Donnie, Monday

1. Class was rough.
2. From 9:00-10:00 I will generate questions for discussion, which will be sent to all members of Black Postmodern Writers.
3. From 10:00-11:00 I will try a new writing exercise that I need to share with my Creative Writing Pedagogy class on Thursday.
4. From 11:00-12:30 I will eat lunch and write some more if time permits.
5. From 12:30-1:15 there is a meeting at the Cincinnati Review office.
6. I hope I can catch the bus at 1:45 to go home and take Zo out.
7. Quick turn around to the Spot.
8. Jog home from the Spot.
9. Warm up the enchiladas if Kay isn't home yet; if she is then I will give her a present.
10. And it starts all over again.
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