Kayla, Wednesday

1. Clean out inbox
2. Meet with AMOS community organizer
3. Help Sharon fix the "group send" on her Outlook
4. Send out LPH Housing Committee Agenda
5. Type up notes from yesterday's trip to Indy
6. Client follow-up
7. Site meeting at 1:00
8. Take client to look at apartments
9. Check out angelfoodministries.com
10. Follow up on Tax Prep surveys--calls, etc.
11. Sedamsville Civic Association and Building Committee (all in one! to save me a trip!) tonight at 7:00 until about 9:00
12. Home to a reheated rotini casserole, read a little bit of "The Edible Woman"

Maggie, I finished The Reef. After about 200 pages or so I got into it--not bad.

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