Donnie, Friday

1. I taught my class and we got into a heated debate about which is worse selling drugs or abusing children? Awkward.
2. Reading and writing critiquhttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifes
3. Finish the Desert Walk story (thanks to Kayla for liking the first paragraph! that was sweet)
4. Start building the panopticon
5. Run 8 miles and feel good that I'm not this guy.

We're related:

Quinn Davis wrote at 5:03pm
push shit over all night and tell everyone you're the force of gravity.

Kayla, Friday

1. Dropped off Obama cards
2. Went to public nuisance hearing
3. Need to get Helping Hands supplies from Home Depot/ print out paperwork
4. Call a couple people about managing Neave building
5. Take client to get housing application
6. Library/ Bank/ Post Office
7. If I have time I'll start making booklets for Tenant Ed
8. Home/ Work out/ Dinner (pizza, jambalaya, quiche?)


Kayla, Thursday

1. Movers come to take old cubicles, give us new pretty ones for the shared offices.
2. I need to get some Helping Hands projects!!
3. Supposed to do house ratings... will it happen?
4. Supposed to go to lunch with Carol... will i have time?
5. Need to follow up with everybody about the apartment building that we're thinking of taking on, contact the real estate lawyers
6. Find out if we're doing Tenant Ed at the shelter next week
7. Supposed to have Halloween here this afternoon... ugh.
8. Get stuff together for Public Nuisance Hearing tomorrow.
9. Home/ work out/ dinner
10. Finish the Obama postcard campaign


Dinner, Wednesday

Baked penne with squash, zucchini, and spinach. oregano and red chili inside and mozzarella and bread crumbs on top.

Donnie, Tuesday

1. Already workshopped and now I will begin writing.
2. Begin the Invisible Man after writing.
3. Head Home
4. Drummers
5. Home for the evening, maybe I will save Kayla from those awful Mulvaneys, and suggest we watch the biggest loser.

Kayla, Tuesday

1. 9:30 site meeting
2. Follow up about community service project
3. Follow up w/ CMHA family sustainability program
4. Follow up w/ potential homeowner
5. Follow up w/ Storrs homeowner
6. Get check to Jim
7. AHA meeting at noon
8. Meet with tenant at 2:30
9. Meet with landlord at 3:00
10. Home/ work out/ dinner
11. Wade through the Mulvaneys, ugh.

Emer, Tuesday

I had to turn the computer upside down to take this picture because Emer is IN THE CEILING.


Donnie, Monday

1. Taught after the bus was 30 minutes late!
2. 2nd readings of classmate's stories
3. Finish Jews without Money
4. Eat lunch here at UC
5. Attend academic job forum?
6. Go home
7. Run
8. Conference call?

Kayla, Monday

1. Start helping hands
2. Get Model application for client
3. Call Section 8's homeowner program
4. Thank you notes for landlord forum participants
5. Follow up on emails
6. Try to schedule meeting about community service project
7. Prepare for Housing Committee
8. Housing Committee until about 8:00
9. Leftovers for dinner


Dinner, Sunday

Enchiladas... no matter how hard i try i can't take an appetizing picture. :-( I swear they taste so much better than they look.


Dinner, Saturday

tuna salad sandwich and curly fries (previously frozen)

Kayla, Weekend

When Zola jumped on my cheapo coat the button popped off, which forced me to go downstairs, scrounge up some needle and thread and put a couple other sewing projects on the weekend to-do list.

1. Had Make a Difference Day--planted 300 bulbs
2. Got a cheapo coat at Steve and Barry's
3. Need to work out
4. Laundry
5. Exchange the fan for the space heater in storage
6. Probably make enchiladas on Sunday
7. Sew two pairs of ripped pants and a torn neckline on a sweater
8. Clean
9. Read
10. Relax for an extra hour because I don't have to go grocery shopping this weekend. Woo hoo!


Kayla, Friday

1. Go through emails
2. When it stops raining for a second I need to get all the volunteer supplies out of my car and into the office
3. Organize Landlord Forum paperwork
4. Update client retention data
5. Pass out flyers for Make a Difference Day
6. Make copies of releases/ sign in sheet to put into data
7. List open lead orders, add lead to the agenda
8. Fill out Letter of Intent in draft form
9. Cash my AAC check and an old reimbursement
10. Tonight we're coat shopping at Goodwill and Steve and Barrys


Donnie, Thursday

1. Cin Cin
2. Home
3. Read
4. Work
5. Drinks
6. Sleep

Kayla, Thursday

1. Get ready for Landlord Forum: get refreshments, print agendas and slideshows, make a sign in sheet and a feedback form.
2. Meet with clients
3. Figure out what to do about Community Service Project today
4. Email volunteers about Saturday
5. United Way meeting from 3:00-4:30
6. Landlord Forum from 6:30-8:00


Kayla, Wednesday

1. Eating a bean burrito
2. Getting ready for site meeting
3. Visit spanish speaking family with spanish speaking organizer
4. House Ratings

Sweet I tried to call you but your phone rang in my purse!

Donnie, Wednesday

1. Teach
2. Catch up on work and continue writing "Life on a Record"
3. Class
4. Home
5. Run 10
6. I will put this out there: I can make a meal from the right hand column tonight.
7. I wouldn't mind watching some TV


Donnie, Tuesday

1. Workshop
2. Bus it home
3. Jews without Dinero
4. Jews without Dinero response
5. Catch up on grading
6. Work on a new short story because the novel is getting to me.
7. Baba Budans?

Kayla, Tuesday

1. Help J schedule conference room
2. Housing Team meeting at 9:30
3. Discuss 2009 goals and beyond
4. Send out Wish List if it checks out
5. Mail our rent
6. Make a Difference Day Supply Pick Up
7. Quick dinner night from the left hand side of the list


Dinner, Monday

XMAS Pasta (spinach pasta with red peppers--get it, it's red and green?)

Donnie, Monday

1. I taught.
2. I am climbing this mountain of work, without a jacket, and it's getting colder as I get closer to the top.
3. I'm going to run today, how far? I do not know.
4. Kayla doesn't have a meeting tonight, so I don't have to prepare one of the approved meals from my side of the dinner list, thankfully.
5. I will make sure to ask Kayla if she ever figured out how to hang that coat hanger?


Dinner, Sunday

spinach and onion quiche with mozzarella


Kay's Weenend To-Do-List

In No Particular Order:

1. Get two weeks of groceries (as a time-saving experiment), go to Walgreens
2. Laundry
3. Vacuum the house, clean
4. Take summer dresses out of the closet and replace with sweaters
5. Organize under the sink and all the kitchen cupboards
6. Read Ruby Payne's "A Framework for Understanding Poverty"
7. Read "America's Cheapest Family"
8. Finish "We Were the Mulvaney's"
9. Read 10 US Weeklies and People Magazines
10. Watch "Raising Victor Vargas"
11. Take Zola to Ault Park
12. Workout at least twice
13. Go to the office and check my email--see if the AAC news is ready for a 2nd draft
14. Solve the problem of the collapsing coat hanger
15. Indulge my youtube cravings


Kayla, Friday

1. Pull up carpet and tape for painting WITHOUT volunteers (this is the last time I let someone else handle setting up a volunteer event...grrrr)
2. Fall down tired
3. Shower
4. Get my hair cut
5. Find Donnie a bottle of red wine (and get a new corkscrew)
6. Indian and some hulu.com?


Dinner, Thursday

This is the rotini dish with veggie sausage, onion, and jalapenos. It's soooo good. Stir fry the sausage, onion, and pepper while cooking the pasta. When the pasta is done, add it to the stir fry and cook until some of the pasta is crispy and brown! YUM!

Donnie, Thursday

1. Getting as much done as I can
2. A brief run
3. The Spot
4. Dinner
5. The Office!

Kayla, Thursday

1. Bank, library
2. Contact woman about Wish List
3. Work on OCC grant
4. Get quote from Kinkos
5. Oyler community service kids
6. House ratings
7. Work out
8. Dinner
9. The Office?


Dinner, Wednesday

Kayla, Wednesday

1. Finish two-sided flyer for us and Price Hill Will to send home with school kids.
2. Client follow-up and 6-9 month list
3. Follow up on policy proposal
4. Get coffee and danish for resident association
5. Attend resident association meeting
6. Site meeting
7. Other stuff I'm sure
8. Work out!!
9. Dinner--pasta tonight?
10. Debate


Kayla, Tuesday

1. Get foreclosure one-pager for renters from Legal Aid
2. Start writing goals/outcomes for 2009
3. Send out WIN homebuyer training info to potential buyers
4. Respond to comments about LPH junkyard
5. Contact property owner on grand about ceiling caving in
6. Data for September
7. Work on wish list
8. Get paint from Home Depot
9. Pick up supplies for Make A Difference Day from City Hall
10. Home/ Walk Zo/ Dinner--salad, pasta with sausage, pad thai?
11. Maybe catch the Biggest Loser if it doesn't disturb Donnie's homework


Donnie, Monday

1. Teach
2. Read some stories
3. Write a critique
4. Lunch
5. Read some more
6. Head home
7. House of Mirth response
8. Meet and greet with Kayla
9. Din Din

Kayla, Monday

1. Print, deliver Resident Association newsletter.
2. Work on agenda for Resident Association
3. Meet with client about energy assistance options
4. Call client about housing appointment
5. Tenant Education follow-up
6. Go over weekly schedule with public allies
7. Pick up draft of AAC news for editing
8. Get van key, take Sedamsville and LPH Housing Committees to WIN meeting


Donnie, Friday

1. Edit Kayla's memo
2. Teach class
3. Straight home to read and write because I can't hang around here all day.
4. Run after working
5. Dinner
6. Bed early because I feel like I need a good 10 hours.

Kayla, Friday

1. 10-line memo on ways to be more accommodating to my hubby :-)
2. Finish Adopt A Class newsletter
3. Summarize ideas for prosperity center
4. Write up charts for Tenant Ed, reminder calls, load up car
5. Attend Wish List meeting at United Way
6. Home around 3:00
7. Work out/ walk Zo/ dinner

Dinner, Thursday

egg casserole with tomato and chives, home fries


7 Deadly, random, things

1. My heel has a dull pain that reminds me of a xylophone.
2. I like Tom Ashbrook's show On Point.
3. More than likely I was responsible for the disappearance of Bo Warner, age 3.
4. Bo was the name of my family dog when I was a child.
5. The line from Othello Act 3 Scene 3 will always be etched into my memory.
6. When I read stories for the review, I always seem to remember the ones about war veterans returning home for Christmas, they're not that good, but memorable, like after school specials.
7. For a time, my number one ambition was to develop a sitcom for the Disney channel.

Donnie, Thursday

1. Cin Cin Review
2. Lunch at home
3. Spot
4. It will be nice to see Kayla our lives are too busy these days.
5. I'm sorry for not blogging lately.

7 Random Things

okay, i don't know how to link to Jaime's blog or to the cute tag description because i'm technologically deficient, but the game is that i'm supposed to list seven random things. and I tag Donnie, because he hasn't written on this thing in like four days :-(

Seven Random Things:

1. my dog (who is sitting here crying for breakfast) is named after Zola Budd, the Olympic runner who "tripped" another runner in a race.

2. i'm pretty competitive, and not above cheating to win at monopoly. anybody up for a game of monopoly this weekend?

3. my number one pet peeve is when the cat jumps out of the litter box and gets litter on the floor. GRRRRRRRRR!

4. i cannot leave the house unless the bed is made.

5. i am usually dead asleep by 9:15. not by choice, but sheer exhaustion.

6. the last meat i ate before becoming a vegetarian was Wendy's spicy chicken sandwich. i ate it for two years after giving up all other forms of meat. i still crave it some times.

7. i eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch every day. breakfast: yogurt, generic cereal, banana, coffee. lunch: peanut butter sandwich, pear or apple, diet coke. dinners rotate weekly.


Kayla, Wednesday

1. Send out list to building inspector, ask about public/private sidewalk
2. Reserve van for Monday
3. Get out letters for landlord forum
4. Financial Stability meeting at United Way
5. Back to Price Hill for ECS financial literacy session
6. Sedamsville Civic meeting until 8:00
7. Home/ dinner/ drop


Kayla, Tuesday

1. Met w/ Paint the Town
2. Rated Delhi Ave houses
3. Eating lunch
4. Going to meet with shelter
5. Pick up litter grabbers
6. Review notes for financial stability meeting
7. Tell Sedamsville and others about WIN meeting on Monday
8. Do a check request for project supplies
9. Check on Neff house
10. Send landlord flyer out
11. Home/ work out/ walk zo
12. Dinner and debate


Monday, Donnie

1. Read some pages of Mirth.
2. Write a critique.
3. Write an analysis.
4. Lunch time
5. Overview of novel
6. Print and Copy
7. Read more Mirth
8. Head home to take care of our deprived dog.
9. Prepare a wonderful meal within my current range of (limited) proficiency.
10.Watch Kayla enjoy that meal.

Kayla, Monday

1. Talk about landlord forum, assign tasks (make flyer, write letter, etc.)
2. Prep for Community Council and CPOP
3. Start getting ready for Tenant Ed
4. Check in with clients
5. Enter six and nine month follow-ups
6. Meet with the 401k guy to hear all the bad news
7. See if my parking ticket got appealed
8. CPOP at 6:00
9. Community Council at 7:00 until ?
10. Home for Donnie's dinner and Jon and Kate

Sunday, Dinner

Salmon patties, mac and cheese, spinach salad


Kayla, Friday

1. Argue with Donnie about twisting my words. I said Palin was appealing to those who are already inclined to vote for her and Biden's only fault was that knowing he had the debate in the bag before it started, he appeared a bit smug.
2. Read the blogs
3. Get dressed, get to work
4. Meeting with Interfaith about Tenant Ed
5. Pull up carpet
6. Make some calls
7. Start Adopt A Class newsletter draft
8. Home / work out/ dinner

Donnie, Friday

1. Debate with Kayla over the debate: she thinks Biden was smug and Palin was appealing.
2. Teach the kids.
3. Work on work
4. lunching
5. running
6. get home and hope I don't have a sinus infection.


Kayla, Thursday--All Better!

1. Train the new organizer, take her on a tour, introduce her to the VIPs
2. Follow up with PWC
3. Prep for Sedamsville BUilding Committee
4. Go to Oyler to sign contracts with the volunteers
5. Get supplies ready for Helping Hands
6. Home/Walk Zo
7. Back to Sedamsville for Building Committee meeting
8. Hopefully get home in time to see Palin make a fool of herself!!!
9. Eat leftovers


Wednesday Dinner

Kayla, Wednesday

1. Return phone calls
2. House ratings
3. Site meeting
4. Meet with client
5. Help Puck organize parade
6. Home, make dinner (last night I was too sick so we had ice cream for dinner)
7. Read
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