Donnie, Tuesday

Title: No Time to Waste
Author: Donald Leroy Warner III

1. He begins his day by reading "Bluebeards's Egg" by Margaret Atwood.
2. The stack of student papers frightens him so he grades three at a time, hoping this quota is manageable.
3. Flicks of snow in the window beckon him to join their momentary existence, outside; he runs.
4. Alas, the stack remains--three more papers.
5. The book he pries open declares the Gulf War never happened. His head hurts.
6. Sniffed by the dog, he realizes that the shower awaits him!
7. He ponders what class will hold for him.
8. If the snow cometh he will run from home.
9. His is a story inside of a story and that story (the one on the inside) needs to be finished by Thursday; tonight he will work until the end is clear.

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Kayla and Donnie said...

wow! very good!

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