Kayla, Thursday

1. Housing Team meeting at 9:30
2. Meet with Diana about Business District project at 10:30
3. Meet with client at 11:30
4. Emails
5. Read draft of grant application online
6. See if we're able to have barge petitions at the Home and Garden Fair/ Pacer
7. 3-Way w/ Allies
8. Home/ Run--what's on my docket coach?/ People Food for dinner
9. Adopt A Class stuff


Kayla, Friday

1. Ran 3 miles
2. Need to work with Jake
3. Need to call some people back
4. Need to organize my papers
5. Need to drop off rent at post office
6. Pick up some magazines for the ride tomorrow
7. I would like to go to the wine tasting but I have to race tomorrow.


Wine = Fast Running



Kayla, Thursday

1. Finish Housing Committee Follow-up
2. Return phone calls
3. Reds Game during lunch 11:15-2:15
4. Back to work, change out of my Reds T-shirt
5. Greater Cincinnati Foundation Grant Reception from 3:00-5:00
6. Back to LPH for a Barge Terminal Meeting until 7:00
7. Home/ Lasagna for dinner

Donnie, Thursday

1. Quick hours 8-:45
2. Allies 9:30-??
3. Home for thesis completion exercise
4. dinner


Kayla, Wednesday

1. Teach class at shelter
2. Latino meeting--get numbers
3. Site meeting--bring potluck sign up
4. Make sure Jake gets a data sheet
5. Send Housing Committee follow-up to Diana
6. Meet with 2 clients
7. Home/ speed workout/ make a quiche
8. Adopt A Class stuff


Kayla, Tuesday

1. Client follow-ups
2. Housing Team Meeting at 9:30
3. Meet with Jess
4. Prep for LPH Housing Committee
5. Do some TUT follow-up
6. Run to the bank
7. Housing Committee from 6:00-7:30
8. Home for Sweet Potato and Leek Casserole

Sweet Potato and Leek Casserole

2 medium sweet potatoes
3 leeks (white and light green parts)
5 garlic cloves
Rosemary (I used the kind in my spice rack)
Brown Rice
Sharp Cheddar (grated)
Spinach (couple handfuls)

1. Cook brown rice in steamer
2. Saute leeks and garlic in oil until soft. Add a tablespoon of rosemary at the end.
3. Microwave sweet potatoes for about 4 minutes until just soft enough to work with. Peel and cube.
4. When rice is done, combine rice, leek/garlic mixture, sweet potatoes, spinach, and about half of the cheddar cheese.
5. Pour into buttered casserole. Top w/remaining cheese. Bake for about 30 minutes on 425 until sweet potatoes are cooked. (you might want to stir halfway through or cover with foil)

Donnie, Tuesday

1. Write 9:10-11:10
2. Get ready for day 1 of work! 11:30-12:00
3. Enter grades 12:00-12:15
4. Orientation 1:00-???
5. Home for hill workout= 4 miles @ 5:30 and 10 X 40 second hills
6. Put in the casserole
7. Take the pencils out of my laundry basket
8. Write response


Donnie, Monday

1. Class + hours
2. Home for writing/editing
3. Reading: Kiss of The Spider Woman
4. Run
5. Drummers meeting
6. Dinner
7. Chit Chat

Does the Bachelor start tonight? Or do I have one more week?


Kayla, Friday

1. Call Backs
2. Library
3. Meet with Bill
4. Home/ maybe do a tape?
5. Celebrate!


Kayla, Thursday

1. Finished PA applications--waiting for Barb to revise
2. Need to make charts for Monday's class at Interfaith
3. Client call-backs
4. Tracy's Baby Shower
5. Oyler Fest
6. Home/ waiting on my run instructions from my coach
7. People Food for dinner (sorry)

Donnie, Thursday

1. Keep on trucking! I am not leaving bed until noon! Write...Write...Write
2. Upon leaving bed, I shall drive to Newport and get the book that I need. (1:00pm)
3. Lesson plan for tomorrow/grade entry
4. Run
5. Back to more editing! I love that I have a deadline--it's really stressing me out.
6. Maybe I will hear from _F_ today?
7. Din din with Kaykay mmmmmm....
8. More editing


Donnie, Wednesday

1. Office hours went until noon!
2. more office hours at 3
3. Writing in between
4. class until 7
5. quick run after class?
6. more writing...

Kayla, Wednesday

1. Meet with Jake about RFP and logic model
2. Meet with Jess to finalize timeline for service project
3. Mail Landlord letters
4. Latino Housing Meeting
5. I forgot my lunch
6. Site meeting at 1:00
7. The latest book by Jen Lancaster (author of BRIGHT LIGHTS BIG ASS) is out and ready for me to pick up at the library
8. Home/ Run a slow (I won't say easy, Jennie) 5 miles
9. Shower, veggie lasagna for dinner, make pasta salad for Tracy's babyshower


Donnie, Tuesday

1. Interview
2. finish response
3. write
4. earth drummers
5. blah

Kayla, Tuesday

1. Housing Team Meeting at 9:30
2. Work with the new guy some more
3. Make Tenant Ed booklets
4. Update 2009-2010 Public Ally Partner Organization Application
5. Webinar on "Underbanked Consumers" at 3:00 Central Time, which means it's at... what time??
6. Home/ no RUNNING!!! woohoo a day off--thanks coach!
7. Maybe do a workout video
8. People Food or FFYS (Fend For Yourself!)
9. Force myself to work on some Adopt A Class projects


Kayla, Monday

1. Get the Mount St. Joe student trained and oriented
2. Send TUT mailing
3. Send LPH Housing Committee info to members
4. Run the Pacer Route after work
5. Potato and Carrot tacos for dinner

Potato and Carrot Tacos

2 potatoes
5 carrots
White Beans like pinto
Hot sauce
Taco fixings: shredded lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream--whatever you want

1. Make rice in steamer
2. Cube and boil potatoes and carrots
3. When rice is done, mix in veggies, beans, and hot sauce
4. Serve in warm taco shells with fixings


Kayla, Friday

1. Ran 5
2. Walked Zo
3. Finished AAC newsletter draft
4. Need to return calls
5. Send out LPH Agenda
6. TUT mailing
7. Put Tenant Ed stuff in car
8. Return library books
9. Fax something for Chelsea
10. Wine?


Kayla, Thursday

No list today, just a recipe.

Standard Diner Mac and Cheese (The Sort-of Healthy Version)

Two boxes low-fat Velveeta Mac and Cheese
Can of diced jalepenos
Bag of frozen peas
Bag of frozen brocoli
Two cans boneless/skinless salmon
Bread crumbs

1. Make mac and cheese by following the instructions on the box
2. Defrost veggies (hot water and strainer method)
3. When mac and cheese is done, mix in veggies, jalepenos, and salmon
4. Pour into large casserole or baking dish
5. Sprinkle with bread crumbs
6. FREEZE for later, or bake for 30 minutes on 350.


Donnie, Thursday

Okay, so I realize I have been absent for a little while now, but I'm back for good this time...every day for the next month.

1. Ran
2. Wrote 1,000 with another 1,000 coming later
3. Laundary--12:30-2:00
4. Read Watchmen
5. Run with Reis
6. Clean this house!
7. Write 1,000
8. Call S to schedule meeting with C.--I feel like I've made it now that I have to use initials.
9. Work with my consultant


Kayla, Wednesday

1. Agenda for LPH Housing Committee
2. Prep for financial ed task force--read agenda, gather info
3. Latino meeting
4. City Council Meeting
5. Financial Education Task Force
6. Home, should I:

1. Do the speed workout as planned?
2. Run an easy 4?
3. Do a workout vide and then run 2--fast or slow depending on how I feel?

My co-bloggers input is required!!

7. Quiche for dinner

Green onion and spinach quiche recipe

store-bought pie crust
8 eggs
Black pepper
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
1 bunch green onions, chopped
Couple handfuls of spinach

1. Lay out the pie crust in a round baking dish
2. Scramble the eggs, add pepper to taste
3. Chop the onions, add onions and spinach to eggs
4. Stir in the cheese
5. Dump the whole egg, veggie, cheese mixture into the pie crust
6. Bake on 375-400 for about 30 minutes, until eggs are set
7. Serve with salad

SOOOOOO easy for a weeknight. Takes about 10 minutes to prepare (not including baking time).


Kayla, Tuesday

1. Had housing team meeting
2. Need to follow up from last night
3. Get back with 2 clients
4. Prep for Tenant Ed
5. Take client to look at apartment at 2:00
6. Register for River Run and Price Hill Pacer

http://www.santamaria-cincy.org/run.html (for info--and to see my picture)

https://secure.getmeregistered.com/get_information.php?event_id=2472 (to register)

7. Pay bills online
8. Run an easy 3
9. Home, indian for dinner, write press release for AAC


Kayla, Monday

1. Follow up on missed calls and emails from Friday
2. Finish April Data
3. Check in with client looking for housing
4. Finish up advance check/ Helping Hands info to turn in
5. Prep for Community Council
6. Home to run at 4:00
7. Back to LPH for Community Council at 7:00
8. Home again around 9:00ish
9. People Food casserole in pita bread with salad for dinner

The beauty of People Food is that it can be adapted in countless ways. Mix leftovers with some cheese and freeze for a casserole that can be reheated! Yum?
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