Donnie, Wednesday

1. I attended my own class today, saw how cruel they would be if they graded their own papers, felt better about my approach to writing, like if I were a student in my own room I would probably pass.


3. Jiggity Jog on the treadmill at the Rec center because it's raining, and I don't want to mess up my hair.

4. Novel writing before class

4.5 Lunch at Wendy's

5. Attend class: discuss Erasure by Everett, Mumbo Jumbo by Reed.

6. Head home

7. Drive with Kayla back to UC; chit chat before her class, maybe have a hummus wrap?

8. Drive home with Kayla and finish a long day. I look forward to the day, in a few years, when we are independently wealthy and can just take a day off of work and fly to Key West, enjoying the beach and our little home full of Rez Dogs.

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