Kayla, Wednesday

1. Finish copying, collating and binding the Tenant Ed books
2. Do some research on HUD transfers for client
3. Odds and ends
4. Work out since I didn't make it up in time to jog-o this morning
5. Ring in the new year (and the one year anniversary of this blog!)

Donnie, The Eve

1. Read article for next week 9:15-10:15
2. Back to work on my story 10:30-12:30
3. Head out for a run 12:45-2:00
4. Course planning 2:45-3:45
5. Shop 4:00-5:00
6. Movies at Maggie's?
7. Try to make it to midnight for the first time in three years.


Kayla, Tuesday

1. Call 5/3 to make appointment for client
2. Prep for Helping Hands
3. Follow up on Sedamsville Problem Property list
4. Email Maggie and Jennie's landlord if one of them sends me his email address
5. Start making tenant ed books
6. Talk with the boss about the budget
7. Home/ workout/ indian for dinner


Kayla, Monday

Back to work... sort of.

1. Respond to emails and phone calls... not too many cause most people were out
2. Perfect North Slopes is open and has fresh snow! I have to drive the youth group there and while I'm at it I might as well stay and tube.
3. Home, see if I can finish the last segment on my new Biggest Loser video
4. Look up a salmon recipe and cook it!
5. Jon and Kate

Donnie, Monday

1. The Poorhouse Fair by John Updike
2. Work on my own writing
3. Write a review for Juggernauts
4. Brush up the syllabus/ course schedule
5. More reading
6. 2nd Run
7. Greet Kayla after her trip to Perfect North

Just in case there was any question...


Kayla, Sunday

In no particular order...

1. Clean
2. Run
3. Put all my toiletries in little bottles in little bags.
4. Pack--don't forget my cell phone charger and bathing suit!!
5. Make sure Emer can't get in the lair while we're gone
6. Get Zo's stuff ready for Aunt Maggie to take over
7. Last minute crafty-crafts
8. Eat bean burgers before we leave
9. Put together some snickity-snacks for the plane (maybe crush some Xanax in Donnie's snack bag... haha!)
10. Update the spending tracker and budget
11. Print out flight info
12. Call Grandparents to confirm pick up time
13. Give my doggy and kitty a big kiss!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Donnie, Friday

1. Spot meeting (paid)
2. Jog (keeps the love in my heart)
3. Practice LSAT (will keep food on the table)
4. Vacuum (keeps the wifey sweet)
5. Write (frustrating)
6. Read "Yvonne" (enjoyable)
7. FFYS dinner (intimidating)
8. The Comet w/ Schmidy (we'll see)

* Last minute go to the post office (keeps the wifey sweet)


Kayla, Thursday

1. Took client to apply for housing
2. Need to call landlord
3. 2nd office Christmas Party--J. Alexander's this time
4. Deliver flyers about Resident Association Party
5. Home/ Work out/ Omelettes and Hashbrowns for dinner
6. Bake cookies for 3rd office Christmas Party
7. Read the Three Fates... ugh.

Donnie, Thursday

1. Note to self: Do not check your Email before you start writing for the day.
2. Destress before writing.
3. Get back to work on new story
4. Run errands (1. spot 2.bank 3. post office 4. half price books)
5. Compose very rigid syllabus for class next quarter- very rigid= NO LATE PAPERS, 4 Absences YOU FAIL, 8 pages means 8 pages. 5, 6 or 7 pages= F.
6. Is it still a Rod if my work is done?
7. Continue the heartbreaking masterpiece Separate Flights
8. End this losing streak on Jeopardy!


Donnie, Wednesday

1. Cleaned out my half of the closet!
2. Worked productively on a new story!
3. Go to UC to get the book the library is holding for me.
4. Read in the library to stay warm.
5. Go for a late afternoon "Rod."
6. Skip all of the trash TV and read some stories.

Kayla, Wednesday

1. Went to zoning hearing--have to wait 10 days for the decision
2. Emails
3. Leave for office party at Newport at 12:00... I'm predicting that our bonus will be 50 bucks and a $25 gift card to a grocery store. Awesome!
4. Get Tom-o gift card to Kroger for cleaning out the moldy meat in the basement freezer.
5. Try to get correspondence from zoning department
6. Other work
7. Home/ work out/ baked spaghetti for dinner?
8. Craft-y craft


Kayla, Tuesday

1. Slept late, jogged dog, weights
2. Did some xmas stuff
3. Went to the bank
4. Came to work at noon (yay for flex time!!)
5. Return a few calls
6. Do some work
7. Drive through the White Death to get to Xavier for the Place Matters presentation/ party
8. Indian for dinner

Donnie, Tuesday

1. Enjoyed a morning with Kayla and impressed her by dressing up for my workday at home.
2. Finish grading and submit grades.
3. Work on my new story
4. Reading for next quarter
5. Probably go to UC and run on a treadmill because it's going to sleet and I don't want to slip.
6. Indian
7. I need to find a good book to read.

All day: Listen to the top 100 songs on Pitchfork (Even if, according to Kayla, some of them sound like 80's hairbands)


Donnie, Monday

1. Grade a few more papers!
2. Work on writing
3. Start reading for next quarter
4. Hope that it stops raining soon.
5. Drop stories off at Cin Cin
6. Grade some more papers.
7. Run
8. Special Recipe: 1 pizza unwrapped, oven preheated, timer set to 15 minutes.
9. Maybe watch J&K + 8.

Kayla, Monday

1. Meeting at Price Hill Will about creating PowerPoint to use at Community Learning Centers
2. Write Public Nuisance Hearing letter for Housing Committee
3. Meet with client
4. Figure out when the Resident Association Holiday Party is going to be so I can get those dang invitations out
5. Evening meeting at the Unitarian Church about the possibility of bringing the Lebanon developer to LPH. Woo Weee!
6. Home for pizzo and Jon and Kate Give Back (finally!!)


Donnie, Friday

1. Grade student papers (depressing)
2. Restart Tree of Smoke by Denis Johnson
3. Run
4. Kayla has SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much work to do that I will have to find some way to entertain myself tonight :)

Kayla, Friday

1. Had web conference on center for working families model
2. Getting ready to meet with the attorneys about lease-option for the homeownership project
3. AAC Board Meeting
4. Home/ work out/ must do work tonight sorry no wine-o!!!


Kayla, Thursday

1. Call Camp Washington Development Corp.
2. Reminder calls for tenant ed
3. Budget with client
4. Lunch with Bill
5. Gather paperwork for Homes at Hillside Place meeting
6. Talk about case management possibilities
7. Make sure I know the material I'm supposed to teach tonight!
8. Teach tenant class at Carson
9. Another free meal
10. Home late


Donnie, Wednesday

Day #1: No coffee

1. Get this paper off of my hands!
2. Cincinnati Review pizza party!
3. Short storying until I can't stand it anymore.
4. Home to cook some rooni for my roomy :)
5. I could use a good sleep.

Kayla, Wednesday

Ew today is the day I have to do a bunch of things I've been putting off:
1. Finish Services Template for agency intranet
2. Make Tenant Education income calculation charts
3. Finish cleaning my inbox
4. Make flyer for Resident Association potluck
5. Reserve hotel
6. Site meeting at 1:00
7. Sedamsville Civic Association at 7:00
8. Donnie is making Sockarooni!


Where are the royalties?

Donnie, Tuesday

1. Okay, I'm seriously going to finish my paper in 90 minutes.
2. Make some coffee and clean some dishes.
3. Take a shower?
4. Work on story: Due Thursday.
5. Earth Drummers in the rain
6. Home cooking.
7. Continue the Dubliners and then convince Kayla to give it a shot.

Kayla, Tuesday

1. Housing Team meeting
2. Update Sedamsville list
3. Prep for Tenant Ed and Thursday parenting class
4. Paint the Town Survey of houses
5. Library
6. Take Zo to get her vaccination
7. Home/ work out/ dinner
8. Work on AAC stuff or XMAS presents
9. Reserve airport hotel


Donnie, Monday

1. Mandatory 1 hour of writing before making another pot of coffee.
2. Make another pot of coffee
3. Write for at least one more hour.
4. Cat box, Clean coffee pot.
5. Hopefully finishing my writing this paper!
6. take out trash, vacuum
7. maybe continuing writing if things aren't coming together
8. organize my piles of papers
9. Run
11.Find a new Monday night show


Donnie, Friday

1. Crossing my fingers that my student evaluations go well- I don't think I made anybody too upset.
2. Working in the library on this paper!
3. Homerun
4. Greet Kayla after her happy hour and ask her what she wants to do tonight? Watch the newest Office on Hulu? Play Yatzee?

Kayla, Friday

1. November Data
2. Prep for Helping Hands Project
3. Lunch with Bill and Tommy at Price Hill Chili
4. Supposed to go to Happy Hour with work people but I haven't heard where


Donnie, Thursday

1. Went to the Review and then sold copies of the Review in the hallway from behind a table. Actually, I didn't sell any copies; I only had sympathetic people stop and tell me that I should have some baked goods and coffee to go along with them.

2. Library: I can't leave until I have finished this paper-I need to work for five hours uninterrupted and those hours will start as soon as I have this blog posted and my wireless internet shut off!

3. I have a workout tonight and I hope I feel better than I did this morning.

4. Cook a pizza for Kayla.

Kayla, Thursday

1. Finished House Ratings--YAY!
2. Need to prep for Sedamsville Building Committee
3. Check on client needing furnace repairs
4. Send Helping Hands list to Nick
5. Client Follow-up
6. Finish preparing clinic handouts
7. Follow up with grant committee
8. Leave at 4:00, work out, back to Sedamsville
9. Sedamsville Building Committee
10. Home to Donnie's home cooking!


Donnie, Wednesday

1. Regret that I can't think of another witty post.
2. Continue to struggle with this paper.
3. Attend class, which feels meaningless because really all that's left to do is write this paper.
4. Back to the library, hopefully with some bright ideas.
5. Home for run #2.
6. Muppet Babies
7. Paper writing

Kayla, Wednesday

I can't top Donnie's post from yesterday so I might as well not even try.

1. Work stuff
2. Put up the only Christmas tree I have (at work)
3. Home
4. Work some more


Donnie, Tuesday

On this episode of Don and Kay plus 2...

1. Donnie goes to workshop and then the library.
2. When he feels terribly uninspired in the library, he goes home.
3. At home he finds Zola and Emer rooting through the cupboards, trying to make pancakes.
4. Deciding to put work aside, just this once, Donnie helps the kids make pancakes for lunch and then cuts them into the shape of planets.
5. Around 4:00 Kayla comes home and finds that the kitchen is a mess.
6. At 6:30 Donnie goes to running practice.
7. The family settles in for bed and catches up on homework. As Donnie dozes off, he mumbles something about wanting some free stuff. He hopes that the cameras are still recording.


Kayla, Monday

1. Sit at desk from 10:30-11:00
2. Check PISDs
3. Call Sedamsville guy about chainsaw
4. Start working on Sedamsville building list
5. Follow up with potential homebuyers
6. Prep for Community Council
7. Send out check list to group
8. Make ENDS for strategic plan
9. 3:30 Oyler LSDMC meeting
10. 6:00 CPOP
11. 7:00-9:00 Community Council


Kayla, Wednesday

1. Check PISDs
2. Type homebuyer letter for P
3. Finish Resident Association grant
4. Edit Checklist
5. House ratings?
6. Leave at noon
7. Pack
8. MI


Kayla, Tuesday

1. Housing Team meeting at 9:30
2. Affordable Housing Advocates Meeting
3. Ask B about strategic planning matrix
4. Order notebookes
5. Find a good lease application
6. Research Houston Chronic Nuisance Property law
7. 3-way with Ally and her program manager (I know, I know!!)
8. Home/ work out/ dinner (eggs and tortilla?)


Donnie, Monday

1. Taught an abbreviated class.
2. Type critique for DJP.
3. Begin composing my brainchild,
"Lost In The City not just race: an object analysis of the socio-economic divisions within Jones's imperiled communities"
4. Class work/ planning
5. Run
6. Find all the ingredients for the very complicated feast that I am planning to prepare for this evening's meal.
7. I'm protesting Jon and Kate--they charge for autographs and they live in a million dollar house; I might as well watch The Osbournes.

Kayla, Monday

1. Oh boy... two days worth of missed calls and emails. I predict an hour at least...
2. Supposed to do house ratings... ugh it's raining!!!!
3. Finance Committee meeting at 1:00
4. Call housing developer from Lebanon
5. Call Sedamsville homeowner
6. Type up notes from Family Self-Sufficiency meeting
7. Nuisance Property Law meeting at 7:00
8. What will Donnie have cooked??
9. Jon and Kate


Kayla, Weekend

1. Go to Tenant Ed--I don't have to teach because it is in Spanish.
2. Laundry
3. Spend my 28 Turkey Bucks at Biggs!! For once grocery shopping will be enjoyable because it will be FREE.
4. Work on my handmade XMAS gifts
5. Work on AAC stuff--convert Master Operations Schedule into excel and edit time line.
6. Clean
7. Donnie wants to see Scynechdoche (not sure how to spell it) I would rather sit at the coffee shop and do work during the open mic session. who will win out?


Donnie, Wednesday

Quote of the Day: "If your husband is a bore it takes years to discover it." - Mr. Sammler's Planet

1. Get interesting
2. Attend Class
3. Write some critiques
4. Home to chill out and ice my sore heel.
5. Read and eat Lasagna!

Kayla, Wednesday

1. Go get refreshments for Resident meeting (stop by the bank on the way)
2. Attend resident meeting
3. Call homeowner in Sedamsville with response from Building Department
4. Call T's landlord
5. Check in with Carson School about tenant ed meeting for parents
6. Site meeting
7. I have something written in my planner that says, "Edit checklist and send out," and I have no idea what I meant by that. Should have been more specific.
8. Tour Neave Street property with potential homeowner
9. Return client calls
10. Put my email/voicemail on "away"
11. Home/ i MUST work out
12. Veggie lasagne for dinner
13. I would love to finish the Mulvaneys tonight and be done with it.


Kayla, Tuesday

1. Housing Team meeting--talk about NSP public comment opportunity, dates for 2009 Tenant Ed classes, junkyard.
2. Fax case back to M
3. Prep for Resident Association meeting
4. Self-sufficiency meeting at East Price Hill office
5. Take the "Tightwad Gazette" back to the library. I tried to renew it but there were holds. sad!
6. Meet with Mt. St. Joe student
7. Finish housing application with client
8. Meet with Patti
9. Call People Working Cooperatively
10. Home/ Work out/ dinner
11. I REALLY need to do my AAC stuff... I have been too lazy. Somebody needs to give me some deadlines.


Kayla, Monday

1. Emails
2. Meet at Oyler to talk about Community Service Project
3. Copy/Get out flyers for Resident Assiociation
4. LPH Housing Committee prep
5. Plan for Family Self-Sufficiency meeting tomorrow
6. Make agenda for Wednesday's Resident meeting
7. Get Chelsea's advice about my Christmas crafting
8. Leftover potato soup and bread for lunch (Maggie, mine was not as white as yours for some reason. I don't know if I used the wrong vegetable broth or what. It tasted fine but it had more color than yours.)
9. Home/ work out/ dinner
10. Work on Adopt A Class stuff--compare school year schedule to teacher checklist, modify holiday party checklist
11. Jon and Kate's Hawaiian wedding!!!


Kayla, Friday

1. Teach budgeting at shelter
2. Lunch at work/ check voicemail and email
3. Meet with Brian to learn how to connect dates in an email to people's Outlook
4. Home early/ work out/ walk zo
5. Meet Maggie and Jennie at the wine tasting
6. Maggie made soup? No cooking for me tonight!!


Donnie, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

1. Cincinnati Reviewed
2. Run
3. Get my stuff together for the trip.
4. Work on some school work
5. Hit the road
6. Arrive in Charlottesville.

All Day- Miss my Sweet.


1. Preview course/get race packet
2. Study somewhere quiet-University of Richmond?
3. Get dinner

All Day- Miss my Sweet.


1. RACE!
2. Head home!
3. Reunited

Kayla, Thursday

1. Met with Barb about planning self-sufficiency task-force
2. Work on data
3. Research Brighton Center Model
4. Finish Model flyer
5. Talk with allies about Tenant session in Spanish
6. Return calls
7. Lunch for Pat's b-day at the Mexican restaurant in Delhi. YUM!
8. Take client to look at houses
9. Take client to intake at shelter
10. Home/ work out/ walk zo
11. Solo dinner :-(
12. Catch up on Adopt A Class stuff I've been putting off for the Daily Show and the Colbert Report. Not tonight!


Kayla, Wednesday

1. Went to Public Ally supervisor gathering and got to draw my feelings. I want to quote Jon from Jon and Kate on that one for the second time in two days: "I don't like how emotions make me feel." hehe
1.5 Had lunch in the car, went to post office THEY REMOVED THE BLUE MAILBOX FROM MADISON AVE. WTF?
2. Returned phone calls
3. Getting ready to go to Financial Literacy meeting at United Way
4. Come home and run the rich man's loop
5. Back to work for Sedamsville Civic Association meeting until 8:00


Donnie, Tuesday

1. Workshop
2. Finish up my story, hopefully.
3. Workout at Withrow.
4. Dinner

Kayla, Tuesday

1. Teach Tenant Ed at shelter
2. Meet with three clients
3. Call Building Department to find out about receivership
4. Return phone calls
5. Clean up flagged messages in inbox
6. Client follow up from Saturday's class
7. Home/ work out/ dinner
8. Read, work on Adopt A Class stuff


Kayla, Monday

1. Return a bunch of calls
2. Get insurance paperwork and check request to admin
3. Financial Literacy meeting at PHW
4. Foreclosure Partners meeting here
5. Home/ work out/ dinner
6. Work on some AAC stuff


Donnie, Saturday

1. Ran
2. Collect different theorists and summarize their approaches
3. Build a conception of where those approaches intersect with Lost In The City
4. Form a thesis
5. Outline and Begin Composing
6. Grade student papers
7. Home

It's going to be a long day.


Kayla, Friday

Done: Cleaned, jogged dog, exercise tape, got set up on AAC network, took notes on Master Operations Sheet to be converted into columns, shower

To Do: Adopt A Class meeting at Price Hill Chili with Tommy and Bill; go to work--check emails, voicemail, make sure everything is in order for tomorrow; send out November update; bank; meet up with Em for Happy Hour; Home, dinner?

I'm craving crab cakes with that southern mayonnaise stuff. What is it called? Roumelade?

Donnie, Friday

1. Taught (a lackluster effort)
2. To the library
3. Hope that I am feeling better by noon.
4. If I'm not feeling better, go to the doctor.
5. Home


Kayla, Thursday

1. House ratings
2. Take client to apply for housing
3. Housing Committee follow up
4. Make charts for Tenant Ed, make reminder calls
5. Meet with Mount St. Joe student to tell him about what we do in the Housing Program. He is writing some sort of report on non-profits for a class.
6. Meet w/ Carol to talk about their Neighborworks grant
7. Home about 4:00, work out, have a snack
8. Back to Sedamsville for Building Committee
9. Back home, hopefully by 8:30


Donnie, The Next Four Years

Kayla, Wednesday

1. Made books
2. Supposed to do budget with client
3. Open Enrollment meeting for health care
4. Write letter to property owners about possbility of installing a fence in their yard
5. Work on "E-Blast"
6. Home, work out, walk poor zo who hasn't been on a walk in 2 days
7. Dinner


Kayla, Tuesday

Today is the day that the Lord has made.

Donnie, Tuesday

1. Workshop
2. Finish some Cin Cin reading
3. Finish my article response
4. Read 3 student papers
5. Head home
6. Workout
7. Soren's election jamboree (I'm nervous)


Kayla, The rest of Monday

1. I was so busy working on my to-do list that I didn't even post it here. Nothing groundbreaking--same old.
2. For the rest of the day I need to finish prepping for CPOP/ Community Council and attend those meetings.
3. Be home around 9:00. If it goes any longer than that I'll just have to leave early.

Donnie, Monday

1. Taught
2. Read some Invisible Man
3. Rewarded myself with some computer time
4. Scolded myself for wasting time
5. Read some more Man
6. Read an article about cities
7. Write response for class
8. Research for Lost In the City Paper
9. Home for a run
10. Prepare a fast feast
11. Drummer meeting
12. Greet Kayla and watch JK8
13. Life is getting busy


Donnie, Friday

1. I taught my class and we got into a heated debate about which is worse selling drugs or abusing children? Awkward.
2. Reading and writing critiquhttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifes
3. Finish the Desert Walk story (thanks to Kayla for liking the first paragraph! that was sweet)
4. Start building the panopticon
5. Run 8 miles and feel good that I'm not this guy.

We're related:

Quinn Davis wrote at 5:03pm
push shit over all night and tell everyone you're the force of gravity.

Kayla, Friday

1. Dropped off Obama cards
2. Went to public nuisance hearing
3. Need to get Helping Hands supplies from Home Depot/ print out paperwork
4. Call a couple people about managing Neave building
5. Take client to get housing application
6. Library/ Bank/ Post Office
7. If I have time I'll start making booklets for Tenant Ed
8. Home/ Work out/ Dinner (pizza, jambalaya, quiche?)


Kayla, Thursday

1. Movers come to take old cubicles, give us new pretty ones for the shared offices.
2. I need to get some Helping Hands projects!!
3. Supposed to do house ratings... will it happen?
4. Supposed to go to lunch with Carol... will i have time?
5. Need to follow up with everybody about the apartment building that we're thinking of taking on, contact the real estate lawyers
6. Find out if we're doing Tenant Ed at the shelter next week
7. Supposed to have Halloween here this afternoon... ugh.
8. Get stuff together for Public Nuisance Hearing tomorrow.
9. Home/ work out/ dinner
10. Finish the Obama postcard campaign


Dinner, Wednesday

Baked penne with squash, zucchini, and spinach. oregano and red chili inside and mozzarella and bread crumbs on top.

Donnie, Tuesday

1. Already workshopped and now I will begin writing.
2. Begin the Invisible Man after writing.
3. Head Home
4. Drummers
5. Home for the evening, maybe I will save Kayla from those awful Mulvaneys, and suggest we watch the biggest loser.

Kayla, Tuesday

1. 9:30 site meeting
2. Follow up about community service project
3. Follow up w/ CMHA family sustainability program
4. Follow up w/ potential homeowner
5. Follow up w/ Storrs homeowner
6. Get check to Jim
7. AHA meeting at noon
8. Meet with tenant at 2:30
9. Meet with landlord at 3:00
10. Home/ work out/ dinner
11. Wade through the Mulvaneys, ugh.

Emer, Tuesday

I had to turn the computer upside down to take this picture because Emer is IN THE CEILING.


Donnie, Monday

1. Taught after the bus was 30 minutes late!
2. 2nd readings of classmate's stories
3. Finish Jews without Money
4. Eat lunch here at UC
5. Attend academic job forum?
6. Go home
7. Run
8. Conference call?

Kayla, Monday

1. Start helping hands
2. Get Model application for client
3. Call Section 8's homeowner program
4. Thank you notes for landlord forum participants
5. Follow up on emails
6. Try to schedule meeting about community service project
7. Prepare for Housing Committee
8. Housing Committee until about 8:00
9. Leftovers for dinner


Dinner, Sunday

Enchiladas... no matter how hard i try i can't take an appetizing picture. :-( I swear they taste so much better than they look.


Dinner, Saturday

tuna salad sandwich and curly fries (previously frozen)

Kayla, Weekend

When Zola jumped on my cheapo coat the button popped off, which forced me to go downstairs, scrounge up some needle and thread and put a couple other sewing projects on the weekend to-do list.

1. Had Make a Difference Day--planted 300 bulbs
2. Got a cheapo coat at Steve and Barry's
3. Need to work out
4. Laundry
5. Exchange the fan for the space heater in storage
6. Probably make enchiladas on Sunday
7. Sew two pairs of ripped pants and a torn neckline on a sweater
8. Clean
9. Read
10. Relax for an extra hour because I don't have to go grocery shopping this weekend. Woo hoo!


Kayla, Friday

1. Go through emails
2. When it stops raining for a second I need to get all the volunteer supplies out of my car and into the office
3. Organize Landlord Forum paperwork
4. Update client retention data
5. Pass out flyers for Make a Difference Day
6. Make copies of releases/ sign in sheet to put into data
7. List open lead orders, add lead to the agenda
8. Fill out Letter of Intent in draft form
9. Cash my AAC check and an old reimbursement
10. Tonight we're coat shopping at Goodwill and Steve and Barrys


Donnie, Thursday

1. Cin Cin
2. Home
3. Read
4. Work
5. Drinks
6. Sleep

Kayla, Thursday

1. Get ready for Landlord Forum: get refreshments, print agendas and slideshows, make a sign in sheet and a feedback form.
2. Meet with clients
3. Figure out what to do about Community Service Project today
4. Email volunteers about Saturday
5. United Way meeting from 3:00-4:30
6. Landlord Forum from 6:30-8:00


Kayla, Wednesday

1. Eating a bean burrito
2. Getting ready for site meeting
3. Visit spanish speaking family with spanish speaking organizer
4. House Ratings

Sweet I tried to call you but your phone rang in my purse!

Donnie, Wednesday

1. Teach
2. Catch up on work and continue writing "Life on a Record"
3. Class
4. Home
5. Run 10
6. I will put this out there: I can make a meal from the right hand column tonight.
7. I wouldn't mind watching some TV


Donnie, Tuesday

1. Workshop
2. Bus it home
3. Jews without Dinero
4. Jews without Dinero response
5. Catch up on grading
6. Work on a new short story because the novel is getting to me.
7. Baba Budans?

Kayla, Tuesday

1. Help J schedule conference room
2. Housing Team meeting at 9:30
3. Discuss 2009 goals and beyond
4. Send out Wish List if it checks out
5. Mail our rent
6. Make a Difference Day Supply Pick Up
7. Quick dinner night from the left hand side of the list


Dinner, Monday

XMAS Pasta (spinach pasta with red peppers--get it, it's red and green?)

Donnie, Monday

1. I taught.
2. I am climbing this mountain of work, without a jacket, and it's getting colder as I get closer to the top.
3. I'm going to run today, how far? I do not know.
4. Kayla doesn't have a meeting tonight, so I don't have to prepare one of the approved meals from my side of the dinner list, thankfully.
5. I will make sure to ask Kayla if she ever figured out how to hang that coat hanger?


Dinner, Sunday

spinach and onion quiche with mozzarella


Kay's Weenend To-Do-List

In No Particular Order:

1. Get two weeks of groceries (as a time-saving experiment), go to Walgreens
2. Laundry
3. Vacuum the house, clean
4. Take summer dresses out of the closet and replace with sweaters
5. Organize under the sink and all the kitchen cupboards
6. Read Ruby Payne's "A Framework for Understanding Poverty"
7. Read "America's Cheapest Family"
8. Finish "We Were the Mulvaney's"
9. Read 10 US Weeklies and People Magazines
10. Watch "Raising Victor Vargas"
11. Take Zola to Ault Park
12. Workout at least twice
13. Go to the office and check my email--see if the AAC news is ready for a 2nd draft
14. Solve the problem of the collapsing coat hanger
15. Indulge my youtube cravings


Kayla, Friday

1. Pull up carpet and tape for painting WITHOUT volunteers (this is the last time I let someone else handle setting up a volunteer event...grrrr)
2. Fall down tired
3. Shower
4. Get my hair cut
5. Find Donnie a bottle of red wine (and get a new corkscrew)
6. Indian and some hulu.com?


Dinner, Thursday

This is the rotini dish with veggie sausage, onion, and jalapenos. It's soooo good. Stir fry the sausage, onion, and pepper while cooking the pasta. When the pasta is done, add it to the stir fry and cook until some of the pasta is crispy and brown! YUM!

Donnie, Thursday

1. Getting as much done as I can
2. A brief run
3. The Spot
4. Dinner
5. The Office!

Kayla, Thursday

1. Bank, library
2. Contact woman about Wish List
3. Work on OCC grant
4. Get quote from Kinkos
5. Oyler community service kids
6. House ratings
7. Work out
8. Dinner
9. The Office?


Dinner, Wednesday

Kayla, Wednesday

1. Finish two-sided flyer for us and Price Hill Will to send home with school kids.
2. Client follow-up and 6-9 month list
3. Follow up on policy proposal
4. Get coffee and danish for resident association
5. Attend resident association meeting
6. Site meeting
7. Other stuff I'm sure
8. Work out!!
9. Dinner--pasta tonight?
10. Debate


Kayla, Tuesday

1. Get foreclosure one-pager for renters from Legal Aid
2. Start writing goals/outcomes for 2009
3. Send out WIN homebuyer training info to potential buyers
4. Respond to comments about LPH junkyard
5. Contact property owner on grand about ceiling caving in
6. Data for September
7. Work on wish list
8. Get paint from Home Depot
9. Pick up supplies for Make A Difference Day from City Hall
10. Home/ Walk Zo/ Dinner--salad, pasta with sausage, pad thai?
11. Maybe catch the Biggest Loser if it doesn't disturb Donnie's homework


Donnie, Monday

1. Teach
2. Read some stories
3. Write a critique
4. Lunch
5. Read some more
6. Head home
7. House of Mirth response
8. Meet and greet with Kayla
9. Din Din

Kayla, Monday

1. Print, deliver Resident Association newsletter.
2. Work on agenda for Resident Association
3. Meet with client about energy assistance options
4. Call client about housing appointment
5. Tenant Education follow-up
6. Go over weekly schedule with public allies
7. Pick up draft of AAC news for editing
8. Get van key, take Sedamsville and LPH Housing Committees to WIN meeting


Donnie, Friday

1. Edit Kayla's memo
2. Teach class
3. Straight home to read and write because I can't hang around here all day.
4. Run after working
5. Dinner
6. Bed early because I feel like I need a good 10 hours.

Kayla, Friday

1. 10-line memo on ways to be more accommodating to my hubby :-)
2. Finish Adopt A Class newsletter
3. Summarize ideas for prosperity center
4. Write up charts for Tenant Ed, reminder calls, load up car
5. Attend Wish List meeting at United Way
6. Home around 3:00
7. Work out/ walk Zo/ dinner

Dinner, Thursday

egg casserole with tomato and chives, home fries


7 Deadly, random, things

1. My heel has a dull pain that reminds me of a xylophone.
2. I like Tom Ashbrook's show On Point.
3. More than likely I was responsible for the disappearance of Bo Warner, age 3.
4. Bo was the name of my family dog when I was a child.
5. The line from Othello Act 3 Scene 3 will always be etched into my memory.
6. When I read stories for the review, I always seem to remember the ones about war veterans returning home for Christmas, they're not that good, but memorable, like after school specials.
7. For a time, my number one ambition was to develop a sitcom for the Disney channel.

Donnie, Thursday

1. Cin Cin Review
2. Lunch at home
3. Spot
4. It will be nice to see Kayla our lives are too busy these days.
5. I'm sorry for not blogging lately.

7 Random Things

okay, i don't know how to link to Jaime's blog or to the cute tag description because i'm technologically deficient, but the game is that i'm supposed to list seven random things. and I tag Donnie, because he hasn't written on this thing in like four days :-(

Seven Random Things:

1. my dog (who is sitting here crying for breakfast) is named after Zola Budd, the Olympic runner who "tripped" another runner in a race.

2. i'm pretty competitive, and not above cheating to win at monopoly. anybody up for a game of monopoly this weekend?

3. my number one pet peeve is when the cat jumps out of the litter box and gets litter on the floor. GRRRRRRRRR!

4. i cannot leave the house unless the bed is made.

5. i am usually dead asleep by 9:15. not by choice, but sheer exhaustion.

6. the last meat i ate before becoming a vegetarian was Wendy's spicy chicken sandwich. i ate it for two years after giving up all other forms of meat. i still crave it some times.

7. i eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch every day. breakfast: yogurt, generic cereal, banana, coffee. lunch: peanut butter sandwich, pear or apple, diet coke. dinners rotate weekly.


Kayla, Wednesday

1. Send out list to building inspector, ask about public/private sidewalk
2. Reserve van for Monday
3. Get out letters for landlord forum
4. Financial Stability meeting at United Way
5. Back to Price Hill for ECS financial literacy session
6. Sedamsville Civic meeting until 8:00
7. Home/ dinner/ drop


Kayla, Tuesday

1. Met w/ Paint the Town
2. Rated Delhi Ave houses
3. Eating lunch
4. Going to meet with shelter
5. Pick up litter grabbers
6. Review notes for financial stability meeting
7. Tell Sedamsville and others about WIN meeting on Monday
8. Do a check request for project supplies
9. Check on Neff house
10. Send landlord flyer out
11. Home/ work out/ walk zo
12. Dinner and debate


Monday, Donnie

1. Read some pages of Mirth.
2. Write a critique.
3. Write an analysis.
4. Lunch time
5. Overview of novel
6. Print and Copy
7. Read more Mirth
8. Head home to take care of our deprived dog.
9. Prepare a wonderful meal within my current range of (limited) proficiency.
10.Watch Kayla enjoy that meal.

Kayla, Monday

1. Talk about landlord forum, assign tasks (make flyer, write letter, etc.)
2. Prep for Community Council and CPOP
3. Start getting ready for Tenant Ed
4. Check in with clients
5. Enter six and nine month follow-ups
6. Meet with the 401k guy to hear all the bad news
7. See if my parking ticket got appealed
8. CPOP at 6:00
9. Community Council at 7:00 until ?
10. Home for Donnie's dinner and Jon and Kate

Sunday, Dinner

Salmon patties, mac and cheese, spinach salad


Kayla, Friday

1. Argue with Donnie about twisting my words. I said Palin was appealing to those who are already inclined to vote for her and Biden's only fault was that knowing he had the debate in the bag before it started, he appeared a bit smug.
2. Read the blogs
3. Get dressed, get to work
4. Meeting with Interfaith about Tenant Ed
5. Pull up carpet
6. Make some calls
7. Start Adopt A Class newsletter draft
8. Home / work out/ dinner

Donnie, Friday

1. Debate with Kayla over the debate: she thinks Biden was smug and Palin was appealing.
2. Teach the kids.
3. Work on work
4. lunching
5. running
6. get home and hope I don't have a sinus infection.


Kayla, Thursday--All Better!

1. Train the new organizer, take her on a tour, introduce her to the VIPs
2. Follow up with PWC
3. Prep for Sedamsville BUilding Committee
4. Go to Oyler to sign contracts with the volunteers
5. Get supplies ready for Helping Hands
6. Home/Walk Zo
7. Back to Sedamsville for Building Committee meeting
8. Hopefully get home in time to see Palin make a fool of herself!!!
9. Eat leftovers


Wednesday Dinner

Kayla, Wednesday

1. Return phone calls
2. House ratings
3. Site meeting
4. Meet with client
5. Help Puck organize parade
6. Home, make dinner (last night I was too sick so we had ice cream for dinner)
7. Read


Kayla, The Rest of Sunday

1. 7:30-1:00: Finished 3 modules out of 4 on the foreclosure counselor class
2. 1:00-2:30: work out tape, jog
3: 2:30-3:00: shower, sandwich
4. 3:00-4:00: finish module 4
5. 4:00-5:00: grocery shopping
6. 5:00-6:30: put away groceries, make salmon patties and mac and cheese
7. 6:30-7:00: vacuum the house, clean up dinner dishes
8. 7:00-8:30: do allocated spending plan for October
9. 8:30-9:00: read the Dudley Street book
10.9:00-9:30: read Cicinnati Magazine (love the new format!) and fall asleep

whoo hoo! i have so much fun on the weekend!!!


Kayla, Saturday

Let's see how closely I can keep this schedule on a Saturday:

10:00-10:15: go to coffee shop, get a new bag of beans, make some coffee
10:15-11:15: write tax-credit policy memo
11:15-12:30: workout
12:30-1:15: eat a sandwich, shower
1:15-3:00: laundry
3:00-3:30: go to target, get zo's pills
3:30-4:00: put laundry away
4:00-5:00: read/edit Donnie's story
5:00-6:30: start the online foreclosure counselor class
6:30-8:30: dinner out somewhere? where?

That leaves Sunday for grocery, work out, and finishing the foreclosure class. not bad.


Kayla, Friday

1. Ran 4 miles
2. Got to work late
3. Emails/voicemails took forever today
4. I need to finish the minutes for Housing Committee
5. I need to start on Monday's to-do list or else I'll never get it done
6. This weekend I need to take the 4-hour foreclosure counselor class and write a policy memo for the first-time homebuyer tax credit
7. I need to get Zola some Glucosamine, do the laundry, and clean the house.
8. I have to meet up with dad tonight

Donnie, Friday

1. Tech for America
2. Write Crits for S and B
3. Read Sista Carrie
4. Attend Reading at Taft House
5. Head home to meet Kayla and Scott
6. O'bryons
7. More Sister

and I leave you with this....

No, I've worked all my life. In fact, I usually had two jobs all my life until I had kids. I was not a part of, I guess, that culture. The way that I have understood the world is through education, through books, through mediums that have provided me a lot of perspective on the world.

-Sarah Palin sounding pretty good.


Donnie, Thursday

1. Working out this scene very slowly
2. Riding to UC
3. Reading a few manus
4. Meeting with adviser-man about what class I should take
5. Reading some more.
6. Riding home
7. Workout: 2wu-5@AT-2cd
8. Whatever Kayla wants to do.

Kayla, Thursday

1. Visit tenant on Ridgeview to look at conditions
2. Lunch with Kurt
3. Make some more Helping Hands calls, get that project list organized
4. Interview new organizer candidate
5. 3-way with ally and her program manager (that's what they call it!)
6. Home/work out/ meet up with dad?


Kayla, Wednesday

1. Had hearing w/ client at Section 8 this morning--success!
2. Returned lots of phone calls
3. Took client to look at apartment--a dump!
4. Site meeting at 1:00
5. Do some drive bys for For Rent signs
6. Tell the guy from Covington i've decided against the position
7. Submit story for newsletter
8. Home/ workout / dinner


Kayla, Tuesday

1. Team meeting
2. Write story about storm cleanup for newsletter
3. Housing Committee follow-up
4. AHA annual meeting
5. Next Steps meeting at WIN until 8:30ish
6. Home for pizza


Kayla, Monday

Internet but no phones!! At least I was able to ease back into actually working.

1. Updated database
2. Wrote position description for bilingual organizer
3. Updated Problem Property spreadsheet and prepped for Housing Committee
4. Filled B in on all the happenings of the past two weeks
5. Checked in with C, planned schedule for this week
6. Sorted through lots of email
7. Spoke with Interfaith about in-house tenant ed

1. Research Neighborworks scholarship so that I can (MAYBE) go to a conference in D.C. in December!
2. Print agendas for Housing Committee
3. Attend Housing Committee
4. Home/ make dinner
5. Maybe a little Jon and Kate??


Kayla, Saturday

1. Read
2. Work out
3. Go to health fair and set up display
4. Come home and collect Donnie
5. Attend Andrea's apartment-warming party
6. Drive home from Beavercreek

Dinner, Friday


Donnie, Freeday

1. work
2. lunch
3. run
4. an evening with a lovely lady

Kayla, Friday

1. Done: worked out, walked dog, laundry, got eye drops for the scratch on my cornea
2. To Do: go to work for a bit, attend final mural meeting, go to happy hour, make dinner, vacuum


Dinner, Thursday

Donnie, Thursday

1. Didn't get much done this morning.
2. Work
3. 30 minute run
4. Dinner time
5. Bear V. Shark
6. Rachel Maddow night 2?

Kayla, Thursday

Will the server be back up??? I'm sort of getting accustomed to the silence.
1. Meeting at 11:40 with the Oyler volunteer project coordinator
2. Get stuff together for health fair on Saturday
3. Maybe make some phone calls and send out emails??
4. Do some more "drive-bys" for available apartments
5. Work on policy proposal memo
6. Home/ work out/ walk zo
7. Dinner

Wednesday, Dinner

Donnie, Wednesday

1. First, thanks to Kayla for letting me post on HER blog!
2. I have to go to UC to explain what its like to be a teacher.
3. Back home for a bit to brush up the syllabi and course schedule.
4. Work at the Spot.
5. Call Kay to pickup my check.
6. Jiggity Joggity- 4 miles
7. Dinner
8. Bear V. Shark

Kayla, Wednesday

1. Still no phones and internet at work... i called and it just rang and hung up
2. I think i'll go in and see what else i can organize
3. Starting to feel panicky--a week of work down the tubes.


Kayla, Tuesday

We've had power since Sunday night but apparently everyone (ahem, my co-workers) else is still in the dark. Here are things we could do at work without phones and computer if anyone else shows up:

1. Housing Team meeting at 9:30
2. ORGANIZE the office/ clean
3. Meet with the 401k guy
4. Mural meeting
5. And then I'm off to a YPKC housing committee meeting for one drink
6. Home for dinner


Donnie, Viernes

1. Ahora, estoy trabajando a "El Punto"
2. Voy a llamar Obryons para llevar un bocadillo.
3. Voy a regresar nuestro casa y entonces correr seis.
4. Kayla y yo, vamos a enojar una cena maginficente en algo restaurante, tal vez Baba?
5. Finalmente, voy a empezar un nuevo libor, el titulo esta "Bear Vs. Shark."

Kayla, Friday

1. Get all ready for Tenant Ed: charts, reminder calls
2. HEAP for woman on Hatmaker
3. Call CMHA about change of address on section 8 voucher application
4. Add Neave Street landlord to LL list--get his crime stats
5. Call to arrange a meeting with the volunteer coordinator at Oyler
6. Meet with client
7. Interview bilingual organizer
8. If I have time I'll do my data
9. Maybe organize my mess of an office
10. Home/ work out/ dinner if i'm not too exhausted


Kayla, Thursday

1. Paint porch and fence and landscape with 5/3 volunteers ALL DAY

Donnie, Jueves

1. Escribe algunas palabras en mi libro.
2. Escribe una carta a mi socio sobre "The School Board Fellows."
3. Lee las paginas finales de "The Black Brook."
4. Corre doce.
5. Va a "el punto" para trabjar.
6. Regresa despues mi trabajo y descubre la cena maginficente, preparado por Kayla.
7. Discutir los problemas de la trabaja con Kayla.
8. dormir


Kayla, Wednesday

1. Talk to homeowners in Sedamsville
2. Get paint and supplies
3. Get calculators
4. Talk to B about bilingual organizer position
5. Get van key
6. Meet with client
7. Meet with landlord and ask him to evict his drug dealing tenants
8. Sedamsville Civic Association until 8:00
9. Another 12 hour day. whoopee!


Tuesday, Dinner

Rice with zucchini, squash, and green onion.

Kayla, Tuesday

1. Prep for Community Care week--find out how many volunteers we have, make a supply list, talk about the van, talk to homeowners.
2. Call N, T, M, A.
3. Lunch at the United Way building with the housing people there
4. Two clients
5. Get building orders for LL meeting tomorrow
6. Home/ workout/ Dinner

Donnie, Tuesday

1. Working on writing
2. Writing on work?
3. HOME! An Afternoon! Time!
4. Run again so that I can score 880 points in my next race.
5. Read the brook book


Donnie, Monday

1. I sent this article to my family.
2. Go to work
3. Come home and reheat the Aunt Chiladas on 400 degrees
4. V.I.P conference call
5. Unlock the door for Kay Kay

Kayla, Monday

A Day of Meetings...
1. Meet with ally give her some calls to take
2. Try to get neighbors to Mural meeting
3. Meet with Family Shelter Partnership group to present Tenant Education
4. Mural Meeting to choose the design and meet the artist
5. Partners Meeting
6. CPOP Meeting
7. Community Council
8. Somewhere in between these meetings I need to: Find out if B got in touch with S, prep for Community Council, call Abby back
9. Come home and interrupt Donnie's phone conference!


Kayla, Friday

1. Go downstairs and do some faxing
2. Revise the program brochure
3. Edit Tenant Ed booklet
4. Return phone calls
5. Start making copies of tenant ed, get binder machine
6. Go through the stack of stuff on my desk
7. Talk to people about Mural Meeting on Monday
8. Call House of the month guy and find out about helping hands
9. Sip one drink at happy hour, lots of chips
10. Drive home no problemo
11. Stir fry for dinner?
12. Read Templton, maybe finish the Defensive Space article


Donnie's turn to cook

ha ha

I'd rather be...

instead of heading back to work...

Donnie, Thursday

1. Editing (myself) feels good.
2. Working (for the man) feels like a waste of time.
3. Lunch
4. Let Zola out
5. After work run
6. Cook a pizza!
7. Skip McCain's speech, read a book about a "Black Brook."

Kayla, Thursday

1. Voicemail/email, get excel sheet ready for building committee
2. See what I can do about getting C a username and password
3. Talk about the Worst. Training. Ever.
4. Pick up the agency van
5. Take our United Way representative on a tour of the houses we painted
6. YPKC meeting, i think, at 5:45
7. Sedamsville Building Committee meeting at 7:30
8. Come home to the dinner Donnie is cooking
9. Read Templeton


Dinner, Wednesday

farm-fresh potatoes fried with jalapeƱos, onion, and chives (and ketchup) with spinach scrambled eggs.

Donnie, Wednesday

1. Failed writing attempt--I hope I can salvage something after work today.
3. Get served.
4. Dinner
5. Sarah Palin...Tall
6. Writing that I didn't do this morning

Kayla, Wednesday

1. I have to go to Pfeffier Road
2. Training all day for new supervisors
3. Apply my new skills to managing my dude at home
4. See what who the heck is Palin has to say


Tuesday, Dinner

pasta again...

Donnie, Tuesday

1. Trying to get psyched for writing!
2. Writing.
2.5. T-Boone Pickens on Diane Rehm today.
3. A few errands--the bank, the grocery store, the gas station
4. Work
5. Workout at the track.
6. Home

Kayla, Tuesday

1. Get ready for work
2. Housing team meeting at 9:30
3. Meet with client at 11:00
4. Finish the stack of projects/paperwork on my desk--I don't remember what they are, but they're waiting on me!
5. Get a map for the place I'm supposed to go tomorrow
6. Train the ally some more
7. Home/ walk Zo/ Dinner (post my dinner on here)
8. Read: The Monsters of Templeton
9. Check Zola's facebook a few times


Kayla, Sunday I mean Monday

Here's what I do when I have a day off:
1. Make a facebook page for my dog
2. Listen to the same news stories all day
3. Paint my toes
4. Read decorating books
5. Beat Donnie in a fault-point game of tennis
6. Run on the trail
7. Think I have appendicitis


Kayla and Donnie, Sunday Evening

Kayla, Sunday

1. Went to Farmer's market
2. Went to Biggs
3. House is already clean...
4. Nothing to do!!


Kayla, Saturday

1. bank, finances--I love spreadsheets!!
2. laundry
3. grab a few essentials
4. CLEAN for my guests
5. Show Leesa, Andrea, and Mark around the little apartment (should take 20 seconds, tops)
6. Dinner out


Kayla, Friday

1. Check emails/voicemail from being away for 2 days
2. Follow up w/ building inspector
3. Follow up w/ financial lit
4. Look at the paper B. put on my desk
5. Call clients
6. Train the ally
7. Leave a bit early to work out
8. Come back at 7:00 for the Safety Walk
9. Another Curb??


Kayla, Thursday

(I don't normally dress like this!)

1. Get gas
2. Drive to Columbus
3. Vacant Building Conference all day
4. Drive home
5. Work out / dinner/ more episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm

P.S. For all the Jon and Kate fans out there, proof that the Goslin family has finally MADE it--a paparazzi-type shot of them was featured in US Weekly.


Kayla, Tuesday evening 7:45-8:00

Kayla, Tuesday

1. Met with 5/3 about volunteer project
2. Housing Team meeting in 2 minutes
3. Affordable Housing Advocates meeting at noon
4. Meet with health inspectors at client's apartment
5. Call to start discussing financial lit w/childhood program staff
6. Discuss leverage letter for tenant ed program
7. home/work out/dinner
8. Read The Monsters of Templeton

Donnie, Tuesday

1. Over 1,000 for the day!
2. Work :(
3. A workout, with or without the Drummers--as Kayla so astutely pointed out.
4. I am so ready for the school year.


Kayla, Monday

1. Go up the hill to fax since ours is broken--take library books back while i'm there.
2. Update problem property list, prep for Housing Committee, resend agenda
3. Call the woman at Bethany House about Tenant Ed
4. Research OCC grant
5. Call T about problem property
6. Call client about health department
7. Call two people about rent
8. Housing Committee until about 7:30
9. Home for pizza


Donnie, Thursday

1. Halloween Revision
2. Work on the New Balance Floor
3. Work on the Running Spot Floor
4. Hopefully open my email to a School Board Fellows acceptance letter.
5. Homerun
6. Spear some fish for dinner.
7. Watch my cousin run the 400 meters.


Kayla, Wednesday morning

Be Ware
Sells food stamps

This was all over the neighborhood when I got to work this morning. Someone was mad!

*click to enlarge!!!

Donnie, Wednesday

1. Work
2. Dinner
3. Find some ice because I have track fever!

Kayla, Wednesday

1. Fax information to Brickstone
2. Print agendas and sign in sheet
3. Follow up on Housing Committee agenda and Friday meeting
4. Meet painting contractor at 9:30
5. Get food for resident association
6. Resident association from 11-12
7. Library, Bank, make lunch
8. Site meeting at 1:00
9. Meet with P to talk about CPOP projects at 2:45
10. Add foreclosure data to grant application
11. Home/ work out/ walk zo
12. Pasta? Rice and Squash?
13. I'm starting to zone out on the Olympics, sorry.


Donnie, Tuesday

1. Finished some revision of Halloween story
2. Working
3. Working out
4. Working it all out


Donnie, Monday

1. Struggling to write a single sentence--Doh!
2. I will face the inevitable--work.
3. Hopefully work will be slow so that I can enjoy more of, "What I talk about When I talk about running" which is fantastic!
4. Run after work because before work didn't work.
5. Olympics

Kayla, Monday

1. Print, deliver resident association newsletter
2. Send out agenda for Housing Committee meeting
3. Remind B about Housing CAT
4. Call painter
5. Training all afternoon with the allies
6. Home/ work out/ walk Zo
7. Dinner?
8. Olympics? Jon and Kate?


Kayla and Donnie, Sunday

1. Run
2. Grocery
3. See if Super Cuts is open
4. Clean up
5. Maggie and Jennie's Apartment-Warming Party


Kayla, every day from now on


This is the funniest freakin thing I have seen in forever.

Donnie, Friday

1. Work
2. Eat and Olympics

Kayla, Friday

1. Shopping for E's going away present
2. Check emails and voicemails
3. Cabana on the River


Donnie, Wednesday

1. I am writing, hoping that this is all headed in the right direction, or, at least in some direction.
2. Read a little of "The Tennis Handsome"
3. Work
4. Mmmmm.... Tofu and stir fry: I will try not to leave the pan burning when I leave the room.
5. The Olympics: I'm ready for some track enough of the guppies.

Kayla, Thursday

1. I'm baby sitting a 3-month old until 10:00. Not in my job description but not a problem! She started to get fussy so I gave her a roll of masking tape.
2. Follow up w ith landlords
3. Pick up e's envelope, take to Sedamsville
4. Talk to P about landlord project
5. Return phone calls
6. Library
7. Home/work out/ stir fry with tofu for dinner
8. Read "The Drunkard's Walk"


Kayla, Wednesday

1. Find an appropriate outfit
2. Emails/ voicemail
3. Take E's going away present envelope to PAC
4. Foreclosure flyers
5. Meeting with ally
6. Site meeting
7. Meeting to talk about mural content and style
8. Meeting with client about budget, rent payment plan
9. Civic Meeting in Sedamsville
10. Meet Donnie to eat some pizza


Pacer, Saturday

Donnie blows the competition out of the water!

Kayla finishes the Price Hill Pacer--Donnie was nice enough to join me at the chute!

Donnie, Tuesday

1. Slept way too late! 9 a.m--I still don't feel like I have gotten back into any kind of rhythm after traveling this weekend.

2. Jogged 4 miles

3. Read outside for a couple.

4. Wrote 1,500--Getting Closer!

5. Worked on revision of "Halloween"

6. Write up application for School Board Fellowship

7. Workout at Ault Park 1K loop X 10

8. Patty Dinner

9. Roundtable discussion with Charlie Rose and Kayla

Kayla, Tuesday

1. 8:00 meeting at the United Way
2. Foreclosure flyer-ing
3. Sign ally contract
4. Follow up with 4-5 landlords and tenants
5. Make sure a going away card gets in the collection plate for E
6. Visit market-rate tenants to talk about homebuyer training
7. Home/ Work out/ Walk Zo
8. Dinner: salmon patties and mac and cheese? pasta with red peppers? stir fry?

*For the first time in MONTHS i did not watch jon and kate on a monday. I was too tired to listen to screaming children.


Donnie, Monday

1. Rush to work
2. Home for a quick lunch, and also I will let Zola out.
3. Cross my fingers that the last half of the day isn't a disaster.
4. Eat those tacos.
5. Recount the wedding; feel really lucky to have my sweet.

Kayla, Monday

1. Green space walking tour
2. Follow up with clients from Tenant Ed
3. Figure out a going away present for E
4. Reconcile advance checks
5. Partners meeting at 4:00
6. Home/ work out/ walk Zo
7. Veggie tacos for dinner
8. Hear all about the wedding!


Kayla, Sunday

1. Laundry
2. Grocery
3. Cleaning
4. Exercise
5. Cooking
6. Read


Kayla, Saturday


Done List:
1. Ran the Pacer. I must comment. At 24:30 I was 25th out of 52. Which means about half of the participants did better than me and half did worse. I was the fourth woman finisher. But my mile average was under eight minutes so even if everybody had beat me I would still feel good about it. Donnie was first out of everybody. yay!

2. Taught Tenant Education class. We had more people than ever before--15. It may have been too many. I'm exhausted and do not miss teaching first grade.
3. Cleaned up after my students.

To Do List:
1. zone out
2. Maybe Maggie will invite me over to see her new apartment sometime in the future?


Kayla, Friday

1. E's last day at work :-(
2. Take all my Tenant Ed stuff to Price Hill Will
3. Make a few more reminder calls (people that I had talked to Wednesday that it would have been weird to call and remind on Thursday)
4. Leftover lunch at PAC
5. Enter Housing Goals and data analysis (I know, I was going to do it yesterday)
6. Take a couple books back to the library, pick up my holds
7. Reds game with co-workers


Kayla, Thursday

1. Work on Housing Goals data
2. Talk to client about apartments
3. Make reminder calls for class
4. Put together booklets, notebooks, charts
5. United Way Kickoff meeting
6. Meet with client
7. Home to work out
8. Back to Sedamsville for Housing Committee meeting
9. Home again for a lovely dinner

Donnie, Thursday

1. Q: So what happened to yesterday?

2. Writing! Hopefully at least 1 grand
3. Read some more of "The Baby Tree"
4. Work
5. Cook the dinner
6. Jeopardy! Solo with a calculator--hopefully I can beat the Canadian.
7. Dinner with Kayla


Kayla, Wednesday

1. Bind Tenant Ed books
2. Work on data
3. Edit website
4. Meet with two clients
5. Work out
6. Dinner and Jeopardy
7. Read


Donnie, Tuesday

1. It is way too hot and humid!
2. Run
3. Cool off

Kayla, Tuesday

1. Housing Team meeting
2. Meet with two clients
3. Put together packets for tonight's Housing Forum
4. Apartment list for client
5. Letter to absentee owner
6. Email bad landlord's name and number to O.V.
7. Look up 648 Neave
8. Follow up on 654 Neave
9. Follow up with real estate agent
10. Pick up van--pay J for Red's tickets
11. Hopefully drive a van full of people to the Housing Forum


Kayla, Monday

1. Edit AAC newsletter, send for first draft changes
2. Follow up on Resident Association newsletter
3. Prep for Community Council
4. Start making copies for Tenant Education booklet
5. Help T pay his rent and electricity bill
6. Talk to client's landlord
7. Pay Sharon back for the chip dip
8. Lunch with Kurt
9. Take back books to library
10. Get materials together for CPOP meeting
11. CPOP and Community Council until about 8:30
12. Home just in time for Jon and Kate


Kayla, Saturday

1. Laundry (we made it two weeks!)
2. Finish draft of AAC newsletter
3. Planning meeting for LPH day
4. Grocery


Kayla, Friday

1. Make myself presentable
2. Present myself at work
3. Meet with client
4. P's going away party (I'm supposed to present some chips...)
5. Work on Tenant Ed book
6. Send individual building lists out to all housing committee members
7. Bank
8. Home/ work out tape/ take Zola out
9. Buy one get one at Jersey Mike's woohoo!
10. Take our subs to the park and enjoy the view?


Donnie, Thursday

1. Rough morning run.
2. Can he write 2,000 words today?
3. Run
4. Lunchy-poo
5. Work
6. Get home late from Dog Yoga--hope Zola is ready for this.

Kayla, Thursday

1. Get my windshield fixed... grrrrr
2. Final public ally interview
3. Submit ranking forms to PA office
4. Get paperwork together for an afternoon of clients
5. Housing Committee follow-up items
6. Get check request signed for client's rental assistance
7. Meet with 3 clients to do income calculator and budget form
8. Drop off bed bug information and going away envelope to N
9. Home/ Kathy Smith exercise tape/ Indian for dinner
10. Maybe a round of jeopardy!
11. Enjoy some leftover birthday cake and FINISH my David Sedaris book
12. Make coffee before i go to bed


Donnie, Wednesday

1. Work and Read until three--Lost In The City
2. Drive to Indy
3. Celebrate Craig's birthday--the first time I have done this in 10 years! I feel old.
4. Return to my sleeping beauty
5. Slumber Party

Kayla, Wednesday

1. Deliver foreclosure outreach flyers door-to-door (did I mention there is a heat alert?)
2. Work on Tenant Education packet
3. Site meeting at 1:00
4. Do a budget/spending tracker with client at 2:00
5. Bank, library
6. Home/ work out/ take zola to the park/ eggs for dinner
7. When you are engulfed in flames...


Donnie, Tuesday

1. Wrote 500
2. Work (I read books now while I work!)
3. Earth Drummers Practice
4. Dinner w/ my sweet
5. Meeting

Kayla, Tuesday

1. Housing Team meeting at 9:30. Discuss: PNC bank financial literacy classes, Town Hall meeting on healthy homes, painters insurance, partnering with hispanic social services for tenant ed, NY Bank.
2. Interview ally candidate
3. Get trash can info to J
4. Make sure client's son will qualify for subsidized housing
5. Homing from work on my lunch break: Find out why our DUKE bill was $0 (I've seen too many people not follow up and get stuck with it later), try to register for Price Hill Pacer, see if my insurace will cover a cracked windshield, make doctor's appointment
6. Home/Work out/ Make pasta with red peppers
7. Jeapordy!
8. Work on my David Sedaris book


Kayla, Back At It

I'm going to have to move quick today to get all this finished!

1. Return lots of email messages, phone calls from being away. This will take longer that it seems like it should
2. Work on Sedamsville building list update
3. Call client to schedule in-home tenant ed
4. Make chart to rank allies, call back two more for interviews
5. Call M to get her into new houses
6. Prep for LPH Housing Committee tonight--minutes, agendas, problem property update, resource guide. argh.
7. Interview ally candidate
8. Call for AAC articles
9. Bank
10. Library
11. LPH Housing Committee
12. Who will get home first to make a frozen pizza? TBD!
13. Jon and Katie and their babies!


Kayla, Wednesday

1. Instruct high school students on the art of taping and painting
2. Interview potential ally at 11:00
3. Get served by the upper management at 12:00
4. Meet with PNC bank about financial education for clients at 3:00
5. Public Nuisance Hearing at 6:30
6. Maybe leave for Michigan at 8:00 or 8:30

Donnie, Wednesday

1. Pack
2. Sweep
3. Dog food
4. Cat box
5. Secure Attic
6. Office Space
7. Request Feline Assistance
8. Work
9. Leave?
10. Ah


Kayla, Tuesday

1. We have a 100 (okay 25) volunteers here, ripping up carpet, painting and landscaping. Yay!
2. Had our Housing Team meeting
3. Going to look at the new Model Houses
4. 2 interviews with Public Ally finalists
5. Going to the Community Development forum at 5:30
6. Pizza?


Donnie, Monday

1. Shake these caffeine jitters and read a few pages of "The Woman In The Dunes"
2. Work at the spot
3. Dinner and Jeopardy
4. Writing time-- maybe even at the expense of J and K+8

Kayla, Monday

1. Fax landlord statement to property manager
2. Call Neave landlord
3. Client catch-up
4. Reserve van for August 5th
5. Send out Housing Committee agenda
6. Ask Emily about trip #2 to the convent
7. Mail our rent check
8. Maybe take client to look at apartments
9. Finish resource guide
10. Finish Sedamsville property list
11. Library
12. Work out/ dinner/ Jeopardy


Donnie, Sunday

1. Phone Call With Brother
2. Work
3. Grocery
4. 15 miler


Kayla, Saturday

If I don't have a plan I might just surf the web all day...

1. Go to work to see whose resumes were submitted for the PA job
2. While I'm there add sale date and price to the problem property spreadsheet
3. Finish the resource guide for resident code enforcement
4. Come home, maybe have some rice for dinner
5. Tics were already purchased for The Dark Knight so I think I have to go see it
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