Kayla, Thursday

1. Get my windshield fixed... grrrrr
2. Final public ally interview
3. Submit ranking forms to PA office
4. Get paperwork together for an afternoon of clients
5. Housing Committee follow-up items
6. Get check request signed for client's rental assistance
7. Meet with 3 clients to do income calculator and budget form
8. Drop off bed bug information and going away envelope to N
9. Home/ Kathy Smith exercise tape/ Indian for dinner
10. Maybe a round of jeopardy!
11. Enjoy some leftover birthday cake and FINISH my David Sedaris book
12. Make coffee before i go to bed


Maggie said...

What happened to your windshield? I am almost tan . . . try not to be jealous!! Can you pick me up from the airport Sunday afternoon?

Kayla and Donnie said...

yeah what time? and where do you need to go (it better be your new apartment).

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