Kayla, MLK Day

1. Reformat Master Information Sheets for Adopt A Class, send to Portland.
2. Develop v-cards for all adopters by school.
3. Email a save the date to adopters, principals, team leaders about the Annual Breakfast.
4. Work on Adopt A Class email update for February.
5. Play a couple rounds of spider solitaire.
6. Ignore phone calls. I'm in the office, but I'm not, it's a holiday!
7. Wendys for lunch, or else some frozen veggie patties.
8. Meet with B. at 3:00.
9. Biggest Loser sculpt session.
10. If it's not FREEZING I might take Zo for a brief jog.
11. Work on dinner
12. Monday night is Jon and Kate!

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Kayla and Donnie said...

Where do I fit in there?

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