Kayla, Thursday

1. Emails
2. Send Lower Price Hill hapennings/announcements to our Price Ave office
3. Write a proposal for LPH Housing Committee saying that we should support the guy who wants to apply for the rental rehab grant for the houses on North State. Anything is better than an empty building.
4. Cash the check for blinds and order them... it's been sitting on my desk for a couple weeks.
5. Check out a house in East Price Hill that needs painting
6. Get a file for the Resident Association leader
7. Oyler litter pick up. It's so beautiful out that for once I'm looking forward to it.
8. Meet client at East Price Hill office to talk about obtaining housing
9. Call the woman interested in starting a neighborhood daycare
10. Go home/exercise/ dog has already jogged
11. GRE studying... unless Donnie has decided to get another degree, in which case I can put it off another year.
12. Make baked spaghetti with zuchs? Or rice and tofu and asparagus?
13. The Office!

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