Zola, Sunday

1. Wake up nervous because I don't know where I am
2. Poop in a strange place
3. Ride in the back of the car
4. Freak out when my dad goes into Starbucks and I have to stay on the sidewalk
5. Freak out when a hundred people all take off running at once
6. Knock down a little girl who wants to play
7. Break out of my collar and chase a man who I think is my dad
8. Knock my mom over and make her drop her RENTED People magazine in a puddle of water
9. Steal a cookie from the bake sale
10. Steal a piece of bread from the man trying to pet me
11. Get in a tussle with a smaller dog
12. Ride in the back of the car some more
13. Lick my mom's TCBY
14. "Greet" Emer at the door
15. Conk out on the bed for hours


Maggie said...

how do you rent people magazine?

Kayla and Donnie said...

the LIBRARY!!!

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