Kayla, Friday

1. Go downstairs and do some faxing
2. Revise the program brochure
3. Edit Tenant Ed booklet
4. Return phone calls
5. Start making copies of tenant ed, get binder machine
6. Go through the stack of stuff on my desk
7. Talk to people about Mural Meeting on Monday
8. Call House of the month guy and find out about helping hands
9. Sip one drink at happy hour, lots of chips
10. Drive home no problemo
11. Stir fry for dinner?
12. Read Templton, maybe finish the Defensive Space article


Maggie said...

DO you want to see the Sisterhood movie Sunday @12??

Kayla and Donnie said...

sorry i didn't check this yesterday! whoops. should have sent me a text. donnie just finished running a race. he came in first place. yay!

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