Kayla, Tuesday

1. Call youth worker to talk about suggestions from Community Council last night
2. Temporarily suspend my 401k contributions (according to step 2 of the Ramsey plan)
3. Housing Team meeting at 9:30
4. Whoops I forgot to take lunch
5. Door-to-door lead organizing w/Legal Aid
6. Outcome reporting training session at the United Way
7. Home/workout/dinner
8. Financial planning with my in-home assistant :-)


Susan S said...

Have you taken the Financial Peace class? Wayne and I took it last winter and are working on setting everything up right now! I can loan you the CDs if you need to listen to them.

Kayla and Donnie said...

No we haven't taken the class... I just finished reading the Total Money Makeover Book and I just rented Financial Peace Revisited from the library. We had been listening to Dave a lot on the radio when we had XM. What's on the CDs?

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