Kayla, Wednesday (already!)

1. Check emails, respond
2. Work on minutes from last night's Lower Price Hill Housing Committee, follow up.
3. Lunch for K.'s b-day. Julia's, the Mexican place in Delhi, or some Middle Eastern buffet downtown--make up your mind already!!!!
4. Site meeting over enchiladas or whatever you eat at a middle eastern buffet--olives?
5. Fashion some sort of chart for my Oyler Service Learning group. I thought a point system would be too complicated, but it's becoming very necessary. I leave thinking who the heck was R. and did he pick up any trash today?
6. Keep Cincinnati Beautiful grant application meeting with CPOP and the community school.
7. Agenda 360 at Price Hill Chili. How you do you spell chili in Cincinnati? Chilli? Chili? Chilly? I don't think it's the same as in New Mexico.

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