Kayla, Wednesday

1. Check PISDs
2. Type homebuyer letter for P
3. Finish Resident Association grant
4. Edit Checklist
5. House ratings?
6. Leave at noon
7. Pack
8. MI


Kayla, Tuesday

1. Housing Team meeting at 9:30
2. Affordable Housing Advocates Meeting
3. Ask B about strategic planning matrix
4. Order notebookes
5. Find a good lease application
6. Research Houston Chronic Nuisance Property law
7. 3-way with Ally and her program manager (I know, I know!!)
8. Home/ work out/ dinner (eggs and tortilla?)


Donnie, Monday

1. Taught an abbreviated class.
2. Type critique for DJP.
3. Begin composing my brainchild,
"Lost In The City not just race: an object analysis of the socio-economic divisions within Jones's imperiled communities"
4. Class work/ planning
5. Run
6. Find all the ingredients for the very complicated feast that I am planning to prepare for this evening's meal.
7. I'm protesting Jon and Kate--they charge for autographs and they live in a million dollar house; I might as well watch The Osbournes.

Kayla, Monday

1. Oh boy... two days worth of missed calls and emails. I predict an hour at least...
2. Supposed to do house ratings... ugh it's raining!!!!
3. Finance Committee meeting at 1:00
4. Call housing developer from Lebanon
5. Call Sedamsville homeowner
6. Type up notes from Family Self-Sufficiency meeting
7. Nuisance Property Law meeting at 7:00
8. What will Donnie have cooked??
9. Jon and Kate


Kayla, Weekend

1. Go to Tenant Ed--I don't have to teach because it is in Spanish.
2. Laundry
3. Spend my 28 Turkey Bucks at Biggs!! For once grocery shopping will be enjoyable because it will be FREE.
4. Work on my handmade XMAS gifts
5. Work on AAC stuff--convert Master Operations Schedule into excel and edit time line.
6. Clean
7. Donnie wants to see Scynechdoche (not sure how to spell it) I would rather sit at the coffee shop and do work during the open mic session. who will win out?


Donnie, Wednesday

Quote of the Day: "If your husband is a bore it takes years to discover it." - Mr. Sammler's Planet

1. Get interesting
2. Attend Class
3. Write some critiques
4. Home to chill out and ice my sore heel.
5. Read and eat Lasagna!

Kayla, Wednesday

1. Go get refreshments for Resident meeting (stop by the bank on the way)
2. Attend resident meeting
3. Call homeowner in Sedamsville with response from Building Department
4. Call T's landlord
5. Check in with Carson School about tenant ed meeting for parents
6. Site meeting
7. I have something written in my planner that says, "Edit checklist and send out," and I have no idea what I meant by that. Should have been more specific.
8. Tour Neave Street property with potential homeowner
9. Return client calls
10. Put my email/voicemail on "away"
11. Home/ i MUST work out
12. Veggie lasagne for dinner
13. I would love to finish the Mulvaneys tonight and be done with it.


Kayla, Tuesday

1. Housing Team meeting--talk about NSP public comment opportunity, dates for 2009 Tenant Ed classes, junkyard.
2. Fax case back to M
3. Prep for Resident Association meeting
4. Self-sufficiency meeting at East Price Hill office
5. Take the "Tightwad Gazette" back to the library. I tried to renew it but there were holds. sad!
6. Meet with Mt. St. Joe student
7. Finish housing application with client
8. Meet with Patti
9. Call People Working Cooperatively
10. Home/ Work out/ dinner
11. I REALLY need to do my AAC stuff... I have been too lazy. Somebody needs to give me some deadlines.


Kayla, Monday

1. Emails
2. Meet at Oyler to talk about Community Service Project
3. Copy/Get out flyers for Resident Assiociation
4. LPH Housing Committee prep
5. Plan for Family Self-Sufficiency meeting tomorrow
6. Make agenda for Wednesday's Resident meeting
7. Get Chelsea's advice about my Christmas crafting
8. Leftover potato soup and bread for lunch (Maggie, mine was not as white as yours for some reason. I don't know if I used the wrong vegetable broth or what. It tasted fine but it had more color than yours.)
9. Home/ work out/ dinner
10. Work on Adopt A Class stuff--compare school year schedule to teacher checklist, modify holiday party checklist
11. Jon and Kate's Hawaiian wedding!!!


Kayla, Friday

1. Teach budgeting at shelter
2. Lunch at work/ check voicemail and email
3. Meet with Brian to learn how to connect dates in an email to people's Outlook
4. Home early/ work out/ walk zo
5. Meet Maggie and Jennie at the wine tasting
6. Maggie made soup? No cooking for me tonight!!


Donnie, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

1. Cincinnati Reviewed
2. Run
3. Get my stuff together for the trip.
4. Work on some school work
5. Hit the road
6. Arrive in Charlottesville.

All Day- Miss my Sweet.


1. Preview course/get race packet
2. Study somewhere quiet-University of Richmond?
3. Get dinner

All Day- Miss my Sweet.


1. RACE!
2. Head home!
3. Reunited

Kayla, Thursday

1. Met with Barb about planning self-sufficiency task-force
2. Work on data
3. Research Brighton Center Model
4. Finish Model flyer
5. Talk with allies about Tenant session in Spanish
6. Return calls
7. Lunch for Pat's b-day at the Mexican restaurant in Delhi. YUM!
8. Take client to look at houses
9. Take client to intake at shelter
10. Home/ work out/ walk zo
11. Solo dinner :-(
12. Catch up on Adopt A Class stuff I've been putting off for the Daily Show and the Colbert Report. Not tonight!


Kayla, Wednesday

1. Went to Public Ally supervisor gathering and got to draw my feelings. I want to quote Jon from Jon and Kate on that one for the second time in two days: "I don't like how emotions make me feel." hehe
1.5 Had lunch in the car, went to post office THEY REMOVED THE BLUE MAILBOX FROM MADISON AVE. WTF?
2. Returned phone calls
3. Getting ready to go to Financial Literacy meeting at United Way
4. Come home and run the rich man's loop
5. Back to work for Sedamsville Civic Association meeting until 8:00


Donnie, Tuesday

1. Workshop
2. Finish up my story, hopefully.
3. Workout at Withrow.
4. Dinner

Kayla, Tuesday

1. Teach Tenant Ed at shelter
2. Meet with three clients
3. Call Building Department to find out about receivership
4. Return phone calls
5. Clean up flagged messages in inbox
6. Client follow up from Saturday's class
7. Home/ work out/ dinner
8. Read, work on Adopt A Class stuff


Kayla, Monday

1. Return a bunch of calls
2. Get insurance paperwork and check request to admin
3. Financial Literacy meeting at PHW
4. Foreclosure Partners meeting here
5. Home/ work out/ dinner
6. Work on some AAC stuff


Donnie, Saturday

1. Ran
2. Collect different theorists and summarize their approaches
3. Build a conception of where those approaches intersect with Lost In The City
4. Form a thesis
5. Outline and Begin Composing
6. Grade student papers
7. Home

It's going to be a long day.


Kayla, Friday

Done: Cleaned, jogged dog, exercise tape, got set up on AAC network, took notes on Master Operations Sheet to be converted into columns, shower

To Do: Adopt A Class meeting at Price Hill Chili with Tommy and Bill; go to work--check emails, voicemail, make sure everything is in order for tomorrow; send out November update; bank; meet up with Em for Happy Hour; Home, dinner?

I'm craving crab cakes with that southern mayonnaise stuff. What is it called? Roumelade?

Donnie, Friday

1. Taught (a lackluster effort)
2. To the library
3. Hope that I am feeling better by noon.
4. If I'm not feeling better, go to the doctor.
5. Home


Kayla, Thursday

1. House ratings
2. Take client to apply for housing
3. Housing Committee follow up
4. Make charts for Tenant Ed, make reminder calls
5. Meet with Mount St. Joe student to tell him about what we do in the Housing Program. He is writing some sort of report on non-profits for a class.
6. Meet w/ Carol to talk about their Neighborworks grant
7. Home about 4:00, work out, have a snack
8. Back to Sedamsville for Building Committee
9. Back home, hopefully by 8:30


Donnie, The Next Four Years

Kayla, Wednesday

1. Made books
2. Supposed to do budget with client
3. Open Enrollment meeting for health care
4. Write letter to property owners about possbility of installing a fence in their yard
5. Work on "E-Blast"
6. Home, work out, walk poor zo who hasn't been on a walk in 2 days
7. Dinner


Kayla, Tuesday

Today is the day that the Lord has made.

Donnie, Tuesday

1. Workshop
2. Finish some Cin Cin reading
3. Finish my article response
4. Read 3 student papers
5. Head home
6. Workout
7. Soren's election jamboree (I'm nervous)


Kayla, The rest of Monday

1. I was so busy working on my to-do list that I didn't even post it here. Nothing groundbreaking--same old.
2. For the rest of the day I need to finish prepping for CPOP/ Community Council and attend those meetings.
3. Be home around 9:00. If it goes any longer than that I'll just have to leave early.

Donnie, Monday

1. Taught
2. Read some Invisible Man
3. Rewarded myself with some computer time
4. Scolded myself for wasting time
5. Read some more Man
6. Read an article about cities
7. Write response for class
8. Research for Lost In the City Paper
9. Home for a run
10. Prepare a fast feast
11. Drummer meeting
12. Greet Kayla and watch JK8
13. Life is getting busy
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