Kayla, Tuesday

1. Finish writing webpage update for our housing program
2. Housing Team meeting, discuss: Price Hill Will's loan product resources for homeowners needing repairs, date for the landlord forum, getting two more bids on painting job, sale of HUD subsidized property in Sedamsville
3. Mini Appalachian Festival planning meeting at St. Michael's.
4. Call for client updates
5. Check on mold at apartment
6. Get with president of resident association about agenda
7. Find out: is Darby Hills in our target area?
8. Send public nuisance hearing information to family on State
9. Call contractor about floor
10. See if UC gave me late fees for my americorp money not getting there in time, call the lady to have them removed
11. Pick Donnie up at 5:15, go sign the lease on our new apartment
12. Go downtown to get supplies for the Great American Cleanup
13. Come home, work out
14. Watch the Biggest Loser Finale!!!
15. Read "Bait and Switch" before bed

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