Kayla, Friday

My 4th official day off! HA!

1. Add to our United Way outcome reporting "comments on results"
2. Attend the Public Allies "Presentations of Learning" at a church in Mt. Auburn
3. Start on next week's to-do list
4. AAC meetings at 2:00, 2:45, and 3:30
5. Home/ work out/ dinner


Kayla, Thursday

Back to work... sort of
1. Emails, brief catch up on the things I was supposed to do the last couple of days
2. Take M to section 8 appointment
3. 3-way with ally and her program manager
4 Find out if CMHA board meeting is canceled for tonight
5. Copy the recipes I want to make from the Rachel Ray magazine
6. Maybe work on cleaning out the basement
7. Get out a Paint the Town application
8. Either go to the Board Meeting with tenants or go hoem to work out
9. Spinach Casserole for dinner


Kayla, Snow Day!

1. Took Zola on her annual snow walk
2. Make some yummy corn chowder
3. Cleaned
4. Took back my late library books and paid my first ever fine (20 cents)
5. Cleaning out my inbox
6. Going to help Kurt put his cubicle together
7. Home/ work out/ solo dinner

(I had this picture taken yesterday... look for it in the upcoming place matters newsletter...haha)


Donnie, Monday

1. Teach
2. Write 90 minutes
3. Updike work
4. Home
5. ROPES reading
6. Run #2
7. Paris is Burning
8. Dinner
9. Read David
10. Nighty night


Donnie, Friday

1. Taught.
2. Run, Rabbit
3. Response
4. Get lunch
5. Krogering
6. Drive to Bloomington
8. Get home late.

Kayla, Friday

1. Bank, Library
2. Wrap up weekly stuff, return calls and voicemails
3. Go to work at AAC about 12:30 until 4:00ish
4. Home/ work out
5. Is anybody wine tasting??


Kayla, Thursday

1. Finish Housing Committee minutes
2. Make new data collection sheet for monthly reporting
3. Call guy at Model
4. Doctor
5. Work on compiling homeowner list
6. Work out
7. Meeting at WIN at 6:30


Kayla, Wednesday

1. Start typing up minutes from last night's housing committee meeting
2. Call WIN about Thursday's planning meeting
3. Call the Homeownership Center
4. Get Panera for Resident Association meeting
5. Attend Resident Association meeting
6. Site meeting at 1:00
7. Finish typing Housing Committee minutes
8. Home/ work out/ rice and tofu for dinner


Donnie, Tuesday

1. Finish writing response to The Edible Woman
2. Read Hillary's story
3. Read some more of the most expensive book I have ever owned.
4. Provide feedback on my class's blogs
5. Listen to inauguration
6. Attend class
7. Draft letter of intent for fellowship
8. Read some more of that expensive book
9. Earth Drummers Practice
10. I would love to have a few minutes to write (creatively) this evening.

Kayla, Tuesday

1. Housing Team meeting at 9:30
2. Talk about United Way Reporting and new data collection with B
3. Prep for LPH Housing Committee
4. Get rent check
5. Budget with client
6. Eat my peanut butter sandwich and listen to the inaguaration
7. Housing Committee until 7:30
8. Home for pizza


Kayla, MLK Day

Working at AAC on my day off!

1. Finished all the AAC updates... the system is a MESS
2. Need to make Adopter, Principal, School Coordinator, Team Leader spreadsheets for Celebration breakfast
3. Save the Date email
4. Survey Monkey
5. Adopter Assessment
6. February Update
7. Back to Santa Maria to get out flyers for Wednesday meeting (I have no time to do it tomorrow and Wednesday will be too late)
8. Home to have my bean soup which took all freakin day to make yesterday. Maybe stop and get some bread and salad to go with it.
9. 5:00 meeting canceled!


Kayla, Sunday

1. Read on the heat vent for a couple hours
2. Make two bean dishes--bean soup and fancy beans and rice for later this week
3. Laundry
4. Work out
5. Obsessively check the blog of a woman I never met who's baby is in critical condition! www.kellyskornerblog.com
6. Making rice noodles with green onion and broccoli for dinner


People Say I Look Like


Kayla, Friday

2. Landlord sent somebody over, fixed within 2 hours.
3. Cleaned
4. Went to the library and got "Multiple Bl8ssings"
5. Worked for a couple hours
6. Have an AAC meeting at 3:00
7. Home/ work out/ finish cleaning
8. Auntie Leesa and others coming over to celebrate Mark's b-day


Donnie, Thursday

1. Type critique
2. FInish CR reading
3. Edible Woman--just started Part II and it is dragging a bit
4. Work on some writing
5. Get workshopped
6. Get home before I turn to ice.
7. Eat, salad.

Kayla, Thursday

1. Divy (sp?) up the client calls
2. Ally surveys
3. Call Tenant Advocacy clients again, print directions to meeting
4. Call developer
5. Make certificate for House of the month
6. Attend "Communicating Your Program's Value" session at the United Way
7. Home at 4:00, work out, make a big salad for dinner
8. Read "The Year of Living Biblically"


D. Leroy, Wednesday

People say I look like...

1. Taught
2. Read some Edible Woman
3. Bite 2 eat
4. Asistir class
5. Listen to poetry reading
6. Hit the mill
7. Smash
8. Crash

Kayla, Wednesday


Donnie!, Tuesday

1. The exclamation mark was not an accident.
2. Shake off my morning meeting jitters and get to work.
2. Edit Updike response.
3. Provide Peter with a few words about working with the Cincinnati Review.
4. Off to UC for class--participate profusely.
5. I really need to blow off some steam on the mill tonight.
6. Quick stop at home to greet my sweet.
7. Back to UC for Scott Cairns's lecture.
8. Hopefully get home and have enough time to begin my statement of purpose for teaching job.

Kayla, Tuesday

1. Clean out email inbox
2. Housing Team meeting with People Working Cooperatively
3. Make Resident Association Flyer
4. Call Tenant Advocacy clients
5. Send out LPH Housing Committee Agenda
6. Library/Bank
7. Look up Sedamsville Developer
8. Client follow up
9. Home/ WORK OUT/ indian or something for dinner
10. I FINALLY finished the 3 Fates, so I have nothing to read.


Kayla, Monday

1. Call homeownership center to find out about IDA
2. Make Resident Association Flyer
3. Confirm LPH Housing Committee meeting for next week
4. Call landlord about client lease
5. Work on United Way reporting
6. Financial Stability meeting at Price Hill Will
7. Meet with client about Homes at Hillside Place
8. Home/ work out/ reheat dinner
9. Jon and Kate


Kayla, Friday

1. Went to meeting with Historic Preservation lady at PHW
2. Caught up on emails
3. Had an early lunch
4. Need to make Tenant Ed charts and reminder calls
5. Meet with Brian at 2:00 to learn AAC database
6. Work out
7. Wine with Emily and Kurt if Kurt doesn't ditch us again!


Donnie, Thursday

1. Write response to John Updike's The Poorhouse Fair
2. Transcribe ROPES notes
3. Read Recovered Body by Scott Cairns
4. Read lecture notes
5. Grading
6. Dust off the old resume
7. Hit the, hopefully not icy, roads.
8. workshop
9. maybe drinks and dinner?
10. maybe home and work


Kayla, Wednesday

1. Having an extra hour in the morning makes a huge difference. So far I have: jogged Zola 2 miles, vacuumed the whole apartment, washed dishes, cleaned the cat box.
2. Meeting at the United Way at 10:00 to learn data input method for United Way Reporting
3. Follow up about Sedamsville buildings
4. Start making list of Section 8 Tenants
5. Client follow up
6. Work on LPH homeowner list
7. 1:00 Site Meeting
8. 2:00-3:00 United Way Reporting
9. Home/ work out
10. Heat up the spinach rice casserole I made on Sunday
11. Start first draft of Adopt A Class newsletter

Donnie, Wednesday

1. Teach those kids
2. Read some
3. Attend class
4. Read some--more.
5. Run 10-12 because I skipped my morning run
6. Enjoy a deliciously thawed spinach casserole.


Kayla, Tuesday

1. Housing Team meeting at 9:30
2. Contact Health Department about building with no water
3. Call potential homeowners
4. Make a new "ongoing projects" list
5. Call loan officer about client mortgage
6. Meet with Kurt
7. Take client to look at apartment
8. Home/ work out/ dinner

Donnie, Tuesday

1. Skipped my morning run and read The Edible Woman
2. Caught up on the news.
3. Breakfast bagel
4. Write for a couple
5. Prepare lesson for tomorrow
6. Request letters of recommendation for 7hills
7. Leave for class
8. Return from class
9. Take care of odds and ends
10. Earth drummers
11. Dinner!


Kayla, Monday

1. Clean up around here
2. Count numbers for outcomes
3. Print out Rental Rehab application for tonight
4. Prepare for LPH Community Council
5. Post office/ library
6. CPOP at 6:00
7. Community Council at 7:00
8. Home in time for Jon and Kate and quiche

Donnie, Monday

1. Find out where my class is meeting.
2. Teach.
3. Library-read The Edible Woman/Write
4. Lunch- I may or may not leave the library for this
5. Head home
6. Running Spot mailing lists
7. Run #2 (Take Zola for a couple)
8. Earth Drummers meeting
9. Enjoy Kayla's delicious quiche.
10. Watch whatever Kayla wants to watch because I didn't do any chose this morning :(


Curtis, Saturday

Kay, Saturday and Sunday

1. Had Helping Hands
2. Need to clean up after Curtis
3. Workout twice
4. Laundry
5. Do the January budget and allocated spending plan with Donnie (a few days late)
6. Attend the Running Spot dinner
7. Call for articles for Adopt A Class newsletter and teacher assessment
8. Make a couple dinners--probably a quiche for Monday and a casserole for Sunday
9. No more Christmas crafting wooo hooo!!!!
10. Try to finish The Baby Thief


Donnie and Special Guest--Curtis, Friday

1. Woke up and criticized literature.
2. Helped Zola with her reading homework.
3. Figure out something to do.
4. Donnie work.
5. Adam wine taste?
6. Watch Milk

Kayla, Friday

1. Took client to get rent check
2. Taking client to apply for mortgage
3. Use Donnie's Wendy's gift card for lunch since I didn't have time to pack. Thanks Donnie!!! Thanks Maggie!!!
4. Meet up with Kurt and Emily?
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