Kayla, Friday

1. Finish my egg McMuffin minus canadian bacon

(today I'm not at my real job, just my mad money job)
2. Update Olyer list / Print out all Adopt a Class RSVPs
3. Make an excel sheet to keep track of who has RSVPed
4. Send out reminders to school coordinators for adopters who have not RSVPed
5. Write/ send out questionaire to adopters/companies
6. Take list of adopters, reconcile with master information sheets, add extra names for companies with more than one adopter contact.

7. Make sure R. received grant application
8. Find someone where to go for Maggie's b-day. Bangkok Bistro? Universal Grille? Quarter Bistro? look up some other options...

9. Go home, exercise, walk dog
10. Pick Donnie up at 7:00
11. Get a bite to eat

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