Kayla, Wednesday

Sorry for the lack of posts--I've been too busy to even make a list. Things to do have just been flying at me like bullets, no time to write them down. :-)

1. Call County Auditor to try to work out a tax bill for a resident
2. Start pulling together Helping Hands projects
3. Make reminder calls about meeting tonight
4. Follow up on burst pipes
5. Print Hilltop letters to Council
6. Supposed to have CAGIS time if Kurt's not still sick
7. Transition Meeting Preparation Meeting at 10:30
8. Site meeting at 1:00
9. Home at 4:00 to work out
10. Back to Sedamsville for the transition meeting with residents and neighbors
11. Home about 8:30 to a reheated spinach casserole, a clean cat box, my sweet doggy and kitty, and my sweet-o.

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