Kayla, Thursday

1. The email never stops! I can't keep up
2. Practice for presentation tonight
3. Pick up insurance card from Tina
4. Remember to put Public Nuisance Hearing letters in my binder
5. Play catch up with the things on my to-do list that I didn't get to this week
6. Dr. at 2:15
7. Back to work, board meeting at 6:00
8. Home for dinner by 8:30
9. Probably fall right asleep!


Jennifer said...

Are you and Donnie going to wine tasting tomorrow...so I don't have to go by myself!?!

Donnie said...

Not sure if we can or not! We are supposed to visit one of Donnie's friends from school but we don't know if it's going to be on Friday or Saturday. Nobody else is going???? SAD! How's the running been this week?

Kay said...

That was actually Kayla who posted the last one... don't know why it says Donnie.

Jennifer said...

I haven't been running since last Sunday!! Is it possible to train for a half-marathon and only run 1 mile once a week?: )

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