA cover letter 5:00ish
7. TBD
8. Prepare dinner
9. Have a nice chit chat

Kayla, Thursday

1. Work on RFP most of the day
2. Data if I get the chance
3. Prep for Sedamsville Building Committee
4. Label Helping Hands t-shirts
5. Meet with AMOS organizer
6. Bank
7. Home at 4:00/ work out/ back to work
8. Sedamsville Building Committee
9. Home late for rotini and bell pepper casserole
10. Read some Poisonwood


Donnie, Wednesday

1. Watched class
2. Sit in my office for an hour
3. Drive home and run
4. Get gas
5. Drive to class (rhyme unintentional)
6. Sit in class
7. Drive home.
8. I need a new book to read...suggestions?

Kayla, Wednesday

1. Client
2. Client
3. Latino Housing Meeting
4. Site Meeting
5. Email follow ups
6. Work on RFP
7. Finish paperwork for car refinance
8. Leave at 4:00 to go to AAC to send out email updates, event schedules
9. Home/ work out/ omellettes and hashbrowns for dinner
10. Work on RFP at home
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