Loan Interview (In Person)

Pardon our real estate
The imaginary lot was lost—
a misplaced loan application, tragedy!
You should have seen it though
With its grounded floors, its front door swung
open to a green grass yard; it was
so unlike this wobbly concoction on stilts, which
straddles a river: we are willing to forget it.

This home—ours for the last fifteen years—
must balance a family;
on one side
daughter dries her hair,
head hung out the window, body bent over the sill;
on the other side son
fishes with his line flung from the family room.
In the middle, mother sleeps and wakes with the
waves, cleans the sea salt from the front porch,
rolls to counterbalance the tilt.

Hubby hangs out
down the block—his income unannounced;
when things go well, we eat fish.

We pay for our cable unless it comes on for free.

We will move ourselves; even if it means,
sailing on boxes to shore.

Please consider this reapplication:
we are willing to take what you have.

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