Kayla, Monday

1. Sort Price Hill Surveys by address
2. Follow up on People Working Cooperatively applications
3. Outline Housing Program Power Point for Thursday's Board meeting, get data, work on slides (I reserved most of the day for this)
4. Home/ work out/ Indian and veggies for dinner
5. Edit Drug Free projects and Press Release for AAC--send to Bill
6. Season Finale of Jon and Kate. Rumor has it they hate each other and are getting divorced!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Donnie said...

It's too sad :(

Susan said...

I missed it! What happened?

Kayla and Donnie said...

Well the conflict is that Jon wants to quit the show so that he can go back to being "Just Jon" and Kate loves what she's doing... there may or may not be a Season 5!

Susan said...

I am relieved it's not as bad as it sounded. I have it set to record on Saturday. I watch too many shows on Monday to record it!

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