Kayla, Monday

1. Email
2. Debrief on tenant education project
3. Follow up on Housing Committee from last week (a little late, but i've been busy!)
4. Register for Chicago conference
5. B-day lunch for me at mexican restaurant in delhi
6. Deposit checks at the bank
7. Call to find out why our gas and electricity bill was OVER FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS!!! grrrrrrrrrr
8. Go home, work out, walk Zola if the tundra has melted a little bit
9. Make pasta with red pepper and zuchs
10. Pick Donnie up at 7:00
11. Get dropped off so that he can go to his meeting in Glendale
12. Watch Jon and Kate

typical monday !

1 comment:

Aya said...

You guys are so busy!! It was good talking to you too Kayla! I just moved up to Westchester last night which was interesting, but it's definitely peaceful up there!

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