Kay's Weenend To-Do-List

In No Particular Order:

1. Get two weeks of groceries (as a time-saving experiment), go to Walgreens
2. Laundry
3. Vacuum the house, clean
4. Take summer dresses out of the closet and replace with sweaters
5. Organize under the sink and all the kitchen cupboards
6. Read Ruby Payne's "A Framework for Understanding Poverty"
7. Read "America's Cheapest Family"
8. Finish "We Were the Mulvaney's"
9. Read 10 US Weeklies and People Magazines
10. Watch "Raising Victor Vargas"
11. Take Zola to Ault Park
12. Workout at least twice
13. Go to the office and check my email--see if the AAC news is ready for a 2nd draft
14. Solve the problem of the collapsing coat hanger
15. Indulge my youtube cravings

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