Donnie, Tuesday

On this episode of Don and Kay plus 2...

1. Donnie goes to workshop and then the library.
2. When he feels terribly uninspired in the library, he goes home.
3. At home he finds Zola and Emer rooting through the cupboards, trying to make pancakes.
4. Deciding to put work aside, just this once, Donnie helps the kids make pancakes for lunch and then cuts them into the shape of planets.
5. Around 4:00 Kayla comes home and finds that the kitchen is a mess.
6. At 6:30 Donnie goes to running practice.
7. The family settles in for bed and catches up on homework. As Donnie dozes off, he mumbles something about wanting some free stuff. He hopes that the cameras are still recording.


Maggie said...


Jennifer said...

That made me laugh out loud!

Kayla and Donnie said...

hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa that is soooo funny.

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