Kayla, Friday

ugh... why am i working more hours??

1. Prep for meeting
2. Meet with LPH Community Council President and Price Hill Will to talk about Neighborhood Business District Improvement program
3. While I'm there I need to ask Jack if he can deliver a little speech at the ribbon cutting
4. Send out LPH Housing Committee Agenda
5. Send out Ribbon Cutting info to CDC Association
6. Put petition and posters in my car
(can I do all this before noon????)
7. Eat a bite
8. Home to run
9. Clean or work on my Adopt A Class to-do list
10. Despite my better judgment and my coach's advice I think I'm in the mood for a little wine tasting. Who else is going?? What time?

1 comment:

Susan said...

Wayne and I have a wedding tonight, but I heard that Jennie and Maggie are going at 6.

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