Donnie, Friday

1, I ran this morning, following the course for the upcoming--June 28th-- Hyde Park Blast, which will feature a single loop course, extending to the out limits of the Hyde Park community, a wealthy Cincinnati neighborhood, and finish in the heart of HP, just beyond the Awakenings coffee shop, where wine connoisseurs can be served a glass, or even a bottle, of their favorite Merlot.

2. I googled my extended family members and discovered the both of my cousins (Jason and Jesse) are musicians; I already knew they were musicians, but I didn't know that they were musicians with MySpace Pages.

3. Currently, I am writing, working to push this pivotal scene forward, a scene in which the protagonist is faced with a crucial decision: should he buy into the doubt of those around him, or, should he persevere for better or worse?

4. Work

5. Run

6. Din Din with Kay Kay Ho-ray-ray

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