Kayla, Friday

1. Make myself presentable
2. Present myself at work
3. Meet with client
4. P's going away party (I'm supposed to present some chips...)
5. Work on Tenant Ed book
6. Send individual building lists out to all housing committee members
7. Bank
8. Home/ work out tape/ take Zola out
9. Buy one get one at Jersey Mike's woohoo!
10. Take our subs to the park and enjoy the view?


Maggie said...

I get in at 2:00 . . . so if you want to come at 2:25 and I just need a place to stay until Jennie picks my mom and dad up at 3:30 and then they can come and get me. I will call you Sunday if I am going to be late!!

Kayla and Donnie said...

okay see you around 2:25...... you better bring me a pineapple or something

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