Kayla, New Year's Eve

1. Read "The Dangerous Husband" in the bath
2. Change the sheets
3. Wipe down counters, windowsills
4. Sweep where D missed
5. Paint my nails
6. Sweeny Todd
7. Change into my $17 green cocktail dress
8. Eat something hot, red, and curry-ish at Cumin, drink wine until I'm silly
9. Ring in the new year on the couch in front of the tube

Donnie, New Year's Eve

1. Panera and Denis Johnson

2. Novel Writing

3. Brief Jog

4. Football watching

5. Enjoy Cumin


Donnie, Sunday

1. Spend 50 dollars at Kenwood Mall... Maybe a Fedora?

2. Read Another story from a collection

3. Watch an NFL football game

4. Be nice to my doggie


Donnie, Saturday Evening

1. One more story from 'Animal Crackers' by Hannah Tinti

2. Turn off I Tunes Playlist

3. Try not to vomit

4. Send Kay Kay for TP

5. Sleep Soundly

Kayla, Saturday Afternoon

1. Take the towels out of the dryer
2. Finish the last two pages of What is the What
3. Read pages 32-49 in my affordable housing book
4. Unpack
5. Sanitize flu-infected bathroom/kitchen
6. Find something for dinner?
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